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Insane People promote & Biomechanix Records Proudly Presents: Molecular Insanity 29/09/07

Shadai / Devil's Rejects

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Posted : Aug 6, 2007 20:35
Insane People promote & Biomechanix Records Proudly Presents:

Molecular Insanity
Open Air Festival
Saturday September 29 2007
Until 7:00 pm


Menog (Nutek Recs./Spectral Recs) Portugal

Musician by nature, happening through guitar and later to the battery in his metal band in 90's years, introduces itself and wakes up in a great interest by electronic music, on 1997, attending to the best and most famous festival in all the world BOOM FESTIVAL after this great step and capitulate in the life of Danny, he decides to produce his own style of psychedelic trance, after 5 years of hard work Menog is made notice on the psychedelic scene when he release his first album called “Natural Behaviour” in 2003, this album in released by “Starsounds Records” with base in Greece. In 2005 Menog takes the reins from his or known seal “Spectral Records” and decides to release his next album called “Emotions” is taken with great acceptance in all the globe and with it starts his wonder adventure playing on parties like “BOOM FESTIVAL” and “FULL MOON FESTIVAL” this to mention but the important ones around the world, now with a great experience and acceptance by publish. years later Menog it gets up to Nutek Records which is commanded by the great teacher Samy CPU, and is where it sends his third album called “The Tribe Remixes” this album consolidates Menog in the psychedelic world-wide scene. Now it visits us for second time in Mexico to demonstrate all to his quality and excellent musical production.

Darkpsy (Sin Recs./Trishula Recs.) Portugal

Jonathan Molinari begins to mix in 1999 with multiple presentations in local events, is as well as quickly a great passion by music woke up, of Portuguese and French parents, Jonathan contributes to the Portuguese scene and decides to create the concept called Darkpsy, characterized by dark kicks, deep bass lines, dimensional cosmic percussions and melodies, after taking a impressive maturity in production Darkpsy release its first album called “Fucking Chorus” in 2003 under the DejaVu Records. After the success that have this album Darkpsy release on sale many tracks in different seals around the world, taking force and much power in his music. After its long way around the globe playing in Boom FESTIVAL and many other festivals, Darkpsy and N3XU5 take the decision to form the Portuguese seal “SIN RECORS” label where the second album of Darkpsy “Silent Noise” is release. Presenting it by only time in Mexico since Darkpsy takes another same facet that will be presented in this great festival without a doubt is some interesting option to enjoy a dark trip but without losing the bailable touch.

High pulse(Sin Recs./Biomechanix Recs,) Portugal

It consolidates as the New project of Jonathan Molinari (Darkpsy) a.k.a HIGH PULSE totally appears in a new facet with hi tech style, characterizing this new project by futuristic sounds, playing with the percussions and vowels who entered to your mind doing to wake up your senses to the top. Jonathan is now concentrated in ahead in his project High Pulse of such way making his you complete presentations like Darkpsy.

Boogieman (Fungi Records / Quest4Goa Records) Portugal

In 1995 André Sousa a.k.a Boogieman begins his life like a Musician in a rock band, collaborating with the guitar and percussions, and after some time starts to inclines to make its own music electronic. In 2002 collaborates with Daniel Carvalho a.k.a Urban and born the Samadhi project, after some live presentations decide to make something innovating. In this same year Boogieman starts with a new style full with dynamics sounds and great energy. Recently he unite to the oldest producer on Portugal “Quest4Goa” and comes to us to present his most recent material titled “IN VEREOR” under the Fungi Records seal, a new proposal for all publish Mexican.

International Special Guests

Cortex(Materia Records/Boundless music) Israel

Cortex AKA Assaf Weizmann from south of Israel has been toying with psychedelic music
since the age of 15 and releases under many different labels.
He has collaborated on various tracks along-side artists such as: Delysid /Twisted Reaction / Safi Connection / / Sidhartha / Tetrium / Toxical / Shake the Snake / Insane Logic / Sidhartha /and some others that are currently in progress like Kali / Speedball / Puzzle .

Assaf also works on the technical aspect of music and is the sound engineer in a post production studio in Israel.

Just like good music envelopes your soul and is the medium that helps us transcend to
higher intangible dimensions, Cortex is ready with powerful tracks, that delivers full on sounds that reverberate with fat baselines, enlivens with his melodies and with his stamp of clean production, Assaf is ready to be a significant part of Materia, which celebrates talents that are to be found in both well established international acts as well as potential and promising upcoming productions.

