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GMS - Emergency Broadcast System (Spun Records)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 29, 2006 08:00
I own the latest GMS album for long time now but only today i listened to it while playing Pro Evolution Soccer on Playstation 2 and checking some new tactics against the computer which proved to be a better opponent than my younger brother and his stupid friends that think that can beat me by choosing a 4 forwards tactic and leaving their midfield area quite empty,those damn kids shall never learn no matter how many goals i score against them...

Spun Records introduces us to the album of their major artists,a really anticipated release since the last GMS album was released something like 3 years ago on Spirit Zone Records and i was very very suprised to find out that noone did bother to post a review about this album on the forum,i mean GMS is one of the most talked bands out there and i thought that while browsing the forum i would find a review with 4 pages of posts and a thousand views but instead of that i found absolutely nothing!Really strange indeed.So lets see what we have here...


01.GMS And Wrecked Machines-Rounders
02.GMS And Wrecked Machines Featuring Sebastian Claro-Dance Of The Warthog
04.GMS-Baty Boy
05.GMS-No Way
06.GMS Featuring Deedrah,Joti Sidhu And Sebastian Claro-Psychedelic Adventure
07.GMS And Michele Adamson-I Can Feel Da Music
08.GMS And Sebastian Claro-The Ring
10.GMS-Juice (Live Version)


01)The album starts with a collaboration between the GMS guys and the brazilian producer Wrecked Machines.Rounders is a much talked track and i remember seeing the name on many top tens and discussions in various forums on the internet.For me this is a nice dancefloor track with some catchy fast melodies in the backround and good production quality but nothing really impressive or innovative here.Could be a good highlight in a various artists compilation but gets lost for sure in the GMS album where most tracks sound more or less the same.Still its a good effort that works preety well on the dancefloor.

02)Second track we got the same line up plus Sebastian Claro who if i remember correctly is a former member of GMS.Again what we have here is another dancefloor tune with good and clear sound but with a great feeling of emptyness left to the listener after the tune is over.I mean ok the kick and baseline combination is good but everything else is overused,same sounds,effects,tricks with vocals and stuff.Just another average GMS tune with no story inside the track,nothing more nothing less.

03)Third tune produced by Riktam alone.Take the typical GMS sound,put a cheesy and childish vocal in it and you got Higher.This is a below average track that made me laugh when i listened to that higher vocal,i mean ok you wanted to use that vocal Riktam,why the heck did you have to do it three times during the track?I mean its not something good and the lyrics are not sophisticated at all so WHY OH WHY did you use it?Obvious lack of time spend on this tune and imagination used,i mean even the way the vocal is used the first time in the tune is exactly the same as the vocal rounders is used on the first tune of this album.Skip this one fast.

04)Next we got Bansi alone with Baty Boy.The sound is little different on this one and at least we got something like a concept since the sounds in it sound like a bat scream or like a horror movie theme but still nothing interesting here,i mean i cant imagine how could someone dance under this tune without being the joke of the party while trying to follow the melodies and the rythm of this track.Sorry but i will also skip this one really fast.

05)Ok here we have Riktam alone again and while i was prepared to send these guys an email and ask them to please stop making tunes alone since the result is really bad at least comparing to the tunes they make together i was really suprised by the atmospheric intro of this tune and closed my Outlook Express and focused on the track.The first three minutes of this track are really good and groovy and the pads on the backround remind me of some older music from 4-5 years ago when there was emotion into the music and then producers knew why they spend all this time in front of their computer and hardware.The melody that comes after the third minute is indeed cheesy but ok suits quite well with the rest of the track and is quite catchy and danceable on the dancefloor.Then some nice atmospheres again and then (unfortunately) the same melody.I also liked the last melodic part of the track.This is a very nice track indeed and if someone could reduce the usage of that cheesy melody and replace it with something else then this could be a great favorite.So far it is for sure the best tune on the album and if i was a dj i would for sure include it somewhere in my set.Nice one Riktam try to focus more on this Zorba mixing GMS style,i think that people will like it a lot.

