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Eskimo - Ballonatic Pt. 1 (Phantasm Records/Sigma)


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Posted : Jan 3, 2006 22:11

---Eskimo - Ballonatic Pt. 1 (Phantasm Records/Sigma)

well after a long way and small delays on the realese we got this mad psychedellic mindblowing
album, we kind of knew what we could expect from eskimo, big fat basslines, twisted melodies
with insane cuts, unique samples well... what can i say, this realese is just an introduction
for what is already announced to be a 3 disc set. i listened carefully this album cuz eskimo
always surprises me and his tracks are not really what i have on my mind at the time to listen
but the twists that happens among some tracks are just unveliebable. heres my review for one
of my favorites albums in 2005.

1. My Rave

Now this is what im talking about, i mean starting the album with a track like this, can make
u think that is easy to get the idea of the rest of the tracks but... hold on. that girl voice
catched me into this straight. holding a jumpy bassline and some tb303 leads that drives mad
crowds and some unexpected breaks leave u all surprised for about 8 minutes, theres also this
old school breaks just like the title says ravy ones, yes like in the old days jaja.
in small words i just can say this is one of the best eskimo tracks since he came up with his
project and really shows this guy skills when we talk about music.

2. Wake Walking Dream (with Cycle sphere)

well must of us have seen Waking Life an amazing movie, and here junya and one of his pals (dui bitton)
get use of it. this one is really different from what i heard back time and now from eskimo.
starting with the bassline that is really deep and the melody that takes the track into a change.
at some point in this track i got really amazed with a synth that is not that common to hear this days
it is just mindblowing because the bassline running with this sounds makes u want to dance. this is one
of the best tracks for dancefloors it is not same surprising as the first one but it is still good because
its different to everything already done by this guy.

3.-The Ballonatic

jaja well the name says everything indeed. it haves this tipical melodies from him (u know what i mean)
it is kind of weird to me to hear this track as the number 3, because it is one of the most soft ones in the
whole album i think until... id heard the voice sample that --cant really figure if its some word (interesting!!)--
at this point the track starts to get a bit louder, more powerfull. with the break somewhere around the 5 minutes.
and finally a wicked change that felt to me like another track, i also found this very interesting cuz changed the whole
track atmosphere completely.

4. Electric Scream (with Puzzle)

this one wasnt exactly my favorite but most of my friends did. i started to like the middle of the track where starts
to feel slowing and some pad makes excellent atmospheres. but at the end theres some kind of guitars that wasnt really
my taste. however i enjoy listening this track. but i didnt really connected with it.

5. GMS-Kimo (with Gms obviously)

all right this is one of the collaborations that i been expecting from a long time!. and here it is i must say latest
gms stuff from about a year until now completely disapoints me but their presence here shows why they went
to the top,but wait... this isnt about gms is about eskimo, and this 3 guys really putted a great effort, the whole mix
between sounds that represents them are great. i only can say that for me this track is way to good to my ears but ill
let u guys give ur opinion.

6. Lazy Beam
i must say i wasnt expecting to see this track on the album, was aready realesed but at the time i heard it i enjoyed.
i think when phantasm realesed this track back then was an introduction to eskimo`s new sound. its good indeed but
after the last 5 tracks i wanted to listen more new stuff.

7. Tourminator
it has been a long time for hearing junya make a track like this. it reminds me a bit some of his older tracks
(welcome to the arcade, scrambing signals) but when i was hearing it i tought that this one is a bomb when the
sample "Stop right there" apears. wach out cuz... at first i tought again this one was soft but not even close...
and what u want me to tell about the tricks on this jaja i looked dumb thinking that the track will came back and
just didnt! i didnt expected that he would cut out everything and bring a bunch of sounds again into a powerfull
explosion... another must for who like eskimo stuff. and this one also gets a plus for me.

8. Tiny Little Things

well this one is not a 155 track like the last album jaja. but i think the melodies here is what we should speak about
completely catchy and uplifting. this track i enjoy to listening at home, i dont know if... i could work like the past
ones on the dancefloor but is great i mean. it haves a good story, nice synths and breaks in a very nice explosion.

