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Limit space rec present - V.A Space Electric

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2007 19:11
Limit space rec present -
VA - space electric

Format : CD
Release date : 30 july 2007

1. tetrium - surprise to haya
2. gothica - dominator
3. tetrium vs gothica - morisos
4. tetrium - say yes
5. gothica - reality
6. cortex - snakes war
7. tetrium - day is happy
8. israeli sphinx vs shake the snake - artistic

Limit space records israel

limispace-rec Record is a Record Label froom Israel
It was created in july 2005 And it's main aim is the release of quality Trancemusic.

Although limitspace Records can be considered an international label Which releases top quality music from talented artists/ projects worldwide, Special care is also provided to the promotion of talented Israeli & Worldwide artists and their work. The label is managed by -gadi aviv -tetrium
limitspace second Goal is to Build the ultimate label that will gather all the labels in the world !! The site is all the time changing so Please Read The News !! Any suggestions are welcome EMail the webmaster

Tetrium bio
Tetrium is Gadi Aviv, 34 years old, from the southern city of natanh, which is located in the Israeli desert. Gadi is a trance veteran that has been a part of the Israeli trance scene for 11 years. Among the tracks he released so far are: Tetrium & Elliptical - dark age (morning in space / phonokol ) BLT & Tetrium many years from now (alchemic anecdote / krembo) Tetrium - something happened (shoot it out / krembo) Tetrium - memory ( Zoo-B / krembo) Tetrium - the sun will rise (classic goa trance / yellow sunshine explosion ) Tetrium - limbo ( psytisfacyion 2 / phonokol ) In 2004 Tetrium's first album called "speed of light" was published on phonokol, the album was created in the style of psychedelic goa with today motifs combined with the good old motifs and sounds. Tetrium preformed at parties in Europe, India and at many parties all over Israel today tetrium performs in psychedelic electronic style with today's sounds in 145-148 bpm, and soft touches of psychedelic full on in addition. Tetrium runs a label called limitspace-rec which was established a short time ago.
info :

Cortex bio -
CORTEX - ISRAELI SPHINX (Materia records - Boundless music) CORTEX is Assaf Weizmann from south of Israel.
He in music since then age 15 and releases in many diferents labels. Cortex work on his debut album TIME FOR SALVATION
release on Materia Records in July 2007 and also a future album with shake the snake (ran and kubi).
Cortex music his Full On night with somes dark elements, fat bass, crazy melodies and clean production.
We will soon see tracks on labels as : Medusa rec gr - Metatron Production, MP rec, Spliff Music, shivlink rec
Divine Balance rec, Sun Dance rec, Up rec, Moon Sun rec and more. Assaf also work as sound engineer in a post
production studio in Israel . collaboration on few tracks with artists such as : Dynamic / Dna / Twisted Reaction /
Safi Connection / Khopat / Sidhartha / Tetrium / Toxical / Shake The Snake / Insane Logic / and some other that are
currently in progress . Israeli Sphinx is a new project by assaf, more melodic Full On.
v.a zoo b 3 u.s.t.a rec .cortex - the original note
v.a diginations vol 2 by cortex spliff music rec - cortex - psychedelicortex / cortex - little sister
v.a different attitudes - music experts rec - cortex and petra (w.l.a) - electronic baby / cortex and petra (w.l.a) - the hit
v.a 13 moon by cosmic sun spliff music rec - cortex + avishai - spanish air
v.a sundance rec israeli sphinx - human
v.a up rec cortex and petra (w.l.a) - the marriage
v.a moonsun rec - solaris - cortex - jim
coming soon ..
CORTEX - Time For Salvation -MAT05CD
Expected in July 07
cortex vs chemical trolls (v/a ping pong - shivalink rec)
cortex - snakes war (v/a limit space rec)
israeli sphinx vs shake the snake - artistic (v/a limit space rec)
cortex - you dragon (long version) (v.a divinemusictribe rec)
cortex vs toxical (v/a boundless music)
cortex ? (enigmatic rec)
cortex ? (v/a good fellas - materia rec)
cortex ? (v/a materia rec by puzzle)
Israeli Sphinx is , a new project by assaf weizmann (22) from Eilat , south of israel . .Israeli Sphinx project
is more melodic fullon style by assaf a.k.a cortex .
new project by cortex - israeli sphinx (assaf weizmann) and shake the snake - (ran gabai and kobi sela)2 telent guitarists
soon live show togheter and album at end of year

web site

e mail -

TO BOOK LIMIT SPACE ARTIST          ------------------
Cortex - Tempo Shrine

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Posted : Jun 22, 2007 04:14
my pleasure to be part from this v/a
good luck limit space records
keep rock gadi.
CORTEX - Time For Salvation -MAT05CD
Expected in July 07 on MATERIA REC
Cortex - materia rec / boundless music - Interview on e-mag teknasia france
UP Records

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Posted : Jun 22, 2007 04:33
Go Cortex!!

Interested to hear this one!!
Virtual Attack-Nir
Virtual Attack

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  105
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 04:48
Looks Intrested @ Very wait to hear Cortex track very good telent !!!! all da best my friend !

Started Topics :  24
Posts :  448
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 05:32
yo ! great work gadi did here (tetrium) very nice comp for sure cortex and israeli sphinx is great dancfloor blasters and also tetrium tracks! keep it up limit space !           PsyTrance The sound track of our life... (electro/minimal)
Materia Records
Materia Records

Started Topics :  32
Posts :  106
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 14:54
Keep on eye on Cortex
good luck with this release
looks good

Started Topics :  7
Posts :  199
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 14:54
Good luck Limit Space Rec ,happy to see Cortex on this one



Started Topics :  24
Posts :  269
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 15:45
all the best limit space rec with the comp

all the best asaf cortex with the album
Wide Space

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  2
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 16:18
hay gadi whats up my freind.....

nice thing i se here. god to se you runing with all your team. i wish you the bast and
wont se mor from your projects. so keep to rocking success and prosperity from WIDE-SPACE.



Started Topics :  7
Posts :  114
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 16:26
Hello good luck & congratulations for this release, in special for me friend cortex


Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Jun 22, 2007 16:37
hello...... congrats and best of luck for the new compilation.....

booOOoom from the team
          Spread Love.

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Posted : Jun 22, 2007 17:44
all the best for you cortex and tetrium from limitspace
          -------------------- URIYA @ Artist \ DJ ------------------

Official Website: www.URIYA.Info

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Posts :  121
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 17:50
thanks my friends!!!!!! 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 22, 2007 19:00
Interesting.. will check it out.

Nice one Cortex, my brother!           U.V Art & Design / Festival
Supporting: EchoVortex Rec, Parvati Rec, Hypnotica REC

Started Topics :  22
Posts :  355
Posted : Jun 22, 2007 20:24
good luck for all artists to envolved this compilation
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