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EP - Faxi Nadu - Intelligence (DARKEP003) 2006

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Posted : Nov 24, 2006 21:50
Title: EP - Faxi Nadu - Intelligence (DARKEP003) 2006
Format: FLAC
Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany
Cat. #: DARKEP003

Cover art


All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Yaron Eshkar
Booking, music and info:

Art by Hadar Lubaton:

1. Faxi Nadu - You Know Alex (7:04)

2. Faxi Nadu - Find The Guy (7:27)

3. Faxi Nadu - Fight The Future(edit)(5:32)

4. Faxi Nadu - Bolt From The Blue(edit)(8:57)

1. Faxi Nadu - You Know Alex

It starts with someone abruptly tunning the radio ending up with a floating melody to begin with a deep bassline and some robotic vocoded voice sample making you sense some kinda artificial intelligence, some space communication 0:57 on adds more layers pouring in eerie sounds, bring in the nuke explosion which limits itself and a short screaming vocal begging for mercy, the pace is slow but the atmosphere is perfectly scary, the screams and short acid leads continue at their own timed pace, and then this addition of TS303 leads at 2:42 makes me smile but further on it goes spreading which did not make much sense to me. More screaming vocals keep comin and continue the dark journey that reminds me of Ghreg on EArth's dark atmosphere's accompanied by obscure layers of wicked samples.

2. Faxi Nadu - Find The Guy

Starts with a female weeping with a full-onish bassline , and further on another vocal sample. The pace of the track defines what is to come with mysterious leads pouring from time to time, faxi pumps in old TS303 back again, and some acid sqelches too. The energy level is just above ground and the production in comparison to the previous songs remains a bit more minimal, as the effects tune in all the right spots with an emphasis on the groove.
Faxi uses the acid textures smartly and with timely precision. This one has a classic goa touch to it warping you in frenzy.

3. Faxi Nadu - Fight The Future(edit)

Fight The Future begins with a radio'ish voice samples to explode into a Phat rolling bassline accompanied with more voice sample"Where is he ... over here" and a killer kick that i like to dig, this ones had a sinister night time atmosphere with strange and trance inducing melodies that really makes u stare at the darkness , the track proceeds further with floating voice samples just everywhere used smartly IMO, 3:31 onwards the track picks up the pace galloping into the night with a distorted riff that seems to hover over the pulsations to be followed by even more snarling sounds and more cries of pain, hope the future would be unpainful....

4. Faxi Nadu - Bolt From The Blue(edit)

The last one starts with some interesting percussion full-on bass-line and less voice samples, you stomp all the way into dark and end up with the usual Faxi vocal formula and mad driving synth sounds layered intelligently, i personally did not like the melody at the end of this one but

I would sum up this review sayin that FAxi Nadu is an intelligent producer well versed with his production skills both in theory and practise.


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Posted : Nov 25, 2006 01:34
Thumbs up to Faxi Nadu, nice ance intelligent music, has been part of my sets from some weeks ago on
All the best of luck! Cheers from Brazil 
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Posted : Nov 25, 2006 03:00
Faxi Nadu - Intelligence

Artist: Faxi Nadu
Name: Intelligence
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Psytrance - Dark/Goa
Date: November 2006
Format: FLAC (wav)
Length: 29:00
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Yaron Eshkar
Booking, music and info:

Cover art
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Yaron Eshkar
Art by Hadar Lubaton:


1 - You Know Alex (7:04)

2- Find The Guy (7:27)

3- Fight The Future (edit) (5:32)

4- Bolt From The Blue (edit) (8:57)

About the artist:

Faxi Nadu music features hard and kicking psytrance/techno with a dark and sinister twist. Groovy horror tunes with a heavy dose of soundscapes, psychedelic effects, paranoid screams and groans - suitable for partying on the dance floor. Influenced by the b-movie culture and the horror and science fiction cultures - presenting a unique approach to dark psytrance. Groovy, pounding dark night-time trance music, as well as tracks with more than an ounce of good humor and "morning" melodica. At times mad and twisted, at times constructed and progressive, while always very psychedelic and atmospheric. Obvious Dark, Prog, Goa, Techno and Suomisaundi influences, with a distinct, personal feel - Faxi Nadu is sure to send your head bobbing, your feet moving, and put a big halloween pumpkin smile on your face.

