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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 18:42
SENSIENT is 25 year old Tim Larner from Melbourne, Australia. Having played drums in various funk/fusion bands since the age of 12, he has always had the music in him. His early days in the scene were spent in the rainforests of Byron Bay, soaking up the vibe and inspirations of such a place. Then in time he purchased his first computer and immediately began to explore the possibilities of sound creation. Now he has developed is own unique style of deep, groovy, progressive psy. Atmosphere plays a major part in his music, and the groove factor is equally important. He tries to create space in which the listener is free to explore his music in their own way and interpretation...nothing is rammed down the listeners throat. In 2003, following numerous compilation releases on respected labels like Flow, ZMA and Sub Machine, Sensients' successful debut album "Blue Neevus" was released on German label Tatsu Records. In 2004 he completed a 3 month tour of Europe and has been busy in the studio preparing his second album to be released on Zenon in 2005.

PRAECOX is Jerzy Przezdziecki. He is 31 years old and comes from Poland. He has been involved in electronic music for 6 years. Around 1990 he discovered the artistic creativity of people in the industrial and new beat circles. Since then he has been interested in modern productions which consequently created a need and urge to create his own sound. Thus his adventure with electronic music started. Praecox travels beyond the boundaries of known trance music, especially in the area of sound and arrangement In an abstract way he joins together various sounds in his own private harmony. A lot of attention is paid to the general atmosphere of a track. It¹s always a story. For PRAECOX one of the functions of contemporary music is to communicate the personal feeling of the composer, very often an abstract futuristic world. It is up to the composer to interest the crowd and involve the listener in the mysterious fun. Check Praecox releases on Zenon and Hadshot label. On Baluns label as Zengloden, and on Digital Structures and Spiral Trax as one member of Big Wigs.

The story of the BIG WIGS project dates back to the summer of 1999 when three Polish producers got together to try and inject new life into the formulaic and quite stale trance scene. The idea for the name came about from the totally closed and hermetic scenes that develop around each label or group of people in the trance scene. It's funny how only a very small group of people release their music on certain labels. These are 'the bigwigs of trance'. The idea for using this name for our project was obviously a highly cynical one. However, we soon realised that there was a niche to be filled in the trance scene and our sound was definitely going to fill it.

Straight from the start there was a lot of interest in the music that was being created by us. It seemed that quite a lot of labels were interested in our non-formulaic and innovative approach to trance music. It wasn't long before a certain group of people realised that there was a lot of potential and possibilities to evolve our sound further. These of course were the boys at MPDQX who having heard only a few of our productions offered us an album deal. It was quite an exciting time for us. Finally we had the serious motivation that we needed to get going with our new project. Although we had only released tracks on a few (some might say high profile) trance compilations we started getting bookings to play live. Since we are all trained musicians in one form or another, it was quite a challenge for us to develop a live set where 3 people could be busy on stage. From the beginning we agreed that if we were to play live then it would truly have to be something more than just putting on a DAT, CD or plugging in the stereo output on a laptop computer, which unfortunately a vast majority of trance artists do. We felt that this approach to playing live was really a kind of scam for the audience and promoters that book such acts. It seems that once again we had the right idea. We got invited to play at parties in places such as Japan, Australia, South Africa and Europe. And it was thanks to our honest and open approach to what we represent that lead to people booking us again and audiences to appreciate the difference between a REAL live set and live jumping on stage to a DAT.

KINO OKO words:
i'm 24, musician. i live in poland, warsaw. i'm involved in trance scene for 5 years, it's enough to be different and dip in all dimensions of trance. i think life is good and the time is now. my hobby is music, my job is music and all universe is music.
of course, my solo project is not well known... yet. i don't care. i emphasize bigwigs and tromesa mainly. bigwigs and tromesa are worth of this. kino oko is going into more minimal in dimention of sounds used but absolutely not minimal in harmony or musical content. my mission of involving funk into my music is being held...
have psychedelic fractals in my head, my mind is pulsing in the rythm of mother earth and her tits. i like travelling through the world full of mistic experiences with my freinds, drinking vodka with them and talking about everything that is funny. i'm curious about driving bike 300 km per hour but i don't want to try. goodbye.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 18:55
SENSIENT (Australia, zenon rec.)
BIG WIGS (Poland, digital structures)
PRAECOX (Poland, zenon rec)
KINO OKO (Poland,hadshot haheizar)

MINIMAL CRIMINAL (Brazil,zenon rec.)

XAVIER (Brazil, Prog In Drop)

ETERNOX (Brazil, Prog In Drop)

The party will Be an open air!!!!
The place, the djs set and the chill out will be confirmed soon......


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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 19:28
.:::..Life Is Progressive..::..

I will Go !!!!

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 21:39
Nice work Moska!!!

This will be killa!! Very good prog acts!

Of course there will be a chill right?

And about the place (and I am not complaining)besides Sitio Canto Verde, isn“t there any other place?

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 17:11
Wow this party will be amazing! A killer line up ! The best prog line I ever seen !
Please please do this in a killer place too!!!
Congratulations Orgs !! Very great work !           Tantra Porn Music

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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 18:34
its a pleasure to present our live act there with such a killah line up....this day for sure the musical god will be reached....droping the power of creativity all arround...Prog in drop....making progressive history...peace to all (time=art)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 18:59
arent we humans always unsatisfied?

too much minimal/dark prog imo....
we need the house-oriented prog too


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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 20:49
What can i say about this party? I waited for it for years.... the best prog party in Brazil will happen in my city... a lot of thanx for Moska, who made a dream come true.... you don't have to be a prog fan to go to this party and hav very nice moments.. i don't even think what kind of PSYmusic these guys are going to show us!!!!! Counting days.....
P.S. : and will be nice porngrooves too, don't complain uahuahauhauh, go and listen....
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 23:13
Bring this line up to SP please....
Our city needs something diferent with that quality.

Well done BH!           ...Groove“n“dooR...

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 00:41
Hi Brazil peeps! Im looking very foward to this party, my first in brazil.Im happy to be doing it with Moksa who is taking risks in bringing to brazil acts who are making different experimental music...well done!...and im very glad to be doing it with the BigWigs who have always been my idols hehe.

@ sherlockalien...give us dark minimal expero lovers a chance the house prog sounds dominates nearly all parties these days!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 01:11
dont worry, I“ll give you guys a chance..

just looking for a little diversity, that“s all
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 01:25
Good luck to all the crew !!



( )
Mr. Double K
magma ohm

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 02:28

great line up!!!!
i want to see the brasilan livesssss from bh
chavierrrrrr chama !!!!! great proggg
but eternox i never seen 1 track..... is that good???
minimal rulesss is the best from brasil!!!!!!

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 04:11
New Sensient's cd in april?? Oh shit, this is the best year of my life auhauhauhauhauh

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 19:20
Good news .. Sensient and Big Wigs duo (praecox n Kino Oko) are amongst the top producers at the moment, never falling into cliche and pop formulas. High end productions for the wise minds .. hails!!!           The Devil Is In Detail!
Trance Forum » » Forum  Brazil - Prog In Drop-BH-04/06 (SENSIENT+BIG WIGS+PRAECOX+KINO OKO)

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