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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Delysid - Noize Infection [Noize Conspiracy Records 2007]

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Delysid - Noize Infection [Noize Conspiracy Records 2007]

IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  247
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Posted : Oct 6, 2007 02:49
well after a while of waiting the debut delysid finally got out in august, and all i can is that it was well worth the wait. what we have here is pure twilight madness that can easily put you in "flight". lets get to a track by track run through:

1. epidemic disorder[148 bpm]: the track starts off with the usual delysid leads spelling out the beginnings of an epic story and without wasting much time the kick bass is introduced. the kick bass is pretty standard stuff, but there is a cool hint of a melody that runs along. its nice and adds a sense of unpredictability to the track. the highs are pretty standard stuff from these guys and compliment the melody well. they add a few echoes to the melody and some new lead sounds to evolve this track into full flow by 1.20. the track smoothly rolls out and just engulfs you. the melody is the same and is pretty catchy, and they experiment with some tweaked leads subtly and after a while they change the arrangement a little with metallic fx taking over and the melody being dropped. soon they get a devious little melody in which uses some nice panning fx to keep things 'well rounded' . the power levels go higher by the 3rd minute when the trademark melodic leads set in, but again in a subtle new way that uses some nice stereo fx. its backed up with some deranged metallic leads that lends the track a really sick feeling. the break around the 4th minute has the duo playing some nice new tricks, and the melody at this point reminds me alot of exaile. the melody is melancholic and slowly everything builds up around to it to take things off with a rush . these guys have a nice sense of arrangement with the melody being backed up with metallic leads and subsequently stronger melodic leads which lend more depth to the soundscapes. this added to the high tempo makes sure the track packs a hell of a punch. the slow down around end of the 5th minute deals with more subdued derangement, giving some more insight into the name 'epidemic disorder'. the break in the middle of the 6th minute gets things back to climax, the metallic lead is stretched out more and a new melodic lead has a ... powerful resounding effect - like your getting sliced up . all the while long they maintain these spooky melodies. the track ends off with the initial melody coming back to remind you of the story they have put behind this track. all in all, quite a way to start things off. 8/10.

2. traumatic injury [147 bpm]: this track starts off like the previous track but from the moment the kick bass sets in you can feel a more subdued tone in the track. this is sort of reflected in the bpm. they use a very a drawn out melody to get things into groove, and then there is the kick bass. they introduce some very .. 'sneaky' leads, almost as if a small computer were talking. this is supported with a well rounded metallic lead, that plays a few wonderful mind games in the back ground. soon the arrangement is changed to intoduce a more dynamic lead which goes well well with the sneaky leads that take up a very characteristic delysid melody. around 1.45 they drop the melody and introduce a whirling lead, while the dynamic lead sticks around. it gives the feeling of a lumbering giant getting up. with the melancholic drawn out leads the image is complete and at 2.40 this drawn melody takes centre stage. slowly the track bubbles back with the muted kicks getting into place. its at this point that a new arrangement of leads is introduced. they standard menog like lead accompanied with a jumpy bassline. the overall effect is that they maintain a quirky yet smooth flowing of a melody, which breaks up and comes together many times over. again looking at the name of the track, i see perhaps a glimpse as to the intention of the arrangements used. a break comes around the 4th minute, but the kicks keep going and a new more deranged lead is introduced with some interesting stereo fx. the ambience is given a crunchy feel with squelchy sounds and hints of melodies coming and going. soon the track moves again in a subdued form with the melody given more space, and a scratchy lead playing around in the background. the foreground changes to more dynamic form with typical delysid melodies being dropped all over to give the track a fresh baked goodness. the melody goes onto evolve seamlessly with new leads tweaking up and down, all the while the flow of the melody goes on uniterrupted. by 6.12 the track rounds up to a slow end with a single melodic lead lending the finishing touch to this track. overall this is a nice track, you can hear lots of new sounds, and the track never really bores you. its always moving from one place to another. definitely music to keep people moving. a nice to way to slow the down the flow of the album without breaking the chain of continuity. 8/10.

3. rage immunity [146 bpm]: this 3rd track also starts off with a hint of the delysid leads, except this time its accompanied with a electric guitar like lead. the background has a long drawn out subdued melody which is accompanied with broken melodic sounds and wasting no time the kick bass sets in. the kick bass is more refined then the previous tracks and definitely conveys more aggression. their trademark demented leads come and go, with the kick bass continuing in its serious tone. the lead arrangement is pretty cool, and the track sort of talks to you, and soon by 1.20 the track is moving in full steam. again there is some great use of panning out the leads, leaving the listener in a constant barrage of sounds, definitely getting the 'rage' across. the track though still hasnt picked up yet, and the tension keeps building. finally by 2.11 the track gets more serious with a new melodic arrangement. more definition to the melody with a low rumbling lead giving the track its no non-sense feel. a little later a new overlying melody adds a new depth to the track, and as the track relaxes this melody takes centre stage, moving the story along. they have a cool new lead which comes in, which sounds like a computer wreaking havoc with a mad electric guitar. . soon more conventional use of guitar riffs are used to get the track out of its break, and soon what follows is mayhem! the guitar riffs stick around but its the stabby leads that do most of the damage. the stabby leads are sort of wobbly and the pitch bending gives the new melody a filtered sound to it. to top things off they bring in this sublime little lead on the top, superb stuff. the story goes on without taking a rest. they give those stabby leads a rest only to let the little lead progress the story onwards. i love the trick they use around 5.17 where the little lead echoes out to silence and still just sticks around. a more raw sounding lead is left to build up the suspence, and a new tweaky little lead gives the track a very demented feel. soon the arrangement changes to accomodate the raw sounding lead and by 6.35 there a whole barrage of new sounds taking things forward. the sound at this point can best be described as a cross between old menog like haunting melodies and exaile like guitar riffs, all topped off with that adrenaline rush that delysid bring to their music. definitely a more polished track, at just the right pace to cause enough damage to leave zombies on the dancefloor. 9/10.