Faxi Nadu produces various forms of music and is involved in a number of projects including D-Fault (experimental/IDM), CW Sluts (trance/techno), Cider Groove (IDM/ glitch) and Elmooht (ambient/experimental). Faxi also runs the netlabel Postunder Records, a non genre based electronic music label.

Faxi Nadu has been active on the internet for the past few years. A number of Faxi Nadu free releases and side projects can be found on the net through various outlets and netlabels, as well as albums for sale on discomania, d-a-r-k, and faxinadu website.

the REVIEW part:

1. after a taste of many other musical flavors, like a stew of instants, we are sliding into a thickly detailed whompscape, i fly thru this sound feeling my mind open and imagining myself dancing. the thickness here unfolds slowly as the percussive metronome swings around. never too busy, with ominous flavors and even though theres some repetitive screaming sample "somebody help me please!", its not overtly the focus, as the bass/fx/pads combo spirals the mind enough. reminds me of some encephalopaticys or GOW at its best moments. i like the pads and the stretchy squishyness, and though it doesnt go too far beyond where the middle takes you, solid track.

2. a bit more bubbly/rolling here, feeling the twilight vibes more, slick percussion programming and enticing overall. im falling into a space of mind. i see the concept and feel the complete energy of this creation, being a mental experience, a warm arpeggio lifts us up before shooting back into the hard slamming cyberdark lazerbattle, Definitely.

3. This one doesnt seem to hold it together as well, the hi hats dont fit with the bassline, it feels like two tracks mushed together... some long-winded distorted guitar feedbacks and sorta not enough distinct action to keep me interested. not quite. the website promo says "the psytrance version of punk " -- so there ya go! oi!

4. lets try this one. fast and furious. more, and more, and more screaming/female grunting, which can be a bit much but if you can run this fast for 8 minutes then you should be able to handle it...? definitely a recipie for madness. this poor fellow is trapped somewhere... "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!"... but its varied enough to be interesting... makes me wonder what all the screaming is about. id be interested to hear this one without the scream samples, as the end of the track actualy gets into a bit of epic headspace territory. hook it up with a remix bro!


Overall its a decent EP release, 2/4 aint bad!
either way it's a good insight into this artist's style, not sure where that 3rd one came from, not as tight as the other 3. a bit heavy on the repeating screamloops for me, which is too bad as i like the perc work and changes. fans of keeping up with new artist development in general, and "dark psychedelic" will find this interesting.

D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Nov 25, 2006 19:04
Thank you Appleseed and Blue Spectral Monkey for the reviews.

Those are constructive reviews and critics, I'm positive Faxi Nadu will take the comments in consideration.

All the best and once again thank you for bringing good criticism for the dark psy artists and community.

Boom           D-A-R-K Records
D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Nov 25, 2006 19:37
Morus, very kind!

By the way, as mentioned in a few places, this EP will directly finance a complete album from Faxi Nadu in association with D-A-R-K Records.

Psyfolks, keep encouraging these underground artists and you shall get more of this amazing dark psy music.

On our side, we shall continue to bring you more and more new killer artists and also keep supporting the established ones that believed in our concept, they have been for us so we shall be there in the future.

See you around folks, more EPs coming soon too.

Boom           D-A-R-K Records
Faxi Nadu / Elmooht

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Posted : Nov 26, 2006 13:10
thanks for the reviews so far
all positive comments are appreciated, and all critisism will be taken into account for future productions!

cheers !           
The Way Back
Mandala Echos
Mandala Echos

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 02:03
Faxi Nadu - Intelligence
(more info on posts above)

1. Faxi Nadu - You Know Alex (7:04)

Very nice intro with a mix of some styles of music like u are changing ur radio frequencies, after we see the bass with some nice modulation, and perfect atmospherics work something that Faxi Nadu is very good at. In the middle of track we start feelings some soft leads going to a bit more liquid sounds and then more acid. Nice track and good way to intro the album.