9. Every Single Sound (with 220v)
well heres the last and another collaboration with brazillian guys that are giving ppl to speak. i didnt enjoyed this track
like the rest of the album because somehow didnt sounded to me same surprising and with the melodies i enjoyed the last 50
minutes, i heard it on few parties and i see ppl dancing and everything but i could get into this one, and the part i didnt
got was the explosion at the min 6... i found that synth with no sense, but ey guys... this is my opinion as i told u...
i seen it work good by some djs and ppl.

well thats the review i had for each track. overall the album is worth and valuable, is great for listening at home and perfect for the djs
and ppl who wants to have a real party. aside of the 2 tracks that werent really what i wanted is great. also it makes myself
hungry for the 2 other cds that phantasm is cooking.

to finish i give this cd 9 out of 10 it is different and has nothing to do with the old eskimo stuff i believe, and every track
sound very hard worked, so congrats to junya for this realese and i hope the next 2 cds are the same quality. so u ppl
get ur lazy ass of the chair and buy it ! (H)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2006 22:25

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jan 3, 2006 22:33
instinct!! my mate!! good review about this exellent album my favourites eskimo-my rave and gms-kimo!!
this album show us that eskimo is going on allways with new good stuff!! congratulations for junya...

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 07:56
This album is a killer, eskimo has taken his sound manipulation to another level, the breaks the changes in the track, and he makes it sound so so easy.He has taken it further from the dynamo stuff.
This a must get album, and i'm sure the next two parts are going to be blasters.
Boom           "If Pac man had affected us as kids we'd be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music”.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 13:14
heaviliy psychedelic release! This guy IS crazy!

Lots of great tracks, always surprising, sometimes smooth, sometimes hard, all the psychedelic spectrum is explored on his album. Yet it remains very original, there's always surprising elements...

Faves: 1,2,3,5,9(!!)

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 13:43
Absulotly fantastic.
Junya is a crazy studio wizard,with rarelly found new stuff and tricks.Good work!Surprizing each time,not with the brakes-but the attitude to sound and arrange.

Fav trax:4,5,8(!!)-really like the groovieness and when the rolling bass kicks in in the end...pffff

Highly recomended!:)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 19:28
a good work from junya..we are waiting for part 2 man keep good work
Substance / The Ataris

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 22:13
well when i first heard it i was amazed, it obviously make another path into this music, and few stuff i heard from the upcoming stuff is just out of this first realese.

cant wait to hear the full 2 part... this one rocked big time.

great work man, and this is nothing compared with what u have to come

pd... the track with cycle sphere one of my favorites ever

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Posted : Jan 6, 2006 18:33
junya is good but im a bit tierd from this style like only my rave and Electric Scream the rest didnt like to much
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2006 00:23
same for me, he use always the same sounds and this medium bassline grrrrrrrrrrr
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2006 21:01
Powerful album, especially liked track 5 with gms. But there are just too many breaks in the tracks, almost every 16 beats. would be nice if there is a continous flow.

hope part 2 will be better, can't wait for part 3 with the collaborations

fraka is a state of mind

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Posted : Jan 10, 2006 13:57
a good work from junya
Junya is Crazyyyy hehehe

Good ALbum

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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 06:53
Hey John Nice one dude ! Keep the Good WoRk ! the album is a blast . cheers from brasil


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Posted : Jan 15, 2006 23:17
I am happy to see you guys liked the cd...

I agree the tracks have alot of brakes and stops like my last stuff but this is and album of 3 cd...The cds are supposed to show where i started and end on where i am going. Part 2 rock out and in my opinion is much stronger...

Expect fatter, heavyer basslines and more simple ideas but the parts inside much bigger...I am sure you will see where i am going with this..

Ok people. thanx for all...



Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Jan 17, 2006 15:54

Nice Work as always Junya,

clearly alot of work goes into you trax , i think this is a class album dude , cant wait to hear your next one )

all the best

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