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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 06:13

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 07:11
I don't know, whats the situation?

U mean terror situation?            Signature

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 12:51
I think he means the situation after what we've saw last week, on the "Lama cova" party
and similar situations on other parties,
or something like it.
I just don't have the power to reply, cuz im fuckin stoned right now           I do...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 15:56
the problem is that ppl are looking for the wrong things in parties today
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 16:57
if you want baloons go to the fucking luna park.
that's what i have to say.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 18:19

the problem is that ppl are looking for the wrong things in parties today

The problem is that (many) ppl listen to trance music for the wrong reasons

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 18:57
people come to trance parties for music and drugs. but lately the drugs are more the reason to come to parties, much more than the music. the trance music beacme the "scene", the music that all the "cool" people hear. so you get also many "cool" people that know nothing about trance (expect maybe some lyrics of infected mushroom), and that's how you get bad parties today....

but i know one thing that make these people disapear : dark psy. even the baloon people that come to dark psy parties are not there when the music realy kicks. if you go to these kind of parties, and you enjoy the music, you see no one around you, and you feel only good vibes. good vibes that come from the speakers

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 19:39
the problem might be the organizers of the party.
they allow the balloons sellers to come into the parties.
but in parties like "EnField", you'll never see balloons.
they rock, good quality parties!           I do...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 20:22
the problem is that the trance music has become mainstream in these days if u listen to trance and go to trance partys u r "cool" and this is wrong!
and because of that some (not all..) of the party organizers r using this situation for making $$$ and this is wrong!
and because of that we see a lot of commercial partys and unwelcome ppl in partys...
what can i say more...i just hope that this new wave will fade soon and the partys will be like they should be...
anyway there is still some underground (as they can be...) around us and that make me very happy
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2004 22:37
2 things:
1. i want to see u come to a ballon seller and shut him off, i gues u just dont knoqw what kind of people u'r dealing with

2.i saw ballons in every enfield party in the parking area, and it's not just cuz they asked nicely from the sellers that came, and it's not the security guys if u know what i mean....

the biggest problem is baloons, from the begining to the end, it changes everything from the begining to the end.
people: DO NOT BUY BALOONS, LETS SAVE OURSELF'S FROM THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!           Bottom Line Presents
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2004 01:51
two thihks:.1.mainstraem- all 12 years old child and simhon love trance wich he can lisend every were,clubs,radio and more,thah he came to party and thihk he his cool("i was at trance party")
.2.drugs-alot of bad ppl and nice 2 came to parties
only for one reason, do drugs becuse the name that came on the trance parties laetly is "free to do drugs in there"
it is the resons from my opinion

keep it undrgrund to stop that "seek"

"love and peace"
Dj Kesta

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Posted : Oct 10, 2004 13:04
i know that execpt to 1 "commercial" party (with SCS), i didnt enjoy at any crowded party this summer.
going 2 small parties is the solution i found myself, and it workd.
100-200 pepole parties is just the right thing, thats how the vibe begun and thats how it will b kept.
solution 4 either shimonim or baloons shit.
listening 2 big artist is nice 4 time 2 time, but IMO locating young artist on the cdj's with his enthusiasm is good enough.
kim (Cyclops)

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Oct 10, 2004 22:49
i am totaly agree with you "kesta".
parties with more than 300-400 people is not the right thing for me... its crowded, and lots lots of shimonim!!!!!!!!!!!! and in my opinion the people who organize the party should not allowed to baloon sellers to come to the party!


You can turn your back on a person
But never turn your back on a drug!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 11, 2004 11:32
about the baloon situation, I don't think the baloons are the problem, rather the criminals that come to sell them and a lot of the times start fighting over turf. I don't think calling people to stop using baloons would help, since trancers have never been a very united crowd and afterall not everyone is on this forum. I think organizers might try just selling the godammed things themselves inside the party. That way whoever wants to fuck up their brains that way, can do so without leaving the party. I mean we don't see anyone trying to sell drinks near the entrance, and if someone did, I think organizers surely would try to something about it.
          "Just as every skill is strengthened by practice, so is every bad habit made worse by repetition."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 13, 2004 02:56
the situation with parties in israel is quite simple, it has become mainstream. that is all!
if you want a party like from 4 years ago, travel to the past. people, you need to evolve with your scene. the goa parties time is over, what to do (so is the goa music, whether you like it or not). it is time to open your mind anew, and try to preach the good word to the younger generation so's that we will all smile as we walk by another's tent.
just because once a few years some shit happens, it doesn't mean that everything is going bye bye.
it all just looks differant because we went through a lot. i think that most parties, from the eyes of the newbies are still good parties. it's just that our expectations are going through the roof. well, maybe that and that i see less india people with chillums at parties
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