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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Faxi Nadu & Friends - Second In Command (Remixes) [Faxi Island Records]

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Faxi Nadu & Friends - Second In Command (Remixes) [Faxi Island Records]


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Posted : Feb 12, 2007 20:48
No doubt, a really worth having release for those who appreciate night oriented music and straight non-cheesy lines. Thumbs UP! And watch out for upcoming released of Faxi Nadu and featured artists... I will!

Tracklist review:

1) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Faxi's Original SciFi Dreams Mix)

This is in my opinion the most psychedelic one, it starts with a lot of atmospheres, some vocal samples worked in an
atmospheric way, and also atmospheric leads, creating then a spacial mood, giving place to a detuned synth around 4 min and some other vocal samples, leading to a small break and coming back again with synthetic lines, without losing the
atmospherical touch, when around 6 min enters a melancholic hightuned pad, which reminds me Penta a bit, bringing back the delayed vocal parts while the spacey synths keep making the track go on with the psychedelic trip. All in all, this track's groove reminds me sometimes a bit of those serious morning fullon projects like AMD, Orion, Etnica, Polaris and Laughin Buddha. In the end, a cartoon-like song with lyrics that seem to be a late-60's tribute song to New York Jets football team quarterback Joe Namath, something like "he's a hero, he's a pro, he's a mr. something else, our Broadway Joe, he's a groovy, super guy, he can pass a football through a needle's eye!"

2) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Izba Tripovalnya's Spugadelic Fog Remix)

This remix is probably the most experimental one in the whole cd, this russian guy really got to create a foggy mood with a pumping one-note bassline (k-b-k-b) which goes this way for all the track long, and also with reverbed pads, low pitched vocals and atmospheres who give a feeling of cloudy foggy rainny day mood, not much my cup of tea but it's a nice tool for open air parties around 5 am. Maybe the timbres are a bit amateur in my opinion, or maybe just oldschool, maybe other kinds of sounds and presets would fit better.

3) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Fright Rate's Cargo Hold Remix)

Fright Rate's remix comes to introduce you to a darker side, with a style that many would call "dark psytrance", and would perfectly fit the night-time moments. The noizy monophonic leads and straight bassline combined well structured vocal pieces which are repeated constantly and might be the trademark of all remixes, create a hard and strong groove with a touch of psychedelia, reminds me Paranoize or a Silent Horror a bit. Nice tune for a hard dark psytrance set, without losing the psychedelic feeling.

4) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Overhuman Project's Spooky Rabbits Remix)

This colombian guy just made a very good job here, this remix has a very similar groove to the last one, with some more spooky lines and a better drum treatment, such as nice snare drums which provide a funky groove while the detuned synthlines prepare you for a progressive well-built break where filtered vocals and leads together with snare rides increase until a reverbed vocal brings the explosion back again. One of the best remixes on this compilation, this guy knows what he wants to do, for sure! Watch him out for future releases. This track is suitable for the night or early day times, depending on the rabbits' spookability level, of course.

5) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Overdosed's Twisted Mayhem Remix)

Also another night-time directed remix, from this Portuguese young guy Rui dias, showing a very skilled production around this tune, with some glitchy-tricks passings, lots of phase and flangering fxs, dynamic synthlines with lots of automations and many noises and atmospheres, while the bassline changes its rhythm from time to time. It's very easy to notice the use of some trick fx vsts like livecut or glitch at some moments, without being boring or overused, as in some darkpsytrance tunes. Nice one!

6) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (LSDan's Hardcore Vibes Remix)

This track is a great tool for dark psy djs, maybe the darkest one inside this release, and as it's said inside the cd info, his productions are very techno influenced, just like in this one, with very nice open hat sequences and kick rides, flowing into a pinch of forest darkpsytrance style. Nonstop synthlines and straight fat bassline make this one a true dark sight of the original version. It would be also very interesting if the triplet bass groove that appears on on 4:46 got to be explored for a bit longer.

7) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Elmooht's Valium Remix)

Well, as I may have told in the previous tracks' reviews, the ambientations and atmospheres are a trademark on this remixes, but this guy took it really literally!! What we have here are simply 2:34 minutes of pure and only atmospheres, air fxs, everberations and more atmos, combined to make a real abstract feeling, giving place to a bass lead making the original melody, in the end, and finally finishing the trip in a pitch downshifting and bpm decay. Well, what else to say? Breathtaking!

8) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Chemical Reaction's Kill Your Enemies Remix)

Almost reaching the finals, a twisted fullon version, with a similar groove to the faxi's original mix, but with Chemical Reaction's personal touch, bringing some more spaced basslines in the middle and also keeping the main lines. Groovy and psychedelic, making ups and downs between night and day moods. Danceable, without the need of going into cheesy lines. Nice tool for either morning or twilight times.

9) Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Megaheadphoneboy's Lullaby Remix)

At last, a cool and calm sequence of chilling downtempo beats, making the last remix an ambient trip among triplet sequenced drums and bass, some acid leads and deep pads, giving you the final breath after a long dark, hard, spine shivering tour inside spooky and psychedelic twisted

This and other Faxi Nadu's releases can be found and bought online at:


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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 04:16
Wow, i was trully blown away* by these tracks. What's really interesting is that most of them have a "dark" touch but ought to be very dancefloor friendly. So they should please both darkpsy and straight-up full on fans.

My personal highlights go to tracks 4,6 and 8.

Take the time to hear'em, u shouldn't regret it. ;D

*by this i mean i was really impressed 'cause i had never heard of any of these guys before other than faxi nadu.

And Morus, great review m8.


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Posted : Feb 15, 2007 16:15
Thanks for your kind words. They have inspired me
Overhuman Project

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Posted : Feb 16, 2007 20:28
HEY thx so much for that total complete review Morus.
Nice to see brasilian ppl near my concpet special thanks also to your words on my track.

Was a turbo blasting recon and fun doing this job for faxi.


Overhuman Project           30th of August first delivery money back.

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Posted : Feb 19, 2007 05:08
Really great album
I know overhuman's work and it's really great...great remix juan...
I had the oportunity to listen the Radio WebShow and it was really amazing, its an album whit a lot of energy, that invites you to get up and dance.
I was surprised because of the really short time that Faxi took to release this digital release.
Amazing Work Guys

I also recomend:
Another great Digital release...Check it out
Fright Rate

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Posted : Feb 19, 2007 11:00
thanks morus for the great review. words like this inspires me and im sure the other artists to write more tunes for people like u. bom!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 20, 2007 18:06           -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
Witchery Whistle

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Posted : Feb 23, 2007 15:14
wow, cool mate really
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2007 12:47
strong music faxi !!! soon at psy freaks radio show 106 FM ~!!!!!           Psy FReAks radio show at kol netanya is opening it 4 season !!! get ready for a blasting season new Icast at :
every thursday night at 24:00-02:00...

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Posted : Feb 25, 2007 12:55 doubt in this remixes...i cant comment any track i still dont have listened the tracks...but from the review i see its great  

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Posted : Feb 25, 2007 14:03
Best of luck to you Faxi with your project
Keep The Underground Psy

ComPill apoxina on Tha ROAD ......
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs

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Posted : Feb 25, 2007 14:18
Best of luck bro.
D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Mar 19, 2007 01:40
Nice review Morus!

Best wishes Faxi.

Bom boom           D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : May 20, 2007 16:48
really great project
very impressive work was done by faxi and all the other artists!

the original track is very intense, danceable and psychedelic, to the face!
and I like the end with the song about that broadway joe dude hehee
the second track by Izba Tripovalnya is floating and blurry imo, I felt stroked by the sound...
third track by Fright Rate is darkish and intense, like a darky freakish circus!
the 4th track by Overhuman Project is one of my favs, great groovy sound! a bit similar to the original track.
next is Overdosed remix - funky, glitchy, bubbly!
LSDan's remix is darkish, kickin and rolling, also I agree with Morus about the bass groove that appears on 4:46 - could be more developed or longer...
Elmooht's remix is trippy, scary, with urban vibes. elmooht's music always makes me feel like its the end of the world and I woke up and found myself in some abandoned factory!
Chemical Reaction's remix is a really strong one, twisted and kicking.
the last remix, by Megaheadphoneboy, has great atmosphere, soft, mellow and dreamy.

I really enjoyed this release, lots of luck to you faxi and all the artists.

much <3
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 20, 2007 19:50
nice review Morus and thanks Faxi for making this happen eheh
stay cool 
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