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HSS005: VA-Tartara

Helicon Sound System

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Posted : Aug 6, 2008 23:59:31
"In the beginning Chaos came to be, then the wide-bosomed Earth, the ever-sure foundations of all the immortals who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus and then dim Tartarus in the depths of the wide-pathed Earth and Eros , fairest among the immortal gods, who unnerves the limbs and overcomes the mind and wise counsels of both gods and men. From Chaos came forth Erebus and the black Night and of Night Aether was born and so was Day both of whom she conceived and bare from union in love with Erebus. And Earth first bare the starry Heaven, equal to herself in size, to cover her every side and to be an ever-sure abiding-place for the blessed gods. And she brought forth great mountains, graceful haunts of the goddess-Nymphs."

Tracklist :

1.Kerosene Club-Gaia and the Legacy of Hoffman

2.Horror Place-Helicon

3.Karmazon-The Tartarus Chant

4.Khaos Sektor- Primordial Darkness

5.Narcosis- Nyx

6.DigitalX-The ultimate betrayal

7..Rawar-Cronus Rize

8.Kerberos- Tartara

9.Dark Elf VS Sator Arepo- Saganaki


Mastering by Cymazz @ Cymazz Studios,gr

Artwork by Nazart Hazard

Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HSS003 : VA-The forbidden path

HSS004: N.O.M.-The nature of the mind

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  50
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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 00:12
Lookin' forward to this one!!
such a great tracklist!

good luck to Kerosene Club, ZIK, Kerberos, Dark Elf, Stranger and all involed!

big boom Helicon Sound System!!


Started Topics :  26
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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 00:16
i am sure that this VA will be kick ass  
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 00:20
Thanks for the good words mario and Hagenith

Tartarus is one of the Primordial forces that were born from Chaos along with Gaia and Eros. Ancient shamen praised Tartarus as the link between nothing and light.

In Another dimension, Tartarus is the lowest pit of Hades, the ultimate place of punishment . He is surrounded by Copper walls and three layers of Erebus which are guarded by Ekatohires, The hundred-handed sons of Gaia and Uranus with the fifty heads...

In Helicon Dimension, Tartarus is the ultimate Dark party!


          Helicon Sounds Music

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 01:34
KILLER sound!... good luck to Costas and all of HSS krew on this one

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  22
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 01:34
hey hey!!
all the best for this release:P and many greetz to my friend on HSS from germany           e-mail:
Web Site:

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Posts :  94
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 01:34
super killa va all the best and kosta keep up
the good wises to this ultimate va with killa trucks and all the artists 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 01:36
Very nice v/a..killer line!
congratulations Friends!!!


Khaos Sektor
Khaos Sektor

Started Topics :  90
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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 01:37
killa news!! i m waitting for this VA its killa thks for the suport Costas big boom and good luck on the future do u have my full suport boom!!

Started Topics :  21
Posts :  675
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 02:12
yoo gr8 CD seems to be a good rl best wishes to my bro khaos and rawar, smash themmmm

Started Topics :  140
Posts :  1730
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 02:39
This looks a heavy duty release!
Lookin fwd to this one Costas.
Wishin HSS the very best!

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  14
Posts :  3784
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 02:53
Waiting to hear the Horror Place. Wish you all the very best Kostas
XaMã CirKus aKa. ay-ash

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  843
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 02:54

BoOmM and all best for label and friends!

          !!!Dance Until You FighT your Fears!!!

Allegoric - Psynce
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  61
Posts :  1453
Posted : Aug 7, 2008 05:30
this definitely will be a great one...

i'm sure dark elf vs sator arepo will be pure madness....

best wishes to all great artists and H.S.S            Truth will always guard our souls......
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  116
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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 05:56
dark elf n sator arepo shud be heard ....

Hss , good going !
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