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killer of good quality


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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 02:57
i've meet here on this forum some new ephitets like: "good quality music" and "killer track". what does it mean? do you mean by "good quality music" good music? has "good quality music" something in common with "well produced"? i dont think so. shame that only two words describe your favorite music. truth is that music is exactly like how you can describe it by words. nobody care about musical content or arangement of track, nobody try to express yourself in oter words. important is only if track is killer or good quality. realy empty words. if track is called "killer" its killer but usualy for my ears. why its hard to make different description? i understand it very well. how to describe something that is completly without any content except fast tempo?

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 04:12
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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 04:30

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 06:05
The India forum has it down to a fine art:

Theres killer,
killlllllllllleerrr! and of course

Yeah, I'd support a movement for deepness in tunetalk. Half the fun's in seeing how different people describe the same sound, maybe we could come up with a good international trance dictionary. Atmos-like textured squelches we call 'Moyas' among my friends in Spain -cant remember why- its been passed down generations of 'Hippilakkers,' the local trance tribes

How do you explain sounds?

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 09:37
finally somebody have thought of this
well, i think there must be a nice compromise between good quality and astonishing content...

yet, i guess commonly called "Killer track" can not have very low quality
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 10:33
Pavi you forgot "Killllaaaahhhhhh"

There shuold be a limit on the times you can say the "K" word you know...Like in the Top Ten...u can t use it more than 5 times a month?....or am i tooooooo generous

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Mike A

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 11:18
Like kaz (I think) said once, the top 10 board is used for further mutilation of the word "killer" or something like that.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 12:50
It would be horrible to be killed by a Psytrance Track.....           .
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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 13:18
kino oko - your topic is kiler!!!!
keep kiling man!!!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 14:47

anyway in my cd reviews on my site I always analyze the tracks elements and try to say if they match or not, if they are produced good or not. In other words I can say that a track is killer but I always have to justify it with the facts and leave my personal oppinions behind...that's how I see a good review of a track           DJ Dovla | Interchill Records, Flow Records
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 14:54
I must add that trance is music of sounds (and sound) so the sound does make a diferent!
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Feb 28, 2003 22:15
KINO OKO, are you unhappy with the fact that that very often people use just a few cliches to describe a track? or that the music being described is well produced but following the same standard formula and thus boring?

What is your main concern, the lack of imagination by the people discussing music or the lack of imagination by some of those who make and release music? Maybe both?

I do not necessarily agree that it is easy to describe music with words? Sometimes it is hard to put raw emotions, like the ones generated by music, into words.

And why in the world did they lock your other topic? It was one of the most intriguing posts I had seen here.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 12:12
Well, as someone who's trying to describe music in words for the last 5 years, I can say it's no easy task- especially when we're talking complex instrumental music. I usually try to either describe what's in the track, or better, what the track does to me or makes me feel.
Here's an example of an extract from a review of a certain compilation (you might have heard of the artist involved).


A Polish guy hits us next with the amazing X-Moll (T9), dirty hissing jazzy sounds, cigarette smoke and alcohol fumes, and a lot of funk, topped with some psychedelia- delicious!


And of course this is a good point, since this is a media of words, I would like to see more of them around when talking about music (one of the reasons this forum is on). I think our reviews section is alright in that aspect.

I must say though that sometimes I have the feeling that nobody really reads my long detailed reviews- I never got a "killer reviews, man!" response... :-(


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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 13:47
Adunno, 'killer' music to me usually sounds like random noise. Skazi, Dark Soho, Parasense. These guys for some reason are considered "killers", the only thing they kill for me is the ability to slip into a trance, which is the point of trance music last time I checked (times may have changed though, that's just me).

As for me saying the top10 is a place to abuse the words "killer" and "DESTRUCTION" and other things like that (with or without caps, or sometimes with parts of each, appearantly, people are divided as to which way is more "killer", I think they all are), well, it rings a bell, and it definately sounds like something I could have said. In case I haven't - STOP USING "killer", "destroying", "war" and other such superlatives about the music which you describe. English has a lot of adverbs and adjectives, using them does both English and you credit.

I'd give a talk about being positive and not negative etc, but I've found it's pretty useless in certain cases, and I have a creeping feeling that this is one of them. Cheers on the topic though, good to see there are people which didn't give up yet. Welcome to the forum 

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  345
Posted : Mar 1, 2003 14:34
the best review ive ever seen is (shiva bless him!):

track 1 - great track to open this album can be killer on the dance flors
psychdelic job in this..

track2 - nuthing to say Amazing track..
killler night tune with a lot of good ideas just killler and can lern you
litlle english..

track3: very good track kiks ass bass and psyvoices just brillant!

track4 - again killer track open slwo but the next level take you to dig
like crazy on the dancefloors..

track5 - wow just diffrent litlle but killller track with dark and
Psychedelic takeyou to another planet

track6 -like the same good track from this guys very dark side with good. Effect's just love it!....

track7 - my favorite track here no words very good work on it Killller

track8 - one more kicking my ass with this track very psyvibes realy big rave

track9 - nice ending for a killllller album for sure this track good and
like all this great album!!!


about banned topic: as i wrote: no fun allowed on this forum. trance or die.
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