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Mind Manipulation - 3 Stooges UPDATED

Mind Manipulation
Mind Manipulation

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 02:41
Hi all,
(I updated the file, less bass, check it pls.)

one new track 4 your comments pls.

Hope you enjoy it as "mush" as i enjoyed making it.

Started it 3 weeks ago, interkick, vb1, a-stations climbs and drops, pro53 leads, virus fx and a hell of a lot of delay automation!!!
The thought behind the song are 3 ppl I know, each represented by one of the leads, the mushroom sample "cogumelo..... onde é que está?" means : mushroom........... where is it?, hence the trippy bit right at 2:14 where the delay rizes up and bangs you along.... i know some things could be in a better place, but i have tried so many combinations that i am going to stick to this one.... maybe in a week or so i will change it all to the Virus, or maybe i'll try something new on the pro53... i dunno yet..

anyway... my, erm... explanation.



          Manipulation is to the chemist, like the external senses to the mind. --Whewell.

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 03:03
nice track, great leads an fx good rhytm           ...when we awake into a dream!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 11:43
something wrong with the bass frequency..
maybe a bit too much of it ?

amazing FXs & percussion lines

synth lines KICKs a**

the drumline sounds ok

massive sound

interesting FX & Synth variations

the track ends unexpectable

overall 8/10

Mind Manipulation
Mind Manipulation

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  311
Posted : Sep 1, 2003 14:40
i know that the bass sounds a bit too much, it's the stupid bottom end of the "getting awfull" Vb-1.... does onyone know a trick to put it in the correct place?



          Manipulation is to the chemist, like the external senses to the mind. --Whewell.

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 15:10
Great Job!!!

Nice fx and leads - pads, drums are good...
Have to aggre the there is something wrong with the bass (3.18)... But overall a good full on track!!

keep the good work MM.

CHP / CH Project           
• Noize Conspiracy Records •
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2003 00:22
ehheeh more one from your killers bro .. i like it specially the delayed effect and sinth , nice percursion drums and good feeling about this track .. just some of them say .. the bass would be more open to this track , because its a talented work for sure

keep the good work , u are in a great way , no doubs about ..

PLUR friend

stay very well

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Posted : Sep 3, 2003 22:16
good full-on tune.
i'm not a lover of that kind of full-on but u did a good job.
          Without Deviation, Progress Is Not Possible.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 4, 2003 07:42
hey there bro,
sounds like youre defonately on the right track man!!
personaly i would have wated a bit longer for the full onness to creep in thau.
youre automated dampening on the delay sounds very similer to that off gms uses.very afective!!!
with a little work youre sound will be sick bro
nice one bruuuvaaaaaa

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Posted : Sep 4, 2003 21:45
Sorry for being 100% honest...
Just as you in my post ;-)

Your track is very convincing, but for me actually only because of the production and the full on arrangement...
at least I don't find my song as boring as your 3stooges, which is IMHO just one more mainstream standart track...

Do you think you will ever been booked for other countrys partys (as you offered) if you sound like anybody? I think, there are 20 of your sort in every country...

Why one more? all before have become boring already... Why try again... I state music like this Is usually nice after drinking to much or using other closing drugs...

GMS to Astrix already fill out this kind of music. Its their show. No more space on the stage.

I think, your track has not a real sense, no real summit, for me its just chained full on ideas without context...

You have mentioned a sense, but it's only a thoughts sense.. tree ppl represented by the leads.. hm nice idea.. but the guys seem to be very angry with eachother.. you know what I mean.. there is no relationship bettween the three, no feeling... maybe fun and drugs (mushrooms, or are they gone?) but no feeling...
But I think that their characters are showed a little bit...
Just a thinkers sense. Nothing to feel for me there...

I like your sounds playing around 4.40, real nice on headphones.

A break here a break there some full on synths here and there
Really proffessionaly made, everything the typical mainstream listener would except of this kind of track...

