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Japanese V/A (Discovalley Records Goa)


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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 18:34
Label: Discovalley Records
Format: Maxi CD
Release date: OUT
Promotional V/A that u will find in Discovalley's Japan Tour 2006...
Mastered by: Xeno-Morph

::: Like Olga - Black Cat said :::
This cd you can get it ONLY if you are in one of the parties of Discovalley records Tour in Japan!!!
Is included with the price of the tickect!!!

Meaning that only a few lucky ones will have the opportunity to have this cd !!


01. INNERSOUND - Knock 149
02. SAVAJUN - Paranoia Jimmy 152
03. DOMINATOR - Short magic moment 148
04. ZIKORE - Every sound 150
05. FRAKTAL NOISE vs CANDY POWER - Dangerous for humans 148

Starting with my mate stavros Innersounds i have to say that more music i listen from this man, the more i like it!!
An agressive intro of the cd, letting us know that the cd is not gona be a melodic fairy tale!!

A rolling bass, with some repetive samples giving the feeling of a technoish vibe... But he hits us with suprises that in the middle of a night listening to this track will definately drive a mind into a halucinogenic level...

Massive sound and phat kicks in the stomatch!! This is stavros... Music coming directly from a greek brain out the goa studios...
Welldone stavro

Moving to mizuki with jun SAVAJUN
Long in the scene by now mizuki is having jun as an extra touch to deliver something good for this limited VA...
My opinion...? They made it... A stong 152 track with nice reverbed sounds, providing to the listener an open chaos in front of the eyes
Nice changes of the bass, always give a good vibe to the feets... Some panning sounds also deliver a twisteness and a surround feeling which is always good

Some nice synth work whcih is not a suprise for me after listening to a savage's track!
I like the feeling that the flying pads are giving towards the end of the track...
Is something that triggers my curiosity in a track...
A 'heavy' track for pure night listeners...

Welldone to the japanese boyzzz

Roman aka Dominator comes after the japanese freakz with a 148 track that has the power to stand in such a VA...
Good combination of bass and kick, having a drum loop tickeling them
Im feeling that lowering the note of the bass a little should have given the track a more agressive touch, but i guess thats a personall opion...
A spacy track with not so much fuzz at the begining... As it moves, some more percussion work appears, and some synth work also..
Not a so called 'complex track' but it stands like i said before...

ZIKORE follows... 150 this time. Im seeing the 'zik' the and i belive is alex with somebody else...
No idea who. I like the bass a lot... Ziks bass, with the up and downs
I like this touch by zik...
X'cuse me if i speak only about zik but i dont know the other person behind this track...

Anyways, a spooky track, something that zik is doing very well!!!

Flying pads here and there, with a rolling bass that changes all the time, reminding your feet to move here and there...
A more 'brighter' kick could fit better i think...
What i like in this track is that, it can be characterized as a cinematic flow and structured...
Agressivness is not so much in this track like zik presents laterly...

Nice track, fits to my sets

Last but not least FRAKTAL NOISE vs CANDY POWER...
I like Fraktal Noise trax...
This one with candy power, it was choosen to be the last track of this VA.
A choice that TEO made and i respect that...
Not a bad track, but on the other hand not the best i heard from these 2 projects...

Im feeling that kick is very loud and it covers the bass... The rest feel alright, and ok structured.
Some ppl might dig this track, but my honest and personal opinion is that a better track could have ended this VA.
Maybe the previous trax have putten the bar a bit high thats y i feel like this

I have to say that i realy enjoyed listening to this cd!!!
Having the feelng that is a limited cd, and that only a few ppl can have it, makes it more precious
Have i been to japan in order to get it...?

Provided by
DVRcd001 Nocturne
DVRcd002 Acid Mutants
DVRcd003 Psycho Cell
DVRcd004 Hasta Las Pastillas
DVRcd005 Dark Side of GOA
DVRcd006 CHApoRAS Tribal Dance !!!
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Fria Tantrumm

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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 18:54
ZikOre are Zik (Alex) together with Orestis           **************************************
Fractal Cowboys : Post Singularity COMING SOON :)
Orestis : Recursice Consciousness OUT
Psykovsky: Na Ve Ka is OUT!

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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 19:01
thanx for the info fria
so... welldone to both of them           
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 20:34
Muahahaha insane tracks well done by Teo and black cat olga...meow !!!

All the tracks are madddddd, Loved the zik and oretis combo i have heard them before but this is bloody twisted and how about savajun?? the japanese have taken this genre into a new level crazy leads and dark atmosphere's by mizuki.

Very few people got this Cd and lucky us that we heard it.

Mind blowing stuff by awaiting V/a Chapora.

           “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung
Dark Elf

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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 20:48
Favs: Savage+Jun, Innersound, Dominator

but again the concept is great

WELL done DV !!! (as always)

Inactive User
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Posted : Nov 1, 2006 22:30
yoyoyo as usual teo lives up to his promise... great cd... liked the innersound, zikore and candy noise...but the hit of the cd was the savajun, fuck whatta track...disappointed by the dominator
Silent Horror

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Posted : Nov 2, 2006 16:57
gr8 review Claw, surely Discovalley did it again.. savajun
Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 2, 2006 18:50
Claw for one more time u made it!!!
U made an other KILLER review for us!!!
Thank u sooooooooo much!!!

Bom Bom 
DVRcd003PsychoCell*DVRcd004HastaLasPastillas*DVRcd005Dark Side of GOA
DVRcd006CHApoRAS Tribal Dance*DVRcd007 1001 Nights*DVRcd008 Triton OUT!

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Posted : Nov 5, 2006 19:02
zikore and innersound super killer tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
butanyway all 5of them are blasting tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wish i could have one copy too!

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Posted : Nov 6, 2006 05:44
so this is not a proper cd they released , how can i hear these tracks ? is it availlable for download by the label ? ?
Inactive User
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Posted : Nov 6, 2006 06:49
im addicted to savajun lolol...its a cause for concern! olga cat and teo fantastic cd!
much love

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Posted : Nov 6, 2006 13:08
fucking killer very good work 
Kamino Rec
Bionic Instinct Rec
Intelligent monkey Rec

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Posted : Nov 10, 2006 19:54
First of all thanks to Claw for one more exallent review!!!

...and also thank you all so much for the feedbacks!!!

DVRcd001 Nocturne
DVRcd002 Acid Mutants
DVRcd003 Psycho Cell
DVRcd004 Hasta Las Pastillas
DVRcd005 Dark Side of GOA
DVRcd006 CHApoRAS Tribal Dance
DVRcd ::: japan tour v/a :::

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Posted : Nov 11, 2006 05:35
hihihih nice my bros. my freinds say all so

Boom!!! DiscoValley Records

Boom teo ,Olga. claw

High Sai

Offtopic posts:  1
Posted: Nov 12, 2006
Firstly CLAW.... BRO U REALLY KILLED IT AT MOONDUST...wasnt there..but my frnds tol me
keep it up...jus hope tht u will make it 2 india sum other time also wen things r better organised
SECONDLY...damn ive been tryin 2 get my hands on this disc ever sunce i first heard of it...but no luk...
sounds really
crazy wid savajun ..zikore...
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