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p5y 5py

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Posted : May 16, 2006 14:04
I'm proudly present music of my good friend Pantomiman

Coming soon on Deja Vu Records:

1. Smehoparanoya 150 BPM
2. Kalinka - 148 BPM
3. Yellow drug - 140 BPM
4. Masania on psy dancefloor - 164 BPM
5. Green moon - 149 BPM
6. Matrikulir - 146 BPM
7. Race master - 149 BPM
8. China town - 148 BPM
9. Thermo child - 140 BPM
10. Psy piero - 80 BPM

"Was born in circus family... Has started to write music with 1998ã. In the beginning there was a hard of barks, and later already a trance. The first track, it remix on Kalinka-Malinka (Russian folk song)... It just will enter into an album... Releases yet was not, but will be. I work since the childhood as the actor. To be exact the clown-mime, a comic genre. This genre too is present at music. I try, that each track bore in itself the certain sense and the set subjects. The humor in music, and especially in a trance is simply necessary. My teacher on a writing is Alex Parasense, Zolod too helped, it very much to like my music, but good sounding I have achieved only not for a long time. Listen, dance and smile on health!!"

download tracks:

Pantomiman - Friday

Pantomiman - Matrikulir

Pantomiman - Masania on psy dancefloor
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 17, 2006 06:04
Pantomiman!!!!! I just can't wait for this to come out!!! I really just cant wait!!!! This will be tooo good if it sounds like what was sent to us sometime back, this will be MASSIVE!!!!!


PSYTOUR-night oracle recs

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Posted : May 17, 2006 10:54
nice music this pantomiman guy!!
all the best for the debut cd man

          *Night Oracle Records

*Vertigo Records/Indigo Recs
*Femina Mandragora/Rhakti Dei
p5y 5py

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Posted : May 18, 2006 00:40
because i got this album i can say that it is very interesting =) and i'll wait release,cause i want pack too =)))
XaMã CirKus aKa. ay-ash

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Posted : May 24, 2006 10:35
nice nice new...

for me is killa!!!!

Keep this old psy new refresh man !!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 25, 2006 00:23
nice tunes

way to go duuude=) 

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Posted : May 25, 2006 10:40
verry goood))))

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Posted : May 30, 2006 20:45

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Posted : May 31, 2006 10:31
Does anybody know, when will it be released?

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Posted : May 31, 2006 21:52
Another russian inteligent sound ...
very nice ..

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Posted : Jun 1, 2006 00:03

On 2006-05-17 10:54, PsyTouR wrote:
nice music this pantomiman guy!!
all the best for the debut cd man

Yeaaaa All the best

Mental Cruelty Records

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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 16:04
[[[* Pantomiman - Circus *]]]

I got this Album from yesterday and I'm listening to it all the time.

This is unbelievable!
Especially track 6 - Friday. Listen to this album loud, best on headphones or good sound-system.
It's very (can't even find the word to define precise) intelligent, full of sense of humour (especially track no.5 Race-Master which is bringing smile on my face, not to mention other tracks) music and worthy representative of new-age Russian psychadelic tune. Very creative, unprecedented, original tone.
Starting with a Russian folk song, very fast transforming and morphing into harmony-crooked beats and it can be heard there first psychadelic sounds... (1-9 great new-style, vanguard, creative, GrandMaster Sounding Psychadelic tracks...)
It even contains very original and new-sounding Down-tempo psychadelic chill/ambient, which is definitely, too very intelligent, overflowing with great squizzy wooozy boozzy sounds and nice echo melody I don't know how to descript this
All Album is very moody, even romantic at it's own style. And very happy electronic sounding end.
The rest I'm leaving to the critics

Thank God for this one! And to Pantomiman, which is definitively A new born of a few Kindzadzas at the same time in one-Pantomiman! :] (if I can naturally say this In present times, determinant of Master in Psychadelic are guys like: Kindzadza, Psykovsky, and others Russian and out-of-Russia artists (but I don't discuss about that topic, it's not my intention here.)

Cheers to Kindzadza and other great musician of psychadelic music, especially from Russia.

I'm listening to this Album for, I think 10 times in a row and I don't believe my ears yet

Simply Masterpiece!

Btw. the exact list of tracks is:

1. Kalinka (rmx)
2. Smehoparanoia
3. Mister jazz
4. Matrikulir
5. Race-master
6. Friday
7. Green moon
8. China town
9. Thermo child
10. Psy piero
11. Serj Jiro - Mini jek (bonus track)

magic sound factory

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Posted : Aug 20, 2006 20:31
i've heard this guy several times. veeery colorfull sound. and really interesting to listen, he's got what to say by this music.
and i deffenetly love the style of this artist )

all the best to PantomiMAN . keep on create ))
want your album. )))

bom bom bom ))
art freak

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Posted : Aug 21, 2006 13:16
it's very unusual new creative sound -) has regrettably heard only track "Friday".
Certainly I want to hear whole album. boom! ))

Started Topics :  7
Posts :  323
Posted : Aug 22, 2006 00:28
good music...
idea: 4-
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