Music is a journey through moods, through memories, through time and this physical and
psychological catalyst puts life into our existence and is now the TIME FOR SALVATION.

Yet to wow the world with his catapulting prowess, Cortex is eagerly awaited to reaffirm our faith in the magic that comes from Materia…. For firsth time in mexico.

Kuuxum (Pleiadian Recs/Shaman Films Recs.) GDL.MX

The Devils Reject's (Biomechanix Recs./Anomalistic Recs./MoonSun Records) DF.MX

Shadai (Biomechanix Recs./Caffix Recs.) DF.MX

Hadouken (Biomechanix Recs./Invisions/Sound Blaster) DF.MX

Airwave (Biomechanix Recs.) DF.MX


Avizz (Sin Recs/Biomechanix Recs/Dark Prisma Recs./MoonSun Records) DF.MX

Nino (Compact Recs./Massive trance)GDL.MX

Diego (Pleiadian Recs.) ZAC.MX

Ursus (Aquatic Forces) ZAC.MX

Uakoff (Insane PPL/Biomechanix Recs.) ZAC .MX

Petter (Aquatic Forces) ACA.MX

Malik (Insane PPL/Tekmotion Recs.) DF. MX

Victor vs. Digital phyx (Insane PPL) PUE.MX

Blue chick* vs. Arvilu (Insane PPL/Biomechanix Recs./Invisions) DF.MX

More Guests

X-Trude (Metallic Recs./Hypnotic Sound) DF.MX
Carlos coeyi (Hypnotic Sound) DF.MX


CHAKRA CORONA and friends

It will be know one week before the party.

$120 pesos until august 1° to august 20 (only 100 tickets)
$150 pesos until august 20 to September 28 (only 200 tickets)
$200 same day of the party (on Tickets Spot)
Girls Free until 7pm to 10pm (with Flyer)


Acid ubre Insurgentes sur 367/B
Colonia Condesa.


Drink Bar
Food Bar
Friendly Security Staff (Remember, security are all of us)
Professional Audio
Clean Bathrooms
Camping zone (please respect the indicated zone)
Trash Cans (Keep your space and others clean)
Cd´s Stand (Originals)
Private and safe Parking zone

No drugs, no Arms, no fake Money, no violence, please respect the work of the other people and have healthy fun!!


          Avizz Biomechanix Records
Cortex - Tempo Shrine

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  213
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 20:58
wow very nice line up bro
happy to be there
see yaa
its the time for salvation
Digital Tribe
Digital Tribe

Started Topics :  40
Posts :  152
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 21:09
asssf Cortex bro i sooo heeepy for you

i am sure you Kikckckckc assss
all ppl with your bomb Music and New album out sooon

boooom bro jeje


IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
Posts :  514
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 21:34
Ouu yeahhh manoo its gonna be a crazy party

Looking foward to se menog back in mexico!!           If u are Something, Dont ask for nothing
If u are Nothing, Dont ask for something
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  16
Posts :  77
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 21:58
nice party , all the best for this party

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  316
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 22:23
nice line up, good luck to avizz and all involved 
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  37
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 22:23
Very nice.. good party..!!

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  239
Posted : Aug 6, 2007 23:57
All the best in this one Avizz!


High Pulse

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1187
Posted : Aug 7, 2007 00:23
glad to be there once again ,

wait for the news mexico ajajaja

Moonsun Records

Started Topics :  128
Posts :  1864
Posted : Aug 7, 2007 01:05
kiler to see so many friends there also kiler Avizz
dance the party bro
XaMã CirKus aKa. ay-ash

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  843
Posted : Aug 7, 2007 02:03

all best for org !!

BoOmM & Respect
          !!!Dance Until You FighT your Fears!!!

syntech bio

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  1
Posted : Aug 7, 2007 20:57
hey avizz this fest will be the best of this year, we rock all the minds of the people, and hope we play together jijiji
bio rules!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inactive User

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  682
Posted : Aug 7, 2007 22:23
party party party!!!!
buena onda avizz!
best wishes for u and ur org bro
take care

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  40
Posted : Aug 8, 2007 18:42
good luck avizz : ) u know .. always wishing the best 4 u and ur crew @(*;*)@
lots of hugzz

dance or die
-=dj fAkE=-

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  77
Posted : Aug 9, 2007 07:28
good luck avizz & diego, hope to play with the whole crew soon...
killa party my friend, keep it up!! 
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