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Japanese organisers


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Posted : Jan 26, 2006 09:56

On 2006-01-16 10:15, Ken wrote:
> Is the scene big enough to support all these organizers and artists?

Probably not, but that depends on the scale people are aiming for I guess. As long as everyone is happy and has a go time.....           New Album: Jikkenteki - Flights Of Infinity
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 26, 2006 10:14
I dont know what this scene is coming too.

For now i think there are just too many organizations and parties for such a small scene.

The major organizations are just falling apart.
We lost 3 major party organizations last year.
Stargate, Arcadia, G-moloch.
A few others also.

Im thinking, maybe this scene again will once again be underground.

All the big organizations go bankrupt. And the underground parties will become the main parties of Japan.

Lets see how this year goes.
For now, I know Solstice got about 200 people at their last part at Differ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2006 18:51
Wow, I'm shocked, only 200 people at a Solstice Party!!! This was the "Save the Robot" Alien Project, Quadra line-up right?
I love Solstice, they've given me many wonderful memories, even inspired me at times.

Well tonight I just had a meeting with my crew to talk about our parties for this year so this topic is fresh on my mind. Maybe if I write my thoughts down it will become clear for me too.

Why are "BIG" parties in trouble?

1) biggest reason I think is chimpira (young yakuza) and some young people making bad vibes. Also it is like a trend, they easily move to something else.

2) too many "B IG" parties. When they clash, usually one or both lose a lot. But I noticed when my underground party was on the same day as a big party, our party almost doubled in size.

3) "Music" Many of the big parties have the same Acts for many years. I think they have an exclusive contract with these organizers.
Personally, I've also enjoyed the music more at many underground parties compared to the big expensive ones. If you've locals outperforming the internationals then you got problems.

4) "Prices and Venues" Prices are getting expensive and the venues aren't getting better, especially clubs in Tokyo. Long long lines for toilets, crowded, bad sound. Gotta take care of your customers better.

Why are underground parties booming?
1) Because of many of the reasons above the old school crowd have run away to the underground parties which are more comfortable for them.

2) Music is getting good at underground parties!

3) General production levels are getting better... bigger sound systems, innovative decor.

My personal reasons... I'm an old school goahead. I loved the big outdoor parties 1998 - 2002 then the vibe didn't happen anymore for me. Went to the underground parties and now 500 people in a nice forest with a thumping sound system and new and interesting acts playing great music and really awesome vibe is what I like most. I think a lot of people feel this way.

I think there is a split in the crowd. The old school crowd going to the underground and the younger crowd going to the BIG festivals.

About CD sales...
I think Hikari is right, there are too many labels and releases every month that the shops dont know what to buy. But main problem is illegal downloading and CD prices.
2,800 yen is too expensive.
I also think that shops and distributors follow labels and artists too much. I find some small labels with great music and some new artists with killer trax... I'm lucky I have the time to search. I listen to some big labels and famous acts releasing bad music. I know CD shops are busy but I think they must find the time to sit and listen to each CD and choose good music to offer customers. Now many people find good music on the internet and buy on the internet for cheaper. New system for music buying and selling needs to happen... maybe web system for individual trax.

How can BIG festivals come back?
This is a tough question. They must fix the chimpira problem and make good vibes again - this is most important. Also must make their music and musicians fresh again to the customers. Make parties special experience again with decor or concept or something else. Worse is to just rent the usual bad venues, bring the same big name acts and charge a lot of money like you dont care for the customers.

Please bring the vibe back, make your spaces tripper friendly. Do something new in the original spirit of the scene to make the party special for your customers!
          The music was like new black polished chrome
that came over the sky like liquid night.

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Posted : Jan 30, 2006 18:34
KEN, u just sayed it all, i think ur right.           -Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the MUSIC-
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 31, 2006 12:44
Well to be honest, fixing the Chimpira problem is close to impossible.
First, nobody has the balls to tell them to go away. At least I don`t...

Im hoping that this trance thing is a booming movement that will go away. Then the chimpira people would also go away(hopefully).

But the fact is, these young kids that don`t understand a thing about trance are the people that are buying the CD`s. This is because they dont have the knowledge or access to computers.
So if they leave, your going to see the CD sales go down even furthur.

Big Parties,
I just can't read the crowd. For sure though, the old party people have stopped going to parties(like me). I just can't take the party vibes.

But I am happy to know the underground is doing good. Russ, Ken, all the underground organizers I am sure this year will be a good year for you all.
PHI / Slum

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Posted : Feb 1, 2006 01:15
PSY16 and EARTHCORE JAPAN is good party for me!

Hey every foreign arists looking this thread, you can choice Moneymaking party or old trance mind party or other party in japan, now.
Please think well where you choice, it will change artist life in japan.

If you want I can tell about japanese organaizer's detail. Please send message to me. I know almost japanese organaizer. big, middle , small also. In case of no Tokyo ,too

see you in japanese good big party near future!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 18:00
I wanna go to Japan ekeekeke           Dj kuntact (3D Vision Rec / Moonblast Prod.)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 18:39
Hey Shuji,

Great to see you posting on the forums! You've played for every organizer in Japan and would love to hear your opinions more on the scene!           The music was like new black polished chrome
that came over the sky like liquid night.
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