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Posted : Dec 18, 2004 03:39
Hello their,
I think that most of u have a great bafflement about who are 'Predators'.I did not really know what was going on with these guys but i read their bio and learn from some friends the below:
Predators are Andreas + Stavros Kamenidis and the are from Athens.Gregory Staikos only involved at L.O.S.(Legion Of Space).
L.O.S. were Andreas Kamenidis and Gregory Staikos and they released only one cd with title "Predator"
Afterwards L.O.S. splitted.
'Los Predator' was a commutative project name
that the two brothers were using before they finally decide to rename the project to 'Predators'.
That's it.
I hope that my friends gave me correct infos.
If anybody see these guys,just tell them that i can write a book with their biography.I am a great author.
Dr.Insect (Predators)

Started Topics :  20
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Posted : Dec 18, 2004 14:51
That's right Naturally_born!
Inactive User
Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Feb 2, 2005 00:46
At least i found something from Predators....
check this link :

Hope to hear them soon.....

Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Feb 2, 2005 15:02
I 've heard most of the track m8 and i can assure u,this is a blaster!!
Great warm and puchy basslines and the modular sounds statement is not just a matter of speaking

i'm looking forward to see it released!
Great work,guys
Iraklis Mindphaser
IsraTrance Junior Member
Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Feb 28, 2005 21:53
Sat 05 March Live in Athens!!!!
More infos:
Dr.Insect (Predators)

Started Topics :  20
Posts :  134
Posted : Apr 3, 2005 16:48
Hi everybody!!
Till we have our own web site with all the details,informations and photos from us i suggest u this link
to view some photos from our live performances and not only.My try is under construction at the moment with more photos to be add within the next days!
Geomagnetic Records
Geomagnetic Records

Started Topics :  64
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Posted : Aug 25, 2008 14:03

new album coming soon...

COSMOS... =)

yep the predators are back to space...
Fotis elf

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Aug 27, 2008 05:53
YES! Predators are back with a massive albOOm
real psychedelic,serious rocking music !
can't wait!
all the best my brothers:)           Soundcloud/Alchemix

Started Topics :  76
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Posted : Aug 27, 2008 12:56
yes, old project from Greece indeed!!!
i wanna hear the new tunes !

Dr.Insect (Predators)

Started Topics :  20
Posts :  134
Posted : Aug 31, 2008 16:42
Hello our friends!
Yes we are back after long time working on studio ans after long wasted time with this fake ''record label'' called Mandala which costed us about a year without results...
But we are back stronger than ever and ready to blast!Our album will be out this September from record label and hope to give you some great moments while listening or dancing it!!
Here is the link also about the release with all the details inside to read and 4 mins samples of every track to listen!

Expect also DIGITAL SPEAKERS Vol.2 (Kagdila recs) including one track of us (There is nothing incorrect) & FED-X from containing another one (Thug)...More infos about those & other releases soon!!You can visit also our both web sites for videos,music,dj sets & fotos...
We hope to see you soon in the dancefloors around the globe!


Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Sep 3, 2008 13:50
album from predators? cool the samples sound interesting! let's see...
Cosmo Chaos

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Posted : Sep 5, 2008 02:24
Good luck guys ...
Cosmo Chaos

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Sep 5, 2008 03:29
With all the respect to your project, i think you should STOP BLAMING MANDALA Records for everything, you should also take responsability for leaving mandala records without direct notice , one step before the CD release of your album in january . Right ? This would be a more objective way of presenting the facts.. Your project took lot of time and energy to the label and both of the sides lost their time at the end.
Mandala records is a label like many other, faced to all the difficulties of the scene, and lot of serious releases are scheduled until 2009... As u noticed Plasmotek is there , and my album comes soon.. And the list of international acts grew since i joined the crew and all the newcomers are very talented people, so it's far from being a fake label.. that's for sure..

Martian Arts

Started Topics :  187
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Posted : Sep 6, 2008 10:41
One of the finer projects in Greece right now for sure.
All the best with the release and future gigs you deserve.

peace out.  

Started Topics :  63
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Posted : Sep 12, 2008 04:17
hellooo here

well, all the best for predartors friends!!!!!!
u did very nice album!

im pretty happy in help in this released process in this album !

peace and love!

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