But, my heart stays 80% empty during the track, waiting for more and after there is no conclusion, no summit in the end it becomes empty.

But! Your production is on a very good level. I even like the sound of the bassline. Even though it's to loud... overall it's sounding really, really good! honestly!

IMHO, I dare to say, don't feel attacked, you will say I'm wrong, everybody would...:
My interpretation.. If the music came out of your deepest self as you described, than I can see there anger, helplessness, displaced feelings that haven't been expressed for years because they have been pushed down by something. Or just banned out of your mind by your mind...
Self Mind manipulating?

I know this are hard words, but I just had the inspiration to say this and couldn't help doing it..
I'm sorry if I make you angry.. i

Sorry for being honest... My opinions are sometimes extreme...
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Mind Manipulation
Mind Manipulation

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  311
Posted : Sep 5, 2003 11:52
Well, its always better to hear honesty than nothing at all.

At least someone has guts, that makes us 2, aint that right mr Subconsciousmind?

The reason why the song seems angry and displaced is because the tree guys the song is about are angry and displaced.... at least in my opinion, however. Maybe the feelings towards the subject are exactly what you hear....However, the track is not yet finished, if i'm annoyed a little more, then more anger will go in.... let us say that all I care about is expressing what I feel in my songs... and maybe I am heartless at the moment, however I feel hopefull too, or didnt you notice? The "track" is playable for one or two nights, but far from being "perpetuable", as many of my "songs" will be (See the hope?)
This I am aware of....

Anyway, I get your point, and yes, I put my heart into my music, but not all of it, it need my heart to keep me alive also.......

Why dont you check back in a couple of years? maybe gms and the "likes" will be gone by then.... it would really be a pity though, they have so much to teach, technically speaking, of course.

Oh by the way, Why dont you buy a computer?

          Manipulation is to the chemist, like the external senses to the mind. --Whewell.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  44
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Posted : Sep 5, 2003 16:26
OFF TOPIc : Hey, Somebody stop Kenneth & Anakoluth from fighting......! i like both of u...but not when ur fighting!

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  1033
Posted : Sep 5, 2003 23:44
zooter... its mind-manipulation and subconsciousmind fighting... yes switzerland is small, but there live more then one people... ;-)

Anyway your right, stop this...

Mind.m. I'm impressed, I didn't expect such an answer at all!
...i'm glad i interpretatet it the right way though... the one with the hope i didn't get...

Just one thing.. you wrote:
"Anyway, I get your point, and yes, I put my heart into my music, but not all of it, it need my heart to keep me alive also....... "

I tell you out of own experience and a lot of feedback to my new album: The more you put your heart in your music, the more it will keep you alive.

In my opinion is you can only make real music, if you give all of you. Thats what I do and expect.

But somebody being so conscious of not doing it like you I just didn't expect to exist...
You are UNIQUE.

I didn't get the joke with the computer...
          Most of my music for you to download at:
Mind Manipulation
Mind Manipulation

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  311
Posted : Sep 6, 2003 00:56

I am not stopped in time.....

I have a very, very, very long way to go untill i reach my goals and dreams.... however, i do know what i want tommorow......

I would like to say just one more thing, i do not know how to tell the diference between Do , re, mi or even fa...... i do things by following my insticts and my ears, ina very "automatic" way..... so far.

I do not know what my musical future holds for me, but i can say that it will be a bright one.... i am sure of what i represent and have 0 (zero) regrets.

Raphi, by reading the things you have on your website i can see that you have good knowledge of your feelings and if you are more capable of putting them in your music than i am, fine... its up to you..

You have 2 albums, great! i have none....... yet, however it will come one day.. it WILL. and maybe the effort i put into making it will be one tenth of the effort you put into yours, however that doesnt mean it will be bad, boring and angry.... it will be a part of me, as i see myself, if you feel me when you listen.. it means that something i did is working, dont you agree? I dont mind if the only feelings that go into my music are not as "happy" as yours, but they will certaily be genuine. I too have my reasons.

