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EvsY - Lords of the Liverdance (Faerie Dragon)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 3, 2006 00:21
Artist: Eraser Vs Yöjalka
Album: Lords of the Liverdance
Label: Faerie Dragon
Web: &

01. Nice To Mute You [140]
02. Nuts For Nothing [132]
03. Brain To Feet [138]
04. Hell Sin Key Thcruise [143]
05. High On Heels [147]
06. Faster.Liver.Dancer [148]
07. Nolerco (EvsY Remix) [150]
08. Kaliman Kakarat [144]
09. Home Deep Home [136]
10. Sky Breaks [137]

Forgive me father for I have sinned. Looking back at my CD boxes and cases I seem to have skipped the fact Eraser & Yöjalka have two previous albums under their belt on Exogenic, which I just never got around hearing. Admittedly closing myself to the Finnish invasion up until this point in retrospect was probably not wise. It has been nearly three years of experimentation since Tarinat, time which has been well spent by the liver-dancers to invoke something rounded genre-wise, forward thinking (if I only got a penny every time I hear that one), and violently funky as it could be expected. What we have in Lords of the Liverdance is a culmination of nearly 6 years of music in the making. Mashing every influence that falls on the table including classical training and metal. At the end, the least we can hope is that it sounds like neither one of those.

( 1 ) Nice To Mute You sets the mood with restrained snares a break beat of sorts, claps and a dose of deep bass that resembles a dubby strike more than electronic music. The lines unfold (was that a cowbell?), the fat lady is sampled and we keep moving forward, I have been infected.*

( 2 ) Nuts For Nothing continues in the same speed with old school kicks that quickly enough get down to business entwined by a complex rhythm. What is even more surprising is the vivacity, the drumming solos, there’s someone alive in that beat. The psychedelic aspects of the production focus on a deluge of sounds by the higher ranges, reminding a lot of what the guitar players used to do with the amp and the guitar –or the or perhaps it was the mic- creating all those strange bird noises. Check a deep purple concert if you have no clue what I’m talking about. This is another level altogether from that technique obviously, it sounds more like sonata of spaceship exhaust pipes with retro synth action.*

( 3 ) Brain to Feet incorporates a lot more guitars in the equation as the notes get digitized, tied by this constant wishy-washy liquid flutter in the mid ranges. It is also that point of the night when things go down the… right rabbit whole and the level of psychedelia more than being appropriate, is overwhelmingly so.*

( 4 ) Hell Sin Key THCruise is another well polished mish-mash of influences that bring back images of the first Star Wars movies, with the guy disguised in the bizarre rubber costume playing a clarinet -or some flute- with alien lounge music for the far eastern side of some unpronounceable planet. The track is short, but it manages to incorporate a number of passages that sit somewhere in between lounge and some neo-jazz band of the eighties, making futurist homage music for times that will never exist.

( 5 ) High on Heels appropriately starts with footsteps dissolving in meddled, grating synth’s and guitar slices hinting the Dead Elvis days of Death in Vegas – at least in my mind. Specifically tracks like “Rekkit” or “Rocco” might not sound alike, but they still convey that contemplative experimentation of drowned synth movements and guitars sitting somewhere in the edge of trance but not really.*

( 6 ) Faster. Liver. Dancer. Does not depart too far from the previous chapter arrangement-wise with the same spugedelic flair, unfolding in strange creaking, fuzzy sounds pitching in nearly senseless manner to the theme. It’s all carefully enveloped in its own grated way in a constant assault of melodics.

( 7 ) I’m not entirely sure if Nolerco – EsvY Rmx is a remix by another artist who I don’t know, or simply another version of a previous track but the juice is good here. Energetic modulation power, like in the good old days and just when you think the roof is going to blow, they switch gears and it’s back to break mode with electro dashes. I really like the first part conveying all that intensity of the Goa, but the energy fizzes to near anthemic camp by the end with high pitchers (for my taste). Good stuff either way.*

( 8 ) Kaliman Kakarat uses a lot more ethno-vocals with an eastern vibe and tribal breaks, to mix in the psychedelic bowl something deeply original and moving. Well rounded DSP effects applied to delayed voices with constant pace changes and not a minute of bore, great stuff.*

( 9 ) Home Deep Home is an uplifting affair charged with flanged up leads and arpeggios galore, climaxing in a metalloid anthem of Nintendo days with modern day sound and tight, multi-layered melodies in perfect sequencing.