2. Faxi Nadu - Find The Guy (7:27)

Great sampler voice in beginning another key to Faxi Nadu style, very good kick and bass, i like very much this tight bass notes, some acid work, fine use of hihats and percussions here, nice atmospheres as always and much much acid work again, some soft melodies with noisy leads and finish with voices from terror movies again. Killer track!

3. Faxi Nadu - Fight The Future(edit)(5:32)

Again terror movies voices with nice effect now for the intro, and now we listen a great fat bassline, and after a good break come again with tripping atmospherics, wind kind of lead, and nice snare, finishing with distortion sounds twisting very hard. Great track!

4. Faxi Nadu - Bolt From The Blue(edit)(8:57)

Start with nice bass and atmospherics, good work with little hihats, one cartoon sound come before nice leads with good feelings, and much screams, some sirens and then some atmospheric melodies, some acid leads and much much screams till the end with more melodies and a sorry about the this track be a Killer track!

Conclusion, very nice release with great tracks and good story behind tracks. Keep making good music bro!

          (( ( mAnDaLa eChOs ) ))
Olotropo Records
Our free releases at
Faxi Nadu / Elmooht

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 18:00
thanks mandala for kind words, hehehe from the review it is apparent u know me well from our discusions and other tracks, thanks for noticing what is supposed to be noticed
The Way Back

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 18:53
i heared the samples ,killah tunes faxi brothaaaaaaaaaaaa

faxi is a very good artist ppl !!!

best luck
yoni.           E-mail :

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 21:30
yeah faxi is great producer no doubt in his ep  
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2006 18:56
Faxi Nadu haves a well defined cristal clear style and production skills, i have heard quite a few live acts from him and the overall impression is that he is very good. His music is a well constructed journey thru feelings and alien landscapes a perfect simbiose between his mind and the mind of the listener. Controled agressivnes leaves room for deeper flights in the realms of the thought.

Good work bro, Boom Shankar!
volvox box 2
Infect Insect
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Posted : Dec 3, 2006 23:30
thumbs up for faxi! The stoned israelien.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 4, 2006 15:37
Faxi............nice album dude.......

and your online set was hysterical.....



"they make better sombrero than you"


"we make better coke than you"

           "On the path of spirituality, one ventures to vanquish one’s own faults rather than to judge others"
dark summer
Dark Summer

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Posted : Dec 5, 2006 12:25
1.You know alex
EP starts with this track. Very nice sound, good mix and perfect balance between kick and bass. Lots of fusion with samples drives into next psychedelic step. I find this track very deep, more like an intro to the whole thing-very appropriate for party warm ups!

2.Find the guy
This one starts with a promissing intro and then it bring the expected. Again there's a perfect balance and great fusion with very good bursts placed in the right places of the track. Again a lot of deepness, but here I begin to miss some more action with leads, but will see in next two tracks...

3.Fight the nature
Unfortunately I got this file somehow corupted or damaged, maybe i did something wrong with encoding.

4.Bolt from the blue
Well, here is where headbangers waiting for their whiplash are gonna get the excitement! A lot of power and energy here mixed with pure and clean sound. This is my favorite, because its like hearing lead synths in fusion of samples and then anyway it gets to those synths! Great track!

Overall: This product is pro stuff from DARK records, worth to buy. So once again - congratulations to Faxi and DARK records!
D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Dec 5, 2006 21:39
Thank you everyone!

Matija, nice review, this is truly appreciated. I think this will really encourage Faxi to bring you more in a time matter.

On your side, keep up the good work too. You guys both have a promising future. We are very pleased to partner with you for these short releases and the VAs.

Boom all           D-A-R-K Records
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