I am not a musician, but i love my music/tracks/songs/trips or whatever you want to call it.

I am sorry if i offended you in any way, it was not the point of my post. the point of my post was to make you realize that you have much more potential than you might think you have....
so... by saying this i can only wish you many fortunes for your future career as a true artist.

time tells the tales, and you are going to have to wait for mine.

Greetz and props to all swiss party ppl

Btw i am getting an Akai Mpc4000 for my live performance (should have done it years ago)..., you convinced me

it's for the best AIIIIIIIIIII.


P.S. my heart pumps blood around my body ihihihihih

          Manipulation is to the chemist, like the external senses to the mind. --Whewell.

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  1033
Posted : Sep 6, 2003 20:18
Hi again M.M

Thanks for you words again..
About you telling me having more potential.. you still only heard ONE of my new songs... Order my new album and you will hear my potential.. ;-)
Mpc-4000rules !! but it's time for an update there! by the way the factsong, was the first subconsciousmind song made with a computers help EVER!

I'm sure you are very talented... and your anger is in your music, well, it's working your right...

There is just one little thing to do for you, in my opinion...

Your anger song, is one of a lot in the psytrance scene, as I said... lets call the big part of the todays tracks, the "anger-music"

I heard it for a long time now. I heard that a lot of people are angry, including you.
Ok! But now I really HEARD it, it's time to go a step forward. I know a lot of people are angry, but now GO ON and develop.

A step forward means to find out what CAUSES this anger... I would say mostly feelings like sadness, pain, desperation or something... this is what you should do in my opinion...

In your track to make it a song, just make a conclusion in the end, express why you are so angry, or one of the guys, or make one of the guy solve the argue, or whatever...
Just GO ONE STEP Forward, BEHIND your anger...

In my opinion you don't have to go a long way at all... you are so close, as you wouldn't believe.
Just watch a little bit deeper, see your basic feelings and express them and be the FIRST ONE who start turning the "anger-music" into whatever, only you know... but for sure it will be a step forward..

Be the first one man! you technical skills are here! THATS the key for foreign country liveacts! typical faishoned sound WITH HEART! Start a new wave man! You got everything to do it.
I couldn't my factsong is the mainstreamish i'm able to do.

You think my feelings are happy?? Not at all, my new album is devided in two parts, one is the dark part, feelings like lonlyness, pain and one is the bright part.. which comes after having showed the dark feeling inside of everybody.. hope, joy.. only possible when accepting the dark feelings before...

go for this preview of my album:

There I turn from almost peace to anger but then calme down and release...
It's my own development in the song.. all I think that misses your song is the development.
to hear pain.

It's not about who made how many albums..

I like you man, I think we will be good friends one day.
          Most of my music for you to download at:
Mind Manipulation
Mind Manipulation

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  311
Posted : Sep 7, 2003 01:53
Raphi, I like you too

... but i'm worried I that transparent?

Anyway, the time has come to move on, I feel it too, by coincidence and by some sort of universal language, our paths have crossed and now there is no turning back. I found your website at a time where the belief in everything that I surround myself with is stuck, moving slower than it should, too slow for my taste. And it is out of my power to make it go faster.... Or.. maybe the reason why I havent moved forward is because if I do... I will be left alone in my own little world. Lets just say that I am like this beacause at least this way, people understand me.... just like you did when you listened to 3 Stooges..... The conclusion is very near, just like you said... so near it bites!

From here on.... who knows what destiny will bring me. One thing is for sure, I'll make my destiny the best thing I have ever dreamed of. And I know you will do the same.

We are both "on the same boat" that I have realized, people need to feel what is deep down in side of them (thats your job) But, someone will have to break the outer shell first (and this is mine) Strange enough for you?

I think it makes sense

Raphi, and the rest that have the patience to read this far:

Believe in everything you do and never fool yourself, you are your worst enemy.

Big AleOp 4 all of you.


          Manipulation is to the chemist, like the external senses to the mind. --Whewell.
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