06)Psychedelic Adventure is a track that i had listened couple times before since both Joti and Dado that are involved in it are usual guests of mine in Athens where i book them for various parties and they both introduced me to it before it was released and when it didnt even have a name i think,actually i got the feeling that this track has more than one editions,anyway forget about this useless info hehe.This is a very nice track and what i like the most is that it evolves a lot and features sounds and styles of all the artists involved in it,i mean you can listen to the typical Joti sounds somewhere after the fifth minute,the well known Deedrah melodies and backround work and ofcourse the GMS combination of kick and bass.Really nice one,you guys should work more often together if possible.

07)Next we have Riktam and Bansi working with lovely Michele Adamson.I love the introduction and the saxophone sounds,thats damn original and funky guys you should do that more often.The tune flows really nicely and is a pleasant listening experience,many ideas in it and the vocals are not overused at all,actually they are used in the best way possible.Great track and shows the real potential of the GMS guys.Highly suggested track.

08)The Ring starts good with a nice intro and a great tempo and kick and bass compination but thats just all about it.After the first couple of minutes the track becomes highly repetitive for my standards and in the end i felt that this tune had so much more potential to be fullfilled.Surely a wasted opportunity for a really good track,seems that the guys were in a rush to finish this one,such a pitty.

09)Fingers is the most common GMS tune you can find on the market.Fast tempo,cheesy and catchy melodies,usual GMS effects and dancefloor hit feeling.This track has its ups and downs but after the fifth minute it became really twisted and fast for me so in the end i decided thats its just an average GMS tune.Maybe i am too old for this kind of music.

10)Ok this is where i get irritated.Ok guys you got the Juice idea 4 years ago,the track was really nice and a massive hit all around the globe BUT WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE TO REMIX IT ONE MILLION TIMES AND RELEASE IT ANOTHER BILLION?You got it on the No Rules album,then you got it on The Remixes album,you got it in your new album now,you got it on the Spun DVD,you got it on Hollywood and i dont know how many other versions have i heared of this tune and whether i miss any other releases of it.Dont you think its about time you stop spending your time with this tune?No matter how good remix this might be people who keep up with what is being released on the market are absofuckinglutely fed up with this tune and with any other tune that gets exploited to the maximum.Show respect to yourselves,to your music and to your audience,its actions like this one (remixing and releasing an old hit for i dont know how many times) that gives food to various people to bash you and make ironic comments about you.Bansi stop playing with that Playstation,go to your Mac,choose My Computer,double click GMS_Track_Files,find Juice_Files,press the right button of your mouse,choose delete,then go to Recycle Bin and press the Empty option.Nice one mate now go back and kick Shanti's ass on PES 5.

Ok overall this is an average album,there are couple of very nice tunes in it like Psychedelic Adventure and I Can Feel Da Music,couple of good tunes like Rounders and No Way but there are also some really uninspired and i dare to say even bad tracks (i mean we deal with GMS here not just another newcomer Israeli artist) like Baty Boy and Higher and a big letdown (not because it was bad but because it could be lot better) like The Ring.

I really feel that GMS didnt give their album the proper attention and didnt spend the time needed in order to deliver us something fresh and innovative,yes the production quality is of high standards but that alone doesnt make an album good.I really think that Bansi and Riktam must change their attitude towards their music and stop releasing music just for releasing something and please the younger generation of listeners and keep getting more bookings on big festivals and events all around the world,after all these years in the scene i feel that they got the knowledge,the skills and the equipment to move to a higher level of music production and give something new to the people instead of the overused festival and party tracks formula.The missing key words here are HARD WORK and PATIENCE.

My favorites are 1,5,6(!),7(!).

Overall Rating 7/10

P.S For Gods sake get some proper artwork guys,if you run out of cash just let me know and i send you some with Western Union,just remember me on the thanks credits.          Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!

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Posted : Apr 29, 2006 14:53
Nice review Detox, it explains perfectly why no one here had bothered to waste their time writing such a review. Don't know what has happened to GMS but this album is very un-original, using the same GMS formula as all their other releases only not so effectively. Disappointing album overall i wouldn't rate it as well as you did though. 
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Apr 29, 2006 23:00
Good review DETOX, though I think you was too generous in giving it a 7/10 score.

The album is well produced, there was a time when "Hom-Mega et al" set a high production level and it impressed a lot of people, but this is not enough anymore, we need psychedelic elements and at least a drop of innovation to spice it up. So IMO this is the worse album from GMS, there are better albums to buy out there...

