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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Etic - Feedback (Trancelucent Pro / June 2005)

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Etic - Feedback (Trancelucent Pro / June 2005)

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2005 16:28
Hi All !

Lets start with a short itroduction - Etic is Etay Harari from Israel. He released his debut album - Touch Ups on June 2004 on Trancelucent Records.
Now, one year after, Etay back with a second artists album - Feedback which release on Trancelucent-Records.
In the album, there is 10 refreshing tunes which you can define it Deep-Progressive with some full-on influences.

1. Got my senses back

Yes Etay, you got your senses back, trust me
After 40 seconds of deep effects, Etay's unique kick start to rock - pumping & groovy like always !
My favorites thing on Etic's music is the brakes, you can't know what will happen...the kick just back from no-where and keep to blow like the track never down.
What a magical way to open the album...excllent selection Etay !

2. Wishes

The tune start with pleasure female vocals accompanied by really nice melodi and than the kick just break into.
I don't know what has on this kick but it make my body move like crazy...Etay found the formula how to move the crowd and this is one of the reason why he is such a popular artist.
I always like uniqeness and special stuff...ppl just hear the amazing game which start on 03:55 - AMAZING ! and after that there is no chance to stay calm.

3. Last Tune

A deep-progressive tune without special melodi or something...I call it - material to the legs
The words can't help me to describe you what going on must hear and connect it for understand the meaning of the track.

4. Electrical Inspiration

If the last tune was a deep-progressive so this is a pure progressive
The business is more serious atmosphere with all the elements it require - beatifull vocals, groovy baseline and a lot of playings & melodies.
I can feel that Etay enjoy from his work and the result for it is the amazing track here.

5. Untitled yet

The main things on track is the kick and the baseline and here I think it's the perfect combination between them.
It's so fun to hear and dance for this tune...the brake on 04:00 is so brilliant and fit to the track atmosphere.
My title for this track is - 'The summer is here'

6. Miscommunication

Power is the word-key here !
Fat kick with "runing" basline which fit more to the full-on genre. A dance floor bomb !
When this track played, the communication betweeen the artists and the crowd disappear and the only communication is between the crowd and the floor = DIG, DIG , DIG !

7. Aspects of music

After the serious digging on the last track, we need something more chilling for keep the trip with, Etay know it and put a perfect track on the right place.
A lot of groove and happy melodies with excllent brake in the middle (04:00-04:50).
The aspect of this tune is clear for us

8. Feedback

The title track is here.
The tempo is get down but the groove just up and up. This is my favorite track from one of my favorites albums
When I heard the name Etic, this is the track shich playing in my head. For me this is the best line of Etay.
I haven't a lot of words to descrive it, I just say - this is one of Etic's best tracks ever.

9. Late echoes of Goa

Emotionaly ambient. On this track Etay try to tell us the experience he took part in Goa. It's hard to stop this tune, when you start listen it, you must keep listen till the end for feel the magic.
A must listening tune !

10. R u cool

unfortunately, the end is already here.
After amazing ambient, Etay try his break-beat side and do it well.
A funky tune with Etay's kick - very special track with a lot of influences.
Cool idea for ending this long & enjoyable sroty.

To sum it up, on Feedback album, Etay show us how much he improve since the debut album and the quality just get higher and higher.
All Etic's fans will love this album for sure and for all trace fans - this is a must album on every cd-player.
Etay, you got my feedback here...keep it up !


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Posted : Jul 17, 2005 12:11
really good album,very good production.
etic develops in this album the whole etic sound,he gets deeper and deeper in his work 2 serch thouse "etic" synth's.
he build here a solid album with tight&fat sound.
really wicked 2 parties and ofcource..2 hear at home.
fav 1,2,5,6!,9. 

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Posted : Jul 18, 2005 14:54
for my opinion Etic is one of the best artist
here in israel !! his uniqe sound ,is something that so hard to find today in music and sometimes remind me Cosma (z'l).. sure not the same production and style ,but very colorfull and full emossion ,i think this album prove it .

