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Olien - Sounded Paratronic :: Trishula Records

Trishula Records
Trishula Records

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 10:35
Artist: Olien
Title: Sounded Paratronic
Label: Trishula Records
Format: CD
Release: March/April 2007
Catalog: TRISHCD010
Mastering: 4cn-studios
Distribution: Arabesque Distr. London

1. Amanit
2. Darkmatter
3. Cosmide
4. Wavpool
5. Calmar
6. Surfingcaos
7. Cybersphere
8. Granularis
9. Transmoveport
10. Andsoon

Trishula Records is celebrating the 10th CD release and 3 years anniversary with the debut album “Sounded Paratronic” by German artists Olien. Already released the track “Calamari” at Trishula Records before, he now presents a full length album with 10 unreleased tracks, all of them dancefloor orientated.

Olien discovered electronic music at a young age and started producing his own music in 1995. He is a very talented musician and developed his own style of psytrance during the years. Besides psytrance he is also producing chill out and goatrance music.

His music is build on multiple layers of instruments and always with a groovy sound. Sounded Paratronic stands for multi layered psytrance music, the sound is driving, organic and psychedelic, making it a treat for your ears to listen to and for your body to dance on. The story takes you through 10 different moods, carefully crafted and always playful in the arrangements.
Written and produced by Oliver Bach @ Olien studio Germany.

Olien info:
Born in the south of Germany, Freiburg in 1980.
His first contact with electronic music was with the Cybertribe where he went to techno parties at the time. From there on he went through several music styles from acid house to psytrance and als ambient music with the same spirit.
In 1995 he installed Cubase and Rebirth on a 4400Mac and bought his first MPC2000 and started producing his own style of music, later on he purchased a Korg Z1. Now he is producing his music with the use of a PowerMac and Logic7.
His first released tracks were on the Mechanophobia compilation, released in March 2006 and a chill out track on the "A Magical Journey 2" cd at Ajana Records.
His musical spectrum for producing ranges from Goatrance (more melodic) to psytrance (faster and more psychedelic) and chill out music. He uses many instruments in a track like weaving a tapestry out of different fades. You could call it multi layered music.

Check the website for 3 minutes sound samples.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 19:06
all the best
seems interesting           ...

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 19:07
Hi All

Very nice one Olien with you good luck with debut album on Trishula Records looking forward to this one the samples is amazing cheers Mouka .

All the Best !
High Sai

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 20:44
hehehe..olien will kill alll.... can wait 4 this 1
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 21:16
this should be interesting. really enjoyed the kalamari track on mechanophobia. gluck to olien and the label .

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 21:38
Must hear this one,congradulationz Olien,all the best Trishula rec
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 22:34
Can't wait to play tomorrow in Germany before Olien live act!!!!!

Samples are killer

Will be a total smash up!!!!!!!!!


Big Up boom Boom!

Gl with the album

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Posted : Feb 3, 2007 00:53
Calamari was a brilliant release. About time we hear some more. Good luck.

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Posted : Feb 3, 2007 10:05
great!!!! all the best to this release!)
sample sounds are really interesting!! 
Psyfactor - Futurised (ambient album) OUT NOW!!!

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Posted : Feb 3, 2007 10:28
All the best to Olien from Denmark!           Senzar - Before the Morning Sun (debut album) out @ Lookinglook Records

Promo DJ set, info, bookings, free music:
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2007 14:53
yeah!!! an amazing album comes out here! good luck to Oli and Mouka!
XaMã CirKus aKa. ay-ash

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Posted : Feb 4, 2007 03:07

All the best for alllllllll familY Trishula !!!

Keep this spirit natural
          !!!Dance Until You FighT your Fears!!!


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Posted : Feb 8, 2007 20:42
thank You all for energy-feedback
i was nervous about producing an album and the complexiti
still on releasing-way and our downloard site is down too :c
so i make the same tracks from available
at LarstFM

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Posted : Feb 9, 2007 13:59
yeaaaa this is killaer news ....100 % psychedlic!!!! very twisted sound
all d best trishula nd olien project
calamari bom bom

d-_@b- Spiral -d@_-b
temple twisters recs
hypnotica recs
geomagnetic recs
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 9, 2007 20:18
holy sh1t!

i really enjoy Olien's music since the first time i've heard the "Calamari" track!
great news!!! GREAT!

i'm listening the samples and damn! this is the kind of music that envolves me! obscure music at its best!!

i send best wishes to this great work!!!
keep this spirit!

cheers from brazil!
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