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Entropy - Purple People (Doof Records, 2006)


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Posted : Jul 25, 2006 20:49
pit rocks !! got to love them!           "another nature adventure" ? ! ? !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 31, 2006 06:57
this is not a dark album....this is a PSYCHEDELIC album people, and my preliminary choice for best album of 2006
!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 1, 2006 09:55
Damn this guy is killaaaa !!
From the first track.. U get an idea...whats gonna be unleashed in the whole album...Pumping basslines..wid twisted samples.. realy gettin wicked.. and loot of variations..complete story shuld say..
MY fav's r 3,4,5,6,7,8,9..almost all..
All together .. this guy's worked hard to kick some butt...
And he is sucessfull...
Good job..
KEep the booty's shakin !!

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Posted : Aug 1, 2006 14:45
Who wants cracker!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 1, 2006 23:01
full power!!


IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 2, 2006 01:17
Yah know it's pretty good album, but it just didn't have the feel of the first album.


Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Aug 2, 2006 21:09
Doof is always simbol of quality, I love this album and the others of Doof (like the cereal killerz thats my favorite) Doof keep working!!! umm... yes and the review its soo nice.           UGLY BEFORE!
Yotam(Paganka C.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2006 21:06
Entropy... WOW!!!
What a great album, such a professional work on everything - the sound, structure and ideas i can say only good things on each track in this album, very very good work Omer and Pit big love from the north family...
Keep it kickin' brothers, boom.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 4, 2006 18:31
A brilliant follow up to the first album from Entropy in 2004.So often an artist will release a first album that is so great then the second fails to deliver. This is not the case here... This album rocks the dancefloor!!!!

With Purple People the duo of Omer and Pitt have expanded and evolved beyond their dominant Kopsses influences and have realised a very much more Psychedelic sound.

While the older influences are certainly there...the well rounded and dancefloor friendly kicks and basslines the progression beyond the more minimal and confined feel of the first album is very well done.

My favourtie Tracks

Track 4 - Purple People

This is a pumping monster of a tune that opens with a deep rumbling bassline and moves gradually into some growling synth lines and tight, structured pecussive elements. The oscillating baselines married to the drums work well and the track really opens up at 2.34' taking us on a twisting, driving journey with large atmospheres and a sense of distended space and time.

Track 6 - Who Wants Cracker

I wasnt sure about this one at first as it opens with a kickdrum and perussion that slaps in a South African style a lot like earlier Shift music but at the 1.20' mark the music really starts to develop as a structure is slowly constructed within the music building up to a nice melodic indie guitar and some creative and punchy breakbeats before coming blasting back in to reestablish the driving, stomping sound as we have come to expect from Entropy. The FX in the track really make it what it is giving it a really digital sliding feel punctuated occasionally by the indie guitar and synth lines.

Track 9 - Tranceformer

Probably my favourite track on the album next to track 10. Opening with a standard basline that doesnt hint at too much to come it really is a well written suprise at around the 2.00' mark when the track transforms into an oscillating bass monster with tight, filtered percussion and instrumentation bouncing around a 3d space. The sample useage really rocks with 'so powerful' being dropped in the track heavily laiden with FX and not being too dominant and distracting from the musical journey these guys have made here. Really nice work on this it.

Track 10 - Grab

Wow this is a fast track so I'd pitch it down if I played it in a set. But I love the feel of it, the rolling kickdrum , the channel pans and the FX. The musical composition here is excellent, it is clean and delivers power for the dancefloor in contrast to many of the other tracks on the album as there is not so much growling but more sliding, liquid atmospheres that fly through space and time.

I am enjoying the whole disc, an excellent 2nd album from Entropy with great production that is matched by strong and consistent mastering as we have come to expect from Doof Records Releases

Underground Psychedelic Nightmusic

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Posted : Aug 8, 2006 21:35
Amazing album. I was in for a real surprise by many tracks. Excellent bassline production with crazy swooshes and atmosphere. Keep it up
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Aug 9, 2006 00:37
Yes pure madness over here...i have totally loved this album to be honest i have started taking Omer and Pitt's project as a serious psychedelic journey.

This album has changed my perception for the Entropy...a killer pack here.

Keep it darKKK
           “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung

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Posted : Aug 25, 2006 17:52
Thank you all for the gr8 support ...
we are glad that you like the album...

About Electrip's review -(very nice review 10x)
the sample on track 3:
" I'll tell you one thing that evry good soldier knows ...The only thing that counts in the end is is is is is POWER!!! "

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Aug 25, 2006 18:25
have to say i really love this album.. its pure d00f style.. those base lines and the ruthless tunes.. ahaha. love it. really like this brand of music that doof releases. just about all their releases have been kick ass. a big up to d00f and entropy . 
Ghost Host
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 26, 2006 14:20
fantastic produaction...great it love it love it
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 26, 2006 19:00
Yeah nice work on this album. Me like           missing plug-in
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