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Dickster - Out with the old.....

Balloonatic Promotion
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 06:57
Igloo Music & Phantasm records are proud to announce the upcoming release of:


9 stompers that will rock the worlds dancfloors, featuring collaborations and remixes with Eskimo,Cosmosis, Aphid Moon and Shpongle !
Dick Trevor aka DICKSTER started making music while at college doing sound engineering. Since then he has risen to be one of the most talented producers that exist today.

In 1994 he formed the legendary trance / rock group “ GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION “. For over 5 years the green nuns dominated the trance scene, Playing at events and for labels that other artists only dreamed about.

Around 1999 , Dick Trevor put all of his energy into his solo project DICKSTER. Due to such a demand from labels and artists for his music, he began to collaborate with some of the finest artists around forming projects such as : Bumbling Loons with James Monroe, AMD with Jules Hamer (Aphid Moon). Also, collaborations & remixs with Hallucnogen, Cosmosis & Shopngle on most of the biggest labels like : TIP, Phantasm , Nano , Twisted , Alchemy, as well as releasing various commercial dance tracks some of which made it into the UK TOP 40 CHART with Dj Producer Danny Howells as Science department.

In 2003 Dickster hooked up Junya Eskimo to form JUMANJI, after a few tracks had been written, it was clear that the pair shared a lot of similar ideas in the studio and soon they came out with the dance floor classic “ IN DA JUNGLE”.

Dick Trevor’s music has been played in dance floors by djs and artists for over 10 years ranging from Progressive, house to Full power dance music built to pack dance floors all over the globe sending him to the top of lineups in every country in the world every month.

2006 is here and Dickster is set to drop the new album of his greatest tracks that people may have missed in 2005, OUT WITH THE OLD...

9 monster tunes with collaborations & remixes from some of the scenes leading acts. Dickster’s sound is sure to take him to the top, which is where he belongs.


More infomation will be posted in 2006 but until then you can mail us at:

Planet B.E.N.

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 13:33
i'm looking forward to listen it!!

All the best to grandmaster
"Dickster" & "John Phantasm"....


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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 13:51
This guy has given so much to our scene and beyond...and still,more to come.
I wish Dick NOTHING but Fame a Fortune...
Keep it going. 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 13:58
great stuff...dick is oneof my favourite producers.....goodluck
Neogen / Overlap

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 14:37
waiting for this album realy long time!
          Planet Ben Records

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 17:11
Can´t wait to listen to this one...Dick Trevor is a top producer - love his music, from the psy stuff to the proggy house stuff.
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 17:17
really intressting!!

cant wait to listen this.. will be very nice!!

bom bom!           For Contact & Bookings:
New Album Out: Wizack Twizack - IV (Ovnimoon Records 2011)
Colin OOOD
OOOD/Voice of Cod

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 19:21
Go for it Dick! Good luck with the album mate. Get a haircut.           Mastering - ::
OOOD 5th album 'You Think You Are' - :: ::
Contact for bookings/mastering -

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 19:39
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 20:30
thank god this isnt another thread announcing free cd's to ten lucky winners .. baloonatic you guys are really unprofessional .. why did you even bother to have a fricking contest when you know cd's gonna take a decade to get ready .. just for a few laughs to see how we jobless people on isra have no other work to do than enter a contest for free cd's which was nothing actually to start with .. big talk but no show

anyway dick's a fabulous producer and wish him all the luck with his future endevours

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Iraklis Mindphaser
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 01:40

All the Best for one from the
more respect personalities
in Trance Scene!!!!           Natural High Trance Family

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 02:02
Green Nuns surely were one of the main movers to me. Have to check out newer stuff too.
Ankur / Virgin Suicide

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 07:11
hey good news!!!!
dick wish you all the best with this one,
i know its will be best quality music.
hope to see ya soon back in berlin.
boom on you           Freqs of Nature Festival 2012
Lost Theory Label DJ
Balloonatic Promotion
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 22:42
sorry, the e-mail address listed about is incorrect. the correct mail is:

just incase !!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 23:44

oh boy oh boy oh boy

wicked!           I said no to drugs... but they didn't listen
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