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N.Y.E Tribadelic Party


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Posted : Dec 24, 2002 07:42
.. Gonna get my ass down there no doubt... looks killer           ---------------------------------------------
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 29, 2002 02:35
How about this for a line-up - Unfortunately dede wont be there but once you read the line-up i dont think it really matters.
  6:00pm-  9:00pm  KRUSTY
  9:00pm-10:30pm  REDLINE
10:30pm-12:00am  STEVE BARR
12:00am-  1:00am  FRACTAL GLIDER-LIVE
 1:00am-   3:00am  MATT BOOM
 3:00am-   5:00am  SATOSHI
 5:00am-   6:30am  MR PECULIAR-LIVE
 6:30am-   8:00am  I.O.S-LIVE
 7:30am-   9:30am  FRANNY
 9:30am-  11:30am SALLY DOOLALLY
11:30am-  1:00pm G.L.F
  6:00pm-    8:00pm  NATO
  8:00pm-  10:00pm  ALIAS
10:00pm-  11:00pm  SENSIENT-LIVE
11:00pm-  12:00am  S.C.S-LIVE
12:00am-    1:00am  DARK NEBULA-LIVE
  1:00am-    3:00am  LUNA ORBIT
  3:00am-    4:00am  LIQUID
  4:00am-    6:00am  OZZY
  6:00am-    9:00am  OLLI / SPACETRIBE-LIVE    
  9:00am-  11:00am  LUKE PSYWALKER
11:00am-  12:00am  BENZA-LIVE
10:00am-  12:00pm  NOON
12:00pm- 3:00pm   DALE & GRAZA  
3:00pm-   6:00pm   MISS GENIE
 9:00pm- 12:00pm  BLUE LLAMA
12:00am-   3:00am  JULES
3:00am-    5:00am   LEGOHEAD
  5:00am-  7:00am    PSY-FI NASTY
 7:00am-    9:00am   MOON
9:00am-  11:00am    PAUL KEARNEY
11:00am-   1:00pm  STOMP
12:00pm-   2:00pm  BEKA
  2:00pm-   4:00pm  PAN
  6:00pm-    8:00pm  KEN
  8:00pm-  10:00pm  NOON
10:00pm-  12:00pm  NATO
12:00am-    2:00am  CLIVE FROG
  2:00am-    4:00am  LUI
  4:00am-    6:00am  MING  
  6:00am-    8:00am  KUNDALINI
8:00am-   10:00 am  ALIAS
10:00am- 12:00 pm  MK1
12:00pm -  2:00 pm  ORGANICA
  2:00pm-   4:00 pm  DON DIMITRI
 12:00pm-  3:00pm     KUNDALINI
  3:00pm-   6:00pm     KRUSTY
  6:00pm-   9:00pm     NOON
  9:00pm- 12:00pm    MISS GENIE
 12:00am-  3:00am    DAK-LIVE
  3:00am-   6:00am    LEGOHEAD
   6:00am-  9:00am    STOMP
   9:00am-12:00am  MOON
 12:00pm-  3:00pm  BEKA
  3:00pm-   6:00 pm PECULIAR PATTERNS
 6:00pm-    9:00pm  BLUE LLAMA
 9:00pm-  12:00pm  DEREK-LIVE
12:00am-   3:00am  PAUL KEARNEY
  3:00am-   6:00am  LIGHT WORKER
  6:00am-   9:00am  MYSTERY  GUEST
  9:00am- 12:00 am  DOGGY
12:00pm-   2:00pm   ORBIT CONSTRUCTIONS
Menog (Spectral records)

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Posted : Dec 30, 2002 01:36
great line up mate!!!!!
it will be a good party for shure!!!
good 2003 for you ozzy!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 5, 2003 03:17
Well this party was a massive success. I had an absolute ball.
Music: Steve Barr played a great set to finish last year in style, then Fractal Glider brought in the new year with his usual night time madness. Matt Boom had the floor cranking for a couple of hours. I missed most of Satoshi, Mr. P and Jimbo's sets so I cant comment, Franny played some good hard morning tunes but to be honest his mixing skills could do with a little work. Sally - no comment! GLF - wow he is a champion, cruisy day time stuff that had all of us left on the dancefloor by a string!
Day 2: I was asleep till Ozzy came on and as usual he didn't disappoint, he had the dancefloor going mad with his usual array of cranking (mostly) isreaeli psy. Olli played one of the best sets that I've heard him play. A mix of his old and new stuff and some other current and classic dancefloor killers. He had the entire floor stomping hard for 3 hours. Luke Psywalker kept Olli's tone going and to me was one of the best sets of the party. He played Silicon Sound - Nexus 6 and Jaguar which got massive points from me! Great stuff Luke! Benza played some interesting funky tunes and then finished his set with an old classic - Infected's Return of the Shadow. Noon played some solid tracks with excellent chunky bass lines and then Ozzy and Benza finished off the party with a surprise hour and half Vs set that everyone loved.
All in all the music was sensational - Well done to all that played and especially Doggy on the market stage - great set mate!!!!!!

Sorry no time to continue now but I'll get back to you with a review of the rest of the party!!!!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 6, 2003 03:59
Good review, Dave.
Any more reviews???
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...

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Posted : Jan 9, 2003 10:14
the most enjoyable party i have had the privalege to be involved with!!
wicked tunes for 3 days,unbelievable beachfront location,cool freaks and good vibes.
dont miss it next year!           A TRIBEADELIC GATHERING
Dec 30/08 - Jan 2/09
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 9, 2003 14:15
What an excellent party...and what a stylish way to bring in the NY!

Thanks Oz!!!

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Mar 11, 2003 00:49
i've only just joined up.. and its great to be reading all these older posts

photos from these event, can be found on my website (theres over 400 photos!) within the OUTDOOR events...

enjoy!           OZDOOF : Australian PSYTRANCE party photos & events :
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