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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - ..::[Mukunga Umbura - Secret Vision [Inpsyde Media - IME 005]::..

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..::[Mukunga Umbura - Secret Vision [Inpsyde Media - IME 005]::..

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 22:27
:: New release information ::

Gil Mahadeva is a multimedia maniac, he produces trance and ambient tracks, plays psychedelic trance represented by London based Enzyme Phantasm Recs and is part of Brazilian label project Batida Sossegada as ambient dj.

Mahadeva started producing electronic music at the 90s with a project called Morgue, where he released Industrial Dark and EBM tunes of the 80s/90s. In 1999 being hit by the Prodigy & Chemical Brothers fever, Gil went to his first psy trance party in Brazil where he was introduced to Psychedelic Goa Trance by Dj Ujain (France).

Started playing at trance parties at The Bog as a chill out dj. The dance floor job started after his first productions were ready in 2000/2001, where he played at Klatu Barada Nikto and Freak*a*delic, both in Sao Paulo.

Mukunga Umbura is Mahadevas psy trance project and had its first track Freestyle Dialog OM released by Rave XXXperience. Not long after a remix of the same track was released by Brazilian label Trama. In 2001 Mukunga Umbura released 2 new tracks, at first Wajanga Recs. compilation: Psychedelic Warriors and also got played at Gandalfs cd (Ketuh cd 001) release party in Lisbon.

Since 2001 Gil Mahadeva played at most of the important parties & festivals of the Brazilian trance circuit such as Trancendence, Tranceformation, Ypy Poty, EarthDance, Daime Tribe, Klatu, Universo Paralello, Ceara Music, megAvonts, Orion, Tribe, Solaris and others. He participated at the soundtrack production of a prized Brazilian movie O INVASOR, released nationwide in March 2002.

His ambient/chill out set is made of different styles like lounge groove, tribal, electronic beats, groove funk, dub, asian breakbeats, ritual folk, ambient journey, etc. At the dance floor, Gil likes to experiment new sounds & tendencies playing tracks that he swaps with many of his friends as well as music supplied by Enzyme Records. The major characteristic of his set is the psychedelia & diversity easily adapted to the place & public that he plays for.

This year Mukunga Umbura will be releasing its first album by the Italian label Inpsyde Media as well as few ambient tracks by Brazilian label Batida Sossegada.

Tracklisting :

Deja Vu 144 bpm
Alone 142 bpm
Dream Reality 145 bpm
Goa Transmission 144 bpm
Age-old Totem 144 bpm
Go Beyond 140 bpm
Grandfather Peyote 140 bpm
Something Left 144 bpm
Just go and On 142 bpm
Secret Vision 120 bpm

Debut album of the highlight brasilian act MUKUNGA UMBURA.
Gil Mahadeva is one of the most promising new comer producer and Dj in brasilian trance movement, always featured in the major and underground events around.

Tracks already licensed to labels such as : KETUH, WAJANGA, SOLAR FLARES

Secret vision could be described as Intelligent free style full on morning trance and its the result of the long time versatile Gils experience in different music styles.
Pumping and groovy tracks full of energy of sunny landscapes.

Layout and designs magically composed by Zuvuya Design
Artist : Mukunga Umbura
Title : Secret Vision
Cat n : IME 005
Barcode : 9120014350067
Label : Inpsyde Media
Format : CD jewel case
Release date : November 2003
File : Hi-tech morning psychedelic trance
Worldwide Distribution :
Wirikuta Distribution
Fax / Tel : +43 [0]5234 66071

DJ Gil Mahadeva (Enzyme Records)
Mukunga Umbura (Inpsyde Media)
DJ Mahadeva (Batida Sossegada Records)

          Mind Funk Records
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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 22:48
Good Luck Inpsyde Media...
All the best with this released.
Barak/Teen Sluts

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 22:58
Good luck dudes! I had some tracks from Mukunga Umbura long time ago, and where one of my favourites, i cant wait for the new sounds!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  16
Posts :  138
Posted : Sep 29, 2003 23:53
Hey Shawnodese this seems like a very interesting release , im very exciting to hear the new Inpsyde Media sound i trust this will be a very good album i like a lot Brazilian stuff.
Good luck to your label bro
Burn in Noise

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  71
Posted : Oct 1, 2003 04:40
yes my friend yes...mahadeva is a killer guy..very nice person and makes reall good music....
i see this album as a killer album man...only good songs.....all good vibes to gil and to u shawnodese
boomm           Burn in Noise (Alchemy Records)
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 06:35
Gils work is always a fine choice.
I have no doubts it wont be different with this one!
BOOM Mukunga Umbura!           **YOUR BRAND HERE**
Arie Molecular

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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 10:59
goodluck bro's           Don't Let Yourself Get Attached To Anything
You Are Not Willing To Walk Out On 30 Seconds Flat
If You FEEL THE HEAT Around The Corner....
Zen Mechanics

Started Topics :  5
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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 16:53
Nice on duder! Inpsyde Media is growing into a really solid label!

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 17:25

...i wont miss it...always in the mood for few good ambient tracks...
          tormenting and teasing
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 18:10
Thanks for the sweet replies people...and Nikoleta.......hehe...this ain't gonna be an ambient trip....just a very very small part...the rest will rock ur booty cutie !!! Powerfull dancefloor stuff you can expect from this man !!!! You're all warned now !!!!           Mind Funk Records
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Inpsyde Media

Started Topics :  19
Posts :  38
Posted : Oct 1, 2003 21:35
Thanks to all you guys for your posts ! We are working hardly trying to release the freshest tunes and artists around... and Brasil is a very interesting horizon for modern trance movement and vibes

Shawnodese rules.

Inpsyde Media
Trance Mission Worldwide

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Posted : Oct 2, 2003 00:08
go Gil , go Brazil !

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Oct 2, 2003 01:16
hhihihh...that very very small part of ambient suits the purpose here,,,don't worry about me...

          tormenting and teasing
bully aka (raveoholic)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 5, 2003 18:42
hey gosse]
all the best for ur label freakoid hehehe
and all th ebest gil

e noixxxxxxx

boom to all!!@@
Freakulizer / Khainz

Started Topics :  115
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Posted : Oct 17, 2003 19:45
all the best for u guys..........

hope lots of ppls go into a musicshop to buy this one


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