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North American DJ promos


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Posted : Jan 31, 2007 01:15
So, here it is...the spot to post and conveniently find all promo mixes from North American DJs.

--Jeto (Geomagnetic Records, - Los Angeles, CA USA)--

Got Psy?

--Abrahm (Mindoutpsyde - Iowa, USA)--

Action Potential v2.0 (March 2008)

--Amanita (IOSIS/Psybooty Records, Seattle USA)--

Radio Enoch (Feb. 2006)

--Arahat (San Diego, CA USA)--

August 2008 Nighttime Set

--Babla (Kagdila, NYC USA)--

Sanas Birthday Mix (Sept. 2007)

--Basilisk (Ektoplazm, Toronto CA)--

Live @ Darkrave vs. Panic (May 2009)

Live @ Dreamcatcher (Feb. 2009)

Live at Dark Matter 2 - June 9th, 2007 :: full-on psychedelic trance

Mystic Revelation :: dark and melodic full-on

Replicant Redux :: deep mechanical techtrance

Live at Harvest 2006 :: progressive house/electro/trance

Octopus Marmalade :: deep & funky progressive

Heliocentric :: morning trance with sunny vibes

--Blue Spectral Monkey (TOUCH Samadhi, Interchill records, Portland, OR, USA)--

(June 2009)

(April 2009)

Live in Atlanta (July 2006)

--DeeT (Gaian Mind, PA USA)--

Mix Archive

--dj Dragon (Touch Samadhi, MS USA)--

Live NYE 07 - Asheville, NC

--Earthbag (Terrakroma - Los Angeles, USA)--

Slidetech (June 2008)

--Ekoplex (Igoyal Rec. - Toronto, Canada)--

Live @ Soma NYE 2008

--DJ GeaL--

Flip The Script

--Goaconstrictor mixography--

--God Intoxicated (Alcyone Database/Raw Heaven - SF, CA USA)--

Esoteric Oasis (March 2008)

--Helios (Synchronize, S.F, CA )--

September 2008

June 2008

Live April 2008

--Ishikawa (Georgia, USA/Bombay, India)--

Dunkey Psychosis (March 2009)

Para Droidz (February 2009)

If bleeps could fly (January 2009)

Kinetic Stomp (December 2008)

--Kahn (Los Angeles, CA USA)--

KAHN - February 2010 Promo Mix

This mix is a fusion of many different styles of Full-On trance; ranging from angelic melodic uplifters, deep low frequency electro-full on, gritty glitchy stuff, and even some harder more "psy" oriented stuff with more oldschool vibes to it.

PSYchedelic PERception vol. 2 (Oct. 2008)

This is an extended version of the set I played at DUNEZ in November 2009. It is a mix of Full-On Trance/Psytrance, encompassing a variety of moods and emotions; including uplifting euphoric tracks, gritty deep and dirty sounding tracks, "clubby" stuff, and electro full-on. This is a high energy, and highly diverse psychedelic full-on mix that is sure to please the ears.

--Kameleon (Pangea Productions, SC USA)--

Sin City (Feb 2009)

Tribal Bump (Mar. 2007)

--Karmakanik (Gaian Mind, PA USA)--

Piney Power! (Aug. 2007)

--Kelimus (Mindflux Productions, USA)--

Spiritual Rollercoaster (June 2009)

--Kiva (Green Sector, Los Angeles USA)--

October 2007

--Konflux (Pharcyde/Psytribe - Los Angeles, CA USA)--

Winterrific Mix (January 2009)

--Kri (Touch Samadhi, NC USA)--

Nightprowler (Feb. 2007)

Super Psychedelic

Dark Full-on

Morning/Pop Psy


--Lauryn (Peak/28th Day, NY, NY USA)--

August 2006 Demo

--DJ Meghan (Goahead Productions/GODIZUS Sisters, OH USA)--

Valentine's Day Mix (Mar. 2007)

--Mr. Roboto ( Chicago USA)--

Four to the Floor & Synaptic Trancemission

--Mudpeople (Nevada USA)--

August 2007 mixes

All Mixes

--Nick Tornetta (Organix Productions/, Seattle USA)--

604.5 (Nov. 2007)

--dj Nod (Those People/Touch Samadhi, Asheville, NC USA)--

inna dubstep stylee

--Pangea (Pangea Productions, SC USA)--

--Paradigm (USA)--

20 Cent Memory (October 2007)


Earthdance 2008 (Sept. 2008)

--Psyentifica (Vancouver/BC/Canada)--

Radio-set for Di.FM july-august 2007

Radio-set for Di.FM may-june 2007

--Shankar (Shakti Collective, Toronto CA)--

July 2007 mixes

--SuKhush (6362Metaforce, NY USA)--

October 2007

--Unwashed Tomato (Unwashed Recs - Philadelphia, PA USA)--

Live Set (Feb 2009)

--Vector (23-Sound/Paranoid Zen, Boston MA, USA)--

Blue and Red Together (May 2007)

--Vishwaatmaaa (6362Metaforce, Bombay/NYC USA)--

MayHeM -POSt 2 A.M. (May 2007)

--Waater (Molecular/Ohm Bass Records - Seattle, WA USA)--

December 2007

--X-Pulse (NY, NY USA - Ukraine, Russia)--

Radio-set for Di.FM july-august 2007

Inergi Sessions Volume 8 mixed by Dragon

DJ Shiranui (San Francisco)

Dj DeliFi

Dj name: SkepTyy(h
location: los angeles
affilliation: hellchedelic rec.
mix title: Straight Up

To have your mix posted, just start a thread in the DJ Sets section and send either NA moderator the link to it, along with mix title, DJ name, location, and affiliation or label if applicable.
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