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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Moksha 16/05 - Bad Idea!

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Moksha 16/05 - Bad Idea!

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 17, 2003 09:56
okey folkz.... after a month of no parties for me I decided to go for a 'safe' bet - although it wasn't safe at all.....

me and some friends took off for the Golan, after 2 hours drive, some police car stopped us for some small check of licenses.... then afterwards some police shit stopped our car for a complete search - made me a bit mad...

after we were all safe - we went on to the party... came to the 'gates' - asked the guy if he knows anything about closing the party - he naively denied and we naively gave him our money. We arrived at 1:30 something like that - no music - minimal deco - few ppl... So we built our tent and decided to go to sleep till 3:00...

When I woke up the whole place was packed with police again searching all the tents - another raid.

No music, No Djs, No nothing - and I'm talking about Moksha here... with big plans... of course the money was gone - but who can blame them right?

Awefull night and 'way to go' Moksha crew - suckers pay suckers lose I guess... like us.

I didn't think it would happen to me again - but it did and I don't wish this experience for nobody.

It was very far and very tyring. I'm very upset at the moment. off to sleep.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 10:51

On 2003-05-17 09:56, Trip- wrote:

Awefull night and 'way to go' Moksha crew - suckers pay suckers lose I guess... like us.

Not nice of you.
I know you're tired and upset cause you thought you will be having a great night in a party at organisers that are well known and didn't fail up till now, but still! You think they asked for it? Shit happens. Don't blame the organisers.

There was no police when u arrived. You cannot blame the guy you payed the money. Don't forget this place is very very far, and untill ppl arrive there it's around 4-5. So there was still no music...
          Majority is never right!

"Without music, life is meaningless."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 12:11
so it's true huh?
we thought about going after three non party weeks, and we live about 2 hours from the place too, but i guess fortunately, we didn't. at around 4 a.m we got a call from a friend who had just arrived and saw the police got there. we thought that like always, they'll have a talk and the party will come back, guess it hasn't.
so that's it for moksha's no police running streak, d'you think it has something to do with making the party at the same location as gabi and the twins?
lately, it seems that when one organiser finds a nice place, the next month, every week someone will be there to take advantage of the new place (like blt's party).
sorry to hear about this, we have fallen back to the "dark" ages.           Super-teen extraordinaire Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Runs around in underwear Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Rescues Washington D.C. Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Unless something better's on TV Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 12:41
I understand the cops arrested everybody there.
The organisers, the chai ppl, the bar ppl. The only ones who managed to get out of it were the sound ppl.

Yeap, seems like the cops are taking us back to a few years ago, where they used to arrest the whole party, organisers and crowd.

I guess hunting season is officially open now.           Majority is never right!

"Without music, life is meaningless."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 13:58
Very bad news

f @ % c * k this blue~guys give us freedom...
          Happy Happy,Joy Joy.
blue elf

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Posted : May 17, 2003 14:29
trip i think u put your rage in the wrong place.

i can't believe i'm saying this but maybe this hunting season will wake up israeli trance scene.
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 15:57
Highpersonic Whomen was supposed to give a live gig there? Right?           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 17, 2003 16:02
Actually the Chai ppl were there after the closure... They were just selling stuff in the morning for the ppl who came there after the police left.

And Freakazoid, this place was allready ued by Moksha last year - with the Dj Antix party they had...

not only organizers were arrested but party ppl also which is very sad - I heard about some girl who got arrested and she didn't even touch drugs at all in her life...

But if to forget all this, I just have one final question, what's with all the minimal deco? I'm sorry it's not appealing to me at all...           Crackling universes dive into their own neverending crackle...

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Posted : May 17, 2003 16:25
one big fat black point to the police!!!

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Posted : May 17, 2003 17:06
I arrived to the party somthing like 2:00,
Right away I got to the job and start built my tent.. Somthing like half an hour later some girl came to us and tall us if we have drugs or any other iiligiel thing, The pigs are on the way ... When they arrived there they started a huge serche on evrybody.. The girl next to my tent got arrested and so on, We deicded to have some littel fun and playd the guiter with some ppl right after we started the police came and serche us to (guss they cant see ppl happy).
When they left I was pissed off and just about to leave, Then I deiceded to do somthing and not let the pigs take our plusere and our rights, Then I took my car Into the chai zone and turn on my car sound system (I have awsome system in my car so there was no hearing problems) and all the ppl were dieng
for a party, After two min' Dj Bitch that perform at the begining come to me and tall me that he more then happy to help me in my "party"- ... hehe very nice guy indeed..
If someone was there and saw what was in there then he knew evrybody had very good time, We were somthing like 70 ppl and only butiful ppl, Evrybody smiled like there is no 2marrw.
I must say that I had lots'a fun !
And I'm positive that also the ppl that stay'd to !

I will never forget that party, Very weird and Funny expiriance for me ...

No One Can Stop Us !

Thank You Moksha for this Event And Remeber That Happen To The Best Of Us !
Scratch 22

Started Topics :  72
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Posted : May 17, 2003 17:47
well, we came around 3:00 ... about 2 minutes b4 we got there a friend called us and told us they had closed the party and that there was pigs around.... we decided to c for ourselves ... we got in, went 3 searches had tons of laughs .... we saw ppl were going in despite the cops and not coming out, so we kept going ... i mean after a 2 hours ride the least we could do is see the lake... shame... such a beatuiful place,such a potentially great party and the pigs ruined it... i mean come on! deal with some real problems serve and protect u know...
huh maybe i`ll buy a cop .... he`d serve and protect me... not ! anyway sorry for the moksha dudes ... seems the pigs made a moksha project of their own.... so many pigs for what?
maybe the moksha`s ought to lay low for a while and make smaller parties i don`t know...
with hope for a better tomorrow and no pigs around except maybe on the mangal.....(for the non-kosher`s among us)

          if u dig deep enough u just might reach the sky...

"dream is destiny"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 20:05
Terrible news have I just heard about Moksha's
event! Really, really sorry to hear this.
We were just about going there ,but "unfortunatly" the guy we were supposed to go with, changed his mind at
the last moment, as the result of his, as he said-
"total physical disorder". So we found ourselves stuck in our homes, with no place in no car going
there, got bored and went to sleep...

I still can't get what all the police people want from us?! I think they should thank all the trance people because of one simple thing: Israel
is the world #1 producer and consumer of the trance music. And I can't remember anything else
that Israel is world #1 in it (falafel maybe...). So, they should be proud of us, not to screw us up!

I also think that we should thank Moksha crew for an effort, instead of blaming them . There's no need to try to make them feel any worse, than
do right now...

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Posted : May 17, 2003 20:13
Look what God did to us ! I think that we are not in Kansas any more....

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : May 17, 2003 20:56
this is really wierd cuzz moksha's parties never been basted
          reality is the weirdest dream
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  26
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Posted : May 17, 2003 21:26
Maybe someone opened his mouth to the devil...
          Its the vibe that matters.
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