( 10 ) Sky Breaks culminates the ride with a rendition of orchestral proportions on top of breaks as it could be suspected. Finally something to play with “Bus L’overture” on a trance set closing this saga with original ideas and great execution.*

Diversity, diversity, diversity! It needs to be typed three times because that’s how hard Eraser & Yöjalka tried to bring a collection of tunes seeking completely different tangents on every attempt, backed by a wealth of experience to reach this level. I’m not in love with every single experiment for personal reasons, but the quality is more than what I could have possibly expected. If you are one of those picky listeners that can’t stand predictable full on, incoherent ‘dark’ music or mainstream progressive, there might be something for you here. Suomi, spugedelic, free form, call it what you want. In respect to experimental, original –and dare I say influential- psychedelic music Lords of the Liverdance is a rare gem. But hey, don’t take my word for it that is just my opinion. Go listen to some samples instead who knows what might come out from it.

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 3, 2006 13:20
E vs Y are probably one of the first Suomi acts I liked a lot - I was a bit skeptical at first (Psychedelic Zion party when they played live some years back) and wan't overwhelmed - but they grew on me very fast. Incredibly talented and definately doing their own thing, this duo is probably one of my favorite acts that started working after 2000.

This album is great - these guys just make funky and powerful breakbeats and throw everything they can in the music to make it weirder, cooler, and generally more of an adrenaline rush. Finally these guys are finding the right mix between groove and energy and they're just going crazy on it. Delicious.

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Posted : Jul 3, 2006 22:25
Yeah this is one of the best in finland

and this new is so going and move better and better I love eraser vs. yöjalka

Awsome album ANd its work in the dancefloor ))so hot hot
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 4, 2006 16:14
very good album : music wise, the arragement, sounds everything is in the wright place ...

Massive respect for changing their style every album and for trying out different things ....

unfotunately it's not really my style (dj wise) ...

so once again a high quality release from evsy ... don't expect someting like tärinat or round one...

if you are into feel good groovy sometimes melodic music look no futher !!

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Jul 4, 2006 19:09
Thanks Rah for your review, always interesting to see how the emotions and other things you get from our tunes can be described in words... And an analytic track by track -review, that`s the way! Even though I´m expecting every single tracks`review to be like 1 page long with incredible adjective fire works heeheehhheee!

Kaz, Mia, Gaetan and all the other listeners buyers dancers killers & players, let your livers be blessed, from the bottom of my bottle. Erhm, liver that is.-
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2006 04:24
Dropped some of this last weekend at PsychedelicaTesticle. Went off properly.
Seriously great stuff.

I enjoyed Round 1 a lot, but their second album didn't do it for me as much. Was slightly worried about this one. Glad they proved me wrong. Very kickass.
sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 19, 2006 10:33
O.K, I said I would do this so here it is - a full review of Eraser vs Yojalka's "Lord of the Liverdance".

1. "Nice To Meet You"

Starts off with some nice pads & a clean break. The percussion is ultra-crisp & the best thing about this track is I am constantly thinking it's about to kick in, which it never does! All in all a nice intro to the album - it sets the scene for the CD nicely, which seems to be a wash of tight & funky psychedelia

2. "Nuts For Nothing"

Pretty mellow track this one. Takes a coupla minutes or so to really settle in. Plenty of funk in the basslines, with some zappy noises over the top & some nice percussion, but the best is still to come on this CD.. this one seems like it's just stepping the tempo up a notch & twisting things into a trance format

3. "Brain To Feet"

Now we're into the trance basslines. Spacious feel with some epic guitar sounds. Tight percussive groove that sorta sits in the background. Heaps of acidic little high end noises. Still just sits *back there* though - never really gets carried away. Nice sounds but I'm still waiting for the crankin shit

4. "Hell Sin Key THCruise"

Let the spastic beat begin. Funky bassline? Check. Groovy guitar licks? Check. Great little synth line about halfway through that sounds like somebody singing jazz or something. Some nice changes in bassline too. Piano line towards the end takes things more completely into jazz territory. Then another change. Excellent track. Damn funky. Lotsa ideas here stitched together really successfully. Helsinki THC Cruise indeed

5. "High On Heels"

After a good minute & a half intro, this finally drops into your traditional Eraser vs Yojalka style bassline, overlaid with some more crisp percussion, which I really feel has taken a step up on this album, mainly with the sounds, but also, to some extent, with the sequencing. It's just got more funk than before. Halfway through & we've got our first *real* melody line for the album. Wicked change near the end grabs my attention. It steps up & down a few times before the end

6. "Faster. Liver. Dancer."