1. Got my senses back

Its a 138bpm track , very groovy , start with many samples from a Tarantino movie...can't remembre the name....but built up very nice and worm ..around 3.30min there's a pure drive guitar uplifting sound that fade in to the break ...when coming back to the track etic add more power without going too crazy .. those samples works great(police chase, and screams) ...there's an offkik around 2min to the end and a kik going down for 1loop 58sec to the sound like a very good start !

2. Wishes

its a 140bpm track ...start prog but deep
seems like all sounds talking to each other ,like an instrument orgy, 2min from the start ..a nice n easy melodie start for 30sec and leads to a break which changing the all thing !!!! baseline is now digging and the melodies sits perfect 3.30 ...a f' butifull lead breaks in ...takes u to the break and u feel like you'r in love..
when it backs u cant stop move like u under a spell !! those meldoies buy me complitly here.. 1.40 to end !! kik goes down and back .... one of the best tracks here for sure ..!

3. Last Tune

its a 138bpm deep deep psyprog style
with a rolling baseline and fat leads ..
nice scarry samples and full of atmosphere start minimal but slowly coverd with deep peds , its a good one for woods n mushrooms , basiclly there is almost no breaks here.. accept 4:50 from start .....1:40 to end kik is down for 1 loop,
very nice short metal leads... very deep atmosphere and still lifting and make u dance.

4. Electrical Inspiration

its a 140bpm prog style with deep atmosphere , its crazy groovy and full with soft melodies and peds , it also got very nice voice samples which sound like someone sing it , it perfect build up and looks like there's not a place to add even a single note ! very friendly track !
offkik in 1:50 to end ...and kik fading out and back 55sec to end ! inspiration !

5. Untitled yet

one of the best here ! its 140bpm pumping prog with rolling baseline ,
there's is voice on the back over n over
saying something like "changing mind"
3;49 to start sourprising break which takes to the break !! and a big fat happy lead strikes in !! all sounds talking to each other ...butifull groove n power !
1:30 to end kik is down for 1loop !
its a dancefloor killer !
etic !! u must tittled this one !

6. Miscommunication

This one is 141bpm and sound like full-on !! 16bit bassline running , but i can hear etic's soft lines on it and the more strong side too. it got etic's atmosphere
but i can see many full-on dj who would love to play it
4:35 to start there is a long break follows with man voice ! kik gets in minimal and the voice under vocoder now !! very nice saying something like "there's some miscommunication btw the body n the mind" than all track is back with full power. its a uniqe track here and sounds diffrent from all other ! 1:55 to end last break ..... and boom again !! uniqe !!

7. Aspects of music

its a 140bpm track with running baseline
full with peds and etic's atmosphere,
a girl mummbelling at the start and it sound like hugh outdoor feeling ,a big fat old school melodie comes in after 2:45 from start and leads into a brilient deep deep break combining with a man voice...talking something on aspects of break on the album ! the tracks gets in with cool power and then a crazy distortion leads close the deal ! a loop break 1:29 to end ,off kik and back
tripping high track .

8. Feedback

one of the best here also , 138 prog
the best production for my ears, crazy groovy and pumping ,sounds ping pong all the way and a butifull melodie comes after 3:00min, very nice built ! a melo and slow break ..stop and there's a guitar feedback sounds ..then a perfect intro back into the beat, it works ,it pumping ,its super cool one and full with feedback sounds all the way kik 1:06 to end and the melodie comes back ! buatiful !
get a feedback on this one !

9. Late echoes of Goa

its a deep sunset chillout track with many influances and psy sounds ,with hipnotic melodies and breaks ,sound acostic sometimes and electronic in other, many voice samples from all the album are here also ,,,keep saying inspiration ....and all end up with some tribe drum and vibe.....very megical

10. R u cool

This one is a Hit !!! its a crazt psy breakbeat running on 138bpm sound trance just with a broken beat and got full of samples form that tarantino movie on track 1. and special rytham section !!it start with a crazy psychotic luagh and after 2:55min from start a f' big fat sound make it all clear and blowing your mind (prodigy style), it supper groovy and can't be stop full with etic's peds n color !!! no middle breaks ,it end with this women sample (changhing mind) after 5min which can make it crazy commer' radio hit or mtv (with good taste)!!! Mobi ! watch out !!
after almost two min ...i found out why my cd keeps playing nothing !!! 33sec to end of the all CD ...the psychotic luagh comes again...very cool

