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Network Of Thought - Foot Stompin records - releasing shortly -

dhamma walker

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 18:39

Behind the eye:
A thought is a signal sent and received by our senses. It travels faster than light, through all mediums, and connects minds, time, and human beings.
“I think, therefore I am.”
Irrespective of where we live or what we do, human consciousness is similar in all human beings and consists of multiple layers. It includes our fears and anxieties, pleasures and sorrows, and every form of faith. In this very consciousness there is also love and compassion, and from that compassion a totally different kind of evolved intelligence. There is fear, the fear of death, whose mystery we have forever tried to understand, to indulge a secret hope that it is beyond all thought- something sacred, incorruptible, and timeless.

There exists amongst us a collective consciousness: businessmen, scientists, carpenters, musicians, party-goers, we all lend our consciousness to a higher form and are the product of thought. It is the power of thought and imagination that has today allowed us to create and be surrounded by all sorts of wonderful things- extraordinary technology that gave us computers and sound equipment, telecommunication and robots; the scientific miracles of medicine and surgery, even ways to reach the moon. Thought has invented religions; all the religious organizations throughout the world are put together by thought.

Thought is a movement in time and space. Thought is memory, a remembrance of things that have passed. Thought is the activity of knowledge; a knowledge that has been gathered over millions of years and stored in the brain as memory. This knowledge is never complete- there are always additions to our awareness and through every experience- internal and external- we add to this knowledge. Knowledge comes with time. To learn you need time. Time is thought.

We all think, and that is why we are here. Our thoughts express themselves in different forms- through the music or words that we create, through bodily gestures/ movement or in the form of dance. Music is common to each of us. And through music we can understand the significance of our thought.

Time, knowledge, thought and action; in this cycle we live.

We at Foot Stompin Records are firm believers in the philosophies of great thinkers of the past (some of whose views have been shared above), and in the power of the network of thought.

We are happy to be working together with passionate and dedicated artists from across the world and truly creating “a network of thought.” In this compilation we have tried to pack in the experience of an intense psychedelic journey. A transition from night to the break of dawn … A voyage through time … a deeper understanding of the premise that ‘Time is Thought’.
This music is dedicated to all the dance floors across the Universe; to spreading the understanding, realization and expression of the potential of our connection – our “Network of Thought”.

COMPILED BY: Freeaatmah & Flipknot
• Membrana
• Noise Gust V/S Killer Mind
• Furious V/S Darkshire
• Stranger V/S Kerosene Club
• Silent Horror
• Karmazon
• Sprinter
• Phobos Azazael
• Freeaatmah
ARTWORK: Ashwin Menon
MASTERED BY: Dean Picardo @ Purple Rain Studio
My words remixed by Ravina Rawal

releasing In July 2007 -           Love n Light

Foot Stompin Records
--==Bad Sector==--

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 18:51
great news ... finally tracklist is out

will be a powerpackedtwisted va for sure

heaps of luck to all my close friends involved ... network of though

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Bhooteshwara Records
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Both cost more than you can afford, and leaves you sitting in a dark room with no life,craving for more.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 18:53

looking good....

good luck to this VA.

Asad's thought process to be revealed! 

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 19:07
Waiting patiently,the best use of time...

Really,waiting patiently is the best use of time.All else may be wasted but waiting is not,because waiting is a prayer,waiting is a meditation,waiting is all.Everything happens through it.

thoughts of Osho.

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 19:09

Finally , the news r out
Big congrats brother Asad ..its gonna be a killer start for ur new venture. and all the best to my friends involved in this

veteran of our scene in boombay freeaatmah .. always guiding many to some of the most twisted & psychedelic journeys .. ooh i hv a flashback

          out now

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  289
Posted : Jun 28, 2007 19:57
WowWoWOWOW.Youve been cooking a stomper brother, and am sure this is gonna blast a many,boomshankar and big love yo watcher who is real peaceful.rock it bro like you always do.
big boom and only the best!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 20:17
very intersting this cd
all the best on this release
A3           ...

Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Jun 28, 2007 22:40
Promising lineup,good luck Freeaatmah & Flipknot!
Aghori Tantrik

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Posted : Jun 29, 2007 06:27
nice 1 ..looks like sum heavy shiznit

good to see karmazon in there specially!!

booom!           aGh0Ri TanTriK
Sonic Tantra Records
!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2007 08:36
So finally ,
the network of thought gonna be unleashed..
wid various killer artist on the line up.. including freeaatmah ... very much lookin fwd for Asad's project
boom to all the artist and foot stompin rec
!Ce M@n

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  113
Posted : Jun 29, 2007 09:07
Finally geting to see the wheels in motion for network of thought Am real poud of u asad bhai.
Kudos to all involved. Gud to see Silent horror on this va too           <O>B>E<L>I<X>
Digital Distortion Recs.

Va- Adventures on the dance floor (commin sooner)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posts :  2016
Posted : Jun 29, 2007 12:30
great tracklist

goood luck to label

nice to see darkshire in ( will be interesting track )

Respect & Support           Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2007 12:44
really nice to see this one finally come out though there seem to be some major track list changes compared to the original one with neuromotor. anyways gluck freeatmah n all the artists involved

Namaha Recs
Namaha Recs

Started Topics :  22
Posts :  357
Posted : Jun 29, 2007 13:44

woohooo moree powerrr from the motherland!

my best wishes to foot stompin recs and all the artists on this delicious looking v.a.! full support!

bOm bOm!

          xOo<Namaha Recs>oOxOo<Quantum Frog>oOx |
cosmic iron&psycobeat

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  176
Posted : Jun 29, 2007 14:12
Sprinter brod. best of luck man keep crush!!!!! 
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