Firstly.. <giggles at track title> Secondly, w0oT!!! This is the start of the Funland Goa revival that *is* the 2nd half of this disc!! Classic Goa synths & rolling basslines (not monotonic mind you) make this the perfect music for any acid-fueled dance party on the beach

7. "Nolerco (E vs Y rmx)"

Alright, I kinda feel that I should say at this point that if you like Goa, just buy the fucking CD alright? No real need to read the rest of my review. O.K. thanks. Now, the track. Um.. it's kinda like Goa, but with better production & funkier, with cooler melodies. Oh & better basslines. Oh & slightly better composed (more changes etc). The breakdown halfway through is one of those teary-eyed moments waiting to happen, or more realistically, happening all around the world wherever anyone plays this track. Oh to be in Finland. The track explodes after it. I find the key changes three quarters of the way through to be a little over the top, but I'll let it slide on the basis that I'm sure it would make people go spastic at the right time at the right party. It calms down a bit after that anyway, which is nice... the track rounds off nicely & leaves me happy

8. "Kaliman Kakarat"

Fucking brilliant track. Straight up. Totally epic tribal sunrise piece. Thoroughly psychedelic & deep. Makes me scared & happy at the same time. One of those laugh / cry things. Weird little singing noises accompany a tight groove, overlaid with one of those zappy synth lines that feels like it's ripping at the physical matter of your brain. Some subtle changes ensure you never really get bored of it, but at the same time it just sorta sits there, giving you something to bob along to, but never quite taking off, just letting you bob around & trip out to it really, until the very end, where it all seems to come together

9. "Home Deep Home"

Well this was always going to have a tough time following on from the last few tracks. It does a reasonable job of it though. Really funky rhythm section. Much more of a happy groovy track whereas the last few were more on the *psychedelic* tip, for lack of a better description. The lead melody is cool, but there's a little melody in the background that doesn't really do it for me.. it just gets a little bit annoying after a while

10. "Sky Breaks"

Cool, a breakbeat track to finish the album. Hehehe.. pretty *different* piece this one. Not really my cuppa tea... kinda one of those "it's nice to see them having a go at something different" things. I like the orchestral elements, although some of the timing seems a bit off. Also the bass is a bit weak. Goes pretty crazy at the end. Pretty nice way to round off the album I s'pose

Overall, great album. 9/10. Tracks 4 & 6 are good. Tracks 7 & 8 are the winners. Highly recommended for freaks & anyone who thinks they've got Finnish music pigeon-holed           new Hadal Drop album on the way

if you don't have the last one get in touch
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 20, 2006 16:23
Well after hearing the album i think its a realy nice album track 7 is GREAT ! and the others good

but nothing become close to Tarinat album (Amazing one.) and for sure the best album of EvsY IMO

all in all realy nice album


Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Jul 25, 2006 16:44
boomm sam for the review... just super .

i see both tarinat and liverdance material working great at the dance floor but tastes r tastes..
Try kobi some time to start listening to the lords - albomm starting from track 4, to the end, maybe that would please ur psychedelic mind better!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 25, 2006 23:05
yea.. crazy soundz starting from track 4
by the way track 4 realy good one i like it

its a good album
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 26, 2006 23:32
I came on here to request a review of this album not thinking anyone here would have even heard of it, (sorry for my pessimism, but seems like only commercial or 'dark' and the occasional prog are reviewed here and it got quite boring).

For some reason I've been addicted to the first two EvY albums lately. Listening to them in succession whenever I get the chance. Just couldn't get enough of that phat bass line and real drum sounds through all that grainy production (love it, btw. punk rock!)

So when I heard of this new release I squealed from my cubicle like a little school boy. I expected so much from this album and of course was not dissapointed. These guys have matured musically and technically and most notably, the music and energy is current with the times. This album can be played next to any normal psytrance and fit in with the energy level (yet blow it away musically!). This tells me these guys have got their ear to what's playing these days but unlike other artists from back in the day, these guys have kept their integrity in playing original music. Thank god they did not resort to that common modern psytrance bassline and kept their own. Thank god they did not resort to the common modern breakdowns, buildups that plague all genres of psytrance these days. In my opinion, these guys are musicians first, psytrance artists second.

My favorite tracks are... all of them. From the first to the last.
But I will still and always will be listening to the old releases.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 31, 2006 01:47
nice words Rich, totally agree!!!

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Jul 31, 2006 12:41
Very good album indeed. One of the best psy releases this year. I've been a bit bored with psytrance lately, but this restored my faith in that

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Jul 31, 2006 20:33
Huhhuh, Rich!

Darkgnome bomm

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Posted : Aug 29, 2006 20:27
Once again the genius of Julius and Simo erupts on a massive scale with this fantastic release. You guys rule! Always fresh psychedelic tunes that make me shake my ass to the beat and play games with my brain.
I was terribly sorry to miss your last visit in Israel, but I'm sure you'll come here again (or I'll have to come to Finland myself...).

BOM BOM and Health to the amazing artists           "We just got that Volcano lit...

...Gee, I thought Tarzan was set in Africa!"

- 1979 Flashdance, Haltya
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