Cover art :
made by Noam Lekovits(Nomgy)
he made a special work here ,very solid ...nice green colors and sexy girl,i also heard its a real photos !! super cool work !
there's a sticker in the cd box too!
with this art and the buatifull music ,this one is one of the best cd release in here this year, it complitly original,works,and very refreshing !! Etic ! nice one ,i can't wait to see what you going to come up with Next ! GL

Favorites ! 2,4,5,7,8,10

Maya bee
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 19, 2005 18:44
Congratalation for this amazing album...
i got the disc and its really brout smile to my face...had really fun to listen to it...this music rocks!

fav 1,2,4,5,6,8,9

great job etic..
keep it up.

          Maya The Bee says :Be & Beezzzzzzzzzzzzzz
yoni Yotopia

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 18:10
another great new cd for my Case

Love this disc very much hear it alot at home in my car and play in parties, and it's just great

good work Etay

good luck.           mail us:
or surf the web at:
Audio Junkies

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Posted : Jul 21, 2005 19:57
Well, this is one of the nicer albums of the year - if you liked etics first albums, u should be running to the shops urgent, if you don't know Etics stuff - this is one to check out! This album has a very unique half proggy half full-on sound with very deep atmosphere in the tracks, definitely a sound with a soul, a must in every collection!
Polyester Corespun

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Posted : Jul 21, 2005 20:08
listenit - liveit - luvit - it's that simple! ! then spread the news ok?
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 21, 2005 22:36
this is one great album!
etic-you have your stayle,you have your sound,
you have the power in you music!
keep on this good work you do,not many like you here in israel!

btw-i'm still waiting for my t-shirt!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 22, 2005 03:48
nice, deep mixture between proggy and psy ... 

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Jul 24, 2005 15:36
gr8 albom by a great man, its nice to see how etic developed his style n skills threw out his second album but still maneged to stay in the same line.
again gr8 cd allways works well on the dance floor n reely nice to listen to at home .
what can i say more,waiting for the third one man.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 25, 2005 17:47
how come not a single word about the way kul cover and art work on the sleeve?!

this stuff is prooved as a croud awaker... ppl simply react, stand up and dance

cheers etikon

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Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Jul 29, 2005 10:17
Yes defintly a good buy!! We receved this cd a few days ago in the post, and havent stopped playing it since. I injoyed etics 1st album Touch ups-,and i find FEEDBACK- showcases more diversity of etics production. great balance in depth/power percussive patterns, and that distinct Etic groove

Now i really believe the Cover art deserves a special mention here guys!!!, sexy as, great color scheme, inticing, and well who can complain about nice buns personal favorite Cover art to date EVER !!!
If you know Etics work, and havent yet got this album... whats wrong with you ??Go get it ! and for those not familar with Etics music, check this out , for a refreshing taste of new progressive derictions
Congrats to Etay, on a fine piece of work
Invisible reality

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Posted : Jul 31, 2005 19:00
one of the best albums in the year !           Invisible Reality (IONO music)
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Aug 6, 2005 18:38

A really nice album, a lot has been said already about it. Most of the tracks are happy and can surely bounce the dance floor, but I can't call it innovative.

I really liked this CD and listened to it quite a lot, all the way to the surprise at the end (and now all the mp3 downloaders will ask "what surprise???" ). I enjoyed it and learned to appreciate the CD and Etic through it (more than I did before).

The production is good and there really a style there that is nice to feel and hear. Surprisingly (to all those who know me ), I thought that there was a little too much use of vocal samples (like track one with the part from Resevoir Dogs), but mostly the samples fit in nicely. Moreover, some tracks sound too much alike, as if there's a fixed pattern there that was duplicated.

Bottom line: a very good CD with some very good tracks. If you like the bouncy, springy side of trance, you'll have some great moments with this CD. Some tracks even made me dance at home, which is quite rare these days.

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 7, 2005 01:51
very subtile fullon, no explosives, no big climaxes but surfing on the little psychedelic waves...

like this album a lot... they used the typical fullon formula very good...

way to go etic
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