...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...

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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 01:25

On 2006-04-29 23:00, full_on wrote:
IMO this is the worse album from GMS, there are better albums to buy out there...

IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  285
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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 05:05
Actually i gave this album a 7/10 instead of 6/10 because the production sounds really good and clear to my ears and this for me is a major issue in our days.

Ofcourse as already stated good production is not enough on its own anymore.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 07:43
I didn't like it, but at least it's better than IM's previous effort.


Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 14:26
The only track I like from this album is Rounders. In whole this release is too cheesy and is not really psychedelic IMO. The only one thing that stays in my head after listening this album is simple melodies.

I'd give this album 6/10.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 23:06
great review for a really cheesy album... same formula, same tracks...

No Way and Psychedelic Adventures are the only tracks that are above average... actually, i think that they are on this leve only in comparison with the other tracks on this album... If we get some fresh tracks from other artists, i think they wouldn't even be on average!
Anyway, i lost my hope on GMS. They sure hv the potential, but they don't want to!

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : May 1, 2006 16:01
Lol funny review... "bsofuckinglutely "

I like the first track, usual gms hit, the second track is also nice but i have this feeling of empty you said in the end too. Now the track with michele could be my favourite cause i really agree with you about the vocals but i just think the saxo destroyed the track,
i dont think this kind of sound fits with psychedelic things...

Sadly this album has some tracks that seems more like a joke indeed and thats why i think nobody felt like reviewing it.

maybe you could ask GMS to make a decent track for your next compilation like you did with Alien project on Solar system which i think is one of the best Alien project tracks, its not innovative at all but its really powerfull in the way Alien project used to be 3 years ago.

Or maybe you could do like you did with Astrix on oranda, and release this already released bomb : GMS - Digital oracle, Which is imo one of the best gms tracks. I really wish a label could release this track with a good mastering cause this track is really good imo but in the way Digital oracle released its just unplayable and sadly you could barely listen to it at home or car as well. Really bad mastering or whatever happened its really noisy and definetly not as clean as the others gms tracks. I feel really bad for this track which is great and somehow has been destroyed just as the whole compilation. really shame for digital oracle.


Started Topics :  7
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Posted : May 2, 2006 20:42
I cant belive they r still realising rounder!!!!!!!!!!

And they did it again!!!!!!

I think not only GMS lost his originality but SPUN too.


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Posted : May 3, 2006 02:59
It seems nobody likes full on here anymore, this album is in the line of Cosma late one, simple, minimal and well produced. Thanks for this one GMS, the reaction I see in local psy listeners is very positive, everyone carries this one. I can't believe how people bash artists work on this forum, these days.
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  285
Posts :  6194
Posted : May 3, 2006 06:10
This album reminds you of Cosma last album???????

Damn seems like i must listen both albums again LOL

By the way i dont see anyone bashing GMS here,just critising them and with preety good points if you ask me.          Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 3, 2006 12:41
frankly..good review detox...

hit it bang on target cant argue about anything said....

and rounders may sound a lil cheesy but sure does wonders on the floor....

i dont remember who was playing around new years at nine bar on one of the nights..the crowd wasnt at its peak (energy wise) and the dj played rounders probably coz he sensed the crowds vibe and i kid u not....everyone seemed to get all their energy back....tired of listenin to that one tho....

@ Sensay

well the link that u provided was for wreck chords and the rounders that is shown over there is a part of a set...which imho not mixed really well(the entire set) but thats another album lets talk about that a lil later..


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Posted : May 5, 2006 01:25

@ Sensay

well the link that u provided was for wreck chords and the rounders that is shown over there is a part of a set...which imho not mixed really well(the entire set) but thats another album lets talk about that a lil later..


A Track should yust be released 1 TIME!!!!

Cheack this out.

First Track of the CD.

The Same here.

In here is the track #4

And Juice..... Same

All that am saying is they could maybe change a bit there tracks. Sound quality is good indeed but there is something missing.


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Posted : May 5, 2006 03:21

On 2006-04-30 07:43, dtmoney wrote:
I didn't like it, but at least it's better than IM's previous effort.

At least IM dare to be different.
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