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for everyone who believes in trance music

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Posted : Aug 8, 2001 01:26:06
i am affraid that the trance scene is dying.
i can't find any place where there's trance music, but only in beach parties and other shit.
i want the trance to be like it was back in
1995-96, wide spread.
few days ago i was in the "scene" dance bar, and i spoke to the owner and he didn't know who
har-el is, and he also didn't know that guy sebbag was the main dj in this place a year ago.
i talked with many people in this place and they don't have a claw what trance is.
therefor, i would all of us to join, and have more parties not just in discos and clubs but in other places , but many more.

the party shivas was talking about, i bet it was great but i couldn't be there, so please send him many notes and let's have another parties for the people of this forum and for other guys too.
moreover, i would like to hear what do you all think if , let's say, a areally good trance dj would have a set in the "scene" dance bar?
because i asked the guy if i can bring a dj and he said yes. in that way we can make our first step in the war for bringing back the trance music to life.

what about the chat in this site? it dosen't work. please do something.

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Posted : Aug 10, 2001 07:03:07
Havent u heard Its alive? And ITS STILL ALIVE?


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Posted : Aug 10, 2001 16:16:59
i don`t know. i personaly can`t see myself going clubbing . and besides nature is so much better......trance in a closed small space with cement floor?
i`ll need to bring heavy machinary with me every time i feel like digging.
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Posted : Aug 10, 2001 16:37:56
but u got to admit, dr, coming to a party with a bobcat and actually digging could be kindda nice once in a while...

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Posted : Aug 10, 2001 18:00:49
I can understand the thought behind the posting but..
It trance will always be changing.. deveoping.. expanding..
Maybe the act you desire is away from your shore..
but the vibe in general is building and I can quote trance influence in mainstream music (like the next guy)..

Good parties are on the increase around my way, in general the scene is improving(mainly)/

degrading(mainstream)MMMMadonna can bite me (trance mix my ass)..
music makes the people buy records.. give me.. your money.. cynical I'm not.. on your dollars.. buy more.. Music..

enuff :)

I perceive the latest developments as technological evolution..  i"ll trade dinosaur tears for 80's electronica - serious offers pleeze
better yet..
come around and stare at the walls )no time masters please)

..and although it may not rear a face you recognise as a trance acts peerform to a real audience it is shaking many people hands (and ass :).. (expose the frauds)

overall my point is label it - you buy it...
Be a part of it and there is an opportunity to be at the steering wheel and not the passenger seat..

be well
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Posted : Feb 4, 2002 22:30:21
Liran, I agree with u that in some ways the trance scene is dying, but your looking in the wrong places too!  I used to like clubs but then when i actually went to some underground trance parties i never wanted to go to a club after that.  But damn there are lots of good trance parties up north you just gotta talk to the right people, i don't think trance is ever gonna survive in the clubs, its' pretty much dead there already but there's tons of festivals like the shantipi festival but the private underground parties are really good in israel just searching for them is a pain in the ass but once you drive around looking for a few hours and then get there, its fucking amazing, too bad it's not the same in america, nothing can really compare here
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 09:46:54
DAMN you think the trace scene is dying. I DONT THINK SO. Check out japan. its trance all over. Its on tv, the radio, all clubs, and all over the street. Damn! its so commercial out here!! it sucks. I wish it were like how it is in your place LIRAN. no more trance at clubs. just underground parties that only music lovers like to go to. The scene is getting bad out here. THeres bad vibes going on. THe japanese mafia tries to make money off trance and if something goes wrong they destroy the party. gosh i wish this scene would go underground again.
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 10:05:44
The trance scene is not dying. The trance scene is just small enough not to care about what the rest of the world thinks about trance, and big enough to have more partygoers than ever.

We don't need clubs.
We don't need publicity.
We don't want everyone to know about are party places.
We want our music, our parties and our people.

Does that make us dead?
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 10:08:39
Trance is alive and kicking , theres a new record label everyday, which means more music, more people buying cd's (fingers crossed ) which ultimately leads to more parties 8)
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 13:12:25
i personally think that the trance scene is not dead at all (though the music is going in a wrong direction for my taste). i really wouldn't like the trance scene to move to clubs, i think that'll transform it to a club-trance scene wouldn't it?
trance was and always will be the nature music, clubs are for clubbers, nature is for trancers.
and another thing, like hikari and asaf said, i really like it that we're not so big here, actually i'm kind of worried that the scene is getting bigger here and people start noticing it more (mainly the police, i.r.s and other problematic agencies), i personally HATE seeing people who are not true lovers of trance going to a trance party, club or nature, and do it just because it's the new "IN" thing to do.
all in all, we were much better off when the scene was a bit smaller and not every little boy/girl wanted to be in a trance party to act cool. (the whole india fashion here also quite disgusts me, i hate seeing young arsim going with malas from india, like they were there and bought it there, ruins the whole meaning of it for me).
well, had to take this off my chest :)
BOM to the trance scene!
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 13:30:25
nothing is dying, it changes
u also can say that after TV discovery, radio would die or theaters?
things stay the same, technology changes and generations.
About trance i can say it's generation num.2 now
that's all
back to 95-96? HA! back to 89 then!
keep the vibes!

Old Forum Member
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 13:38:34
i agree with ShivaS and asaf...
nothing is dying !
its all in your HEAD !
next thing you will tell me there is a GOD !
HA !
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 13:58:24
i dissagree, i think trance is getting tooooooo big.
too many people go to praties & so there r some arsim & shit to ruin the good nature enviorment & the beautifull people's mood.
having a party at a club not only will not take a lot of money from us but will atrract the club's perminent audience & bring darkness over our city.

don't commorcialize!
dont let them basterds from the record companies tell us what to compose!!!!
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 14:04:40
my view on this subject is:

trance scene is not die.

trance "scene" is main dance scene in Israel.

trance "scene" is MAINSTREAM right now.

i cant understand how u dont find partys, realy... every place everytime !!!
in fact everyweek Tons of partys...
thousand of yanger ppl dance to Trance sound and eat their drugs..

we dont need clubs ?? i need club sometime.. but free atmosphere one.. i guess u know what a one im talking about ;)

so, Liran, open your eyes, make circle at Shenkin, bring 10 flyers and ... GO..

if u ask me what i FEEL about this scene now, so - AMBVIVALENT feeling... in global no doubt it lost naive and great feeling but God, thank u and some europen dudes for change music in last three years..

about scene and trance there - man, its not the place... bar and trance isnt friends imo...

and Guy Sabbeg wasnt resident of scene, he just played at couple of partys..

and dude, u cant ask for REGRESSION !! Goa trance pretty die but u can find great new things with this OLD feeling..

so, bottom line - trance scene mainstream scene in israel (its not secret). all the games about "we are special, we are underground" BULL SHIT..
everybody know what is trance about, incude me mother... ;)

Old Forum Member
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Posted : Feb 5, 2002 14:14:08
and some more -

clubs is the place where from come all this amazing scando sound, so please, dont forget it..
just israely crowd dont have elementary club culture..
also some/most of british trance scene work on club music these days..
me prefer german style music and i pretty sure and know (and was) that they play ALOT in clubs..

also alot club psy trance partys in tel aviv. evryweek... imo psy trance is not so fit to clubs.. the kick of it sounds realy BAD in indoor...

about 95-96 - i also want give a jump there to enjoy one of the nitzanim full moons ;)

but 97-98 i never want go back...

and One Of Those Days is... NOW !!!

so, enjoy and smile ;)
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