4. silent virus [148 bpm]: i was told that this track was inspired by the silent hill movie, and well i havent really seen it, but that sure should be an indication of a spooky track. the intro lives up to the expectation with a very cryptic lullaby like horror tune. im presuming that this is where the movie's inspiration is. what follows is a focused build up, with trademark synths and a very tight serious bassline. by the 2nd minute there is a nice rolling lead which simply destroys. nice new sounds from the duo . added to the mix is an epic little under tone, and finally by the 3rd minute, there is a return to a horror tune. at this point i believe their sound is very similar to the combat project between seroxat and winter demon. but the percussion work is all delysid handiwork. i really like the way they incorporate 'the darkness is coming' sample into their build up. the use of their melodic leads is really awesome, somewhat reminscent of their work on the 1st track of this cd. the melody shows some cool progression as it undergoes a smooth fade out, where it is replaced by some more serious leads. what follows is pretty much standard delysid mayhem, with some really nice tweaked out mean leads. towards the end the introductory tune is once again brought back. this is a pretty cool track with some nice ideas, most prominantly incorporating the horror tune (from the film i presume) into the track. some people might find this track on the cheesy side, in some ways it really reminds me of winter demon's past work, but i feel it does well in its effort and stands up to the delysid standard. 8/10.

IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  247
Posts :  2635
Posted : Oct 6, 2007 02:50
5. contagious delusion [147 bpm]: the tune starts off with an interesting melody accompanied with the usual delysid fx, and a cool melody, not to mention some massive tricks to get the track going. very serious tone. the leads and general atmosphere of the track are more twisted than the last track, with twisted little metallic leads causing some brain damage. around the 2nd minute, the buildup is really awesome and i love the pure twisted lead that comes out of it. this is by far the most deranged tune on this album. as with any of their work, they keep the acid levels up most of the time, and the time they let you go at 3.30, there are some really groovy fx with some really playful beat changes. some really cool ideas. the intro tune is used again, and the buildup is epic! just epic! by 4.45 the track peaks out after a pain stakingly drawn teasing buildup.. the track is just awesome, the acidic leads are deranged beyond words, and the melody that follows it up keeps things sinsiter. by 5.40 these guys really lose it, no melody, just scratchy leads and some twisted fx, accompanied with the high paced kick bass. towards the end of this manic rant they try to give a more melodic feel to it and only succeed in giving this beast a sharp set of teeth . towards the end of the track, the tune sounds like it undergoes some severe withdrawal symptoms, and brings a fitting close to this monster ride. this is by far some of the most twisted work these guys have put out, especially the way they just lose it around 5.40. wow! definitely one track to look out for. 9/10.

6. combat - mind revolution (delysid rmx) [146 bpm]: here we have delysid remixing combat (winter demon vs seroxat). the original is on the debut noize conspiracy release, the combat album, really dont remember the combat sound too much, though the solo winter demon n seroxat tracks on the album were pretty good. anyways it was interesting to see what delysid would do with this track. from the get go you have hints of the original being dropped all over, and you have an interesting eery atmosphere to the track. the bassline used is interesting to say the least, its the standard delysid percussion work with a hint of the original track. the leads and fx used are a cool combination of original combat sounds coupled with some really demented work from delysid. around 2.45 the track goes a cool buildup with delysid adding their own magic to the spooky feel that the original had. around the 4th minute, the original melody is introduced and there is a whole new arrangement of melodies that accompanies it. the combination is pretty twisted, think of a very eery very twisted arrangement, on one hand there is the original lead and on the other you have some very long drawn deranged metallic leads, accompanied with a more tribal sounding bassline. the madness along with characteristic winter demon sounds carries along till the end. all in all this isnt a bad track. its pretty much what a remix should be about, an artist retelling another's story through their own sounds. which is what delysid do. the original was an alright track i thought, and though this remix adds a new level on the twisted meter, im still not too into the track. perhaps its just me but i thought this was an alright track. 7/10.

7. noize infection [146 bpm]: here we have the title track of the cd, so expectations are high . lets see how this one plays out. starts off on a slightly different note, but the aggression just pours out. some nice ambient pads and an interesting lead in the beginning. nervous edgy introduction, which reminds me a little of azax syndrom's leads to a smooth and driven bassline. this track has some nice glitchy fx and there are these twisted leads all over the place. the bassline is really neat, and at 1.45 the track goes up a notch with some really slick work with numerous leads. at 2.12 the adrenaline rush is unbelievable, this track is really sick. the leads are pretty much merciless, and have some wicked tweaking done to it, gives it the 'r2d2 gone mad' sound . i like the little groovy break they put in the 2nd minute and the track rushes back in a whirl. wow, it seems like these guys just sat down in a monster session at the studio and have taken out all their energy in this track. the leads they use are reminscent of some old school sounds that seroxat and azax syndrom used to alot. there are some great layers to the track, with the ruthless lead having nifty little sounds around it to make sure the sense of mayhem is kept alive. the sample around the 4th minute is apt to say the least, 'you have to stop exposing yourself to so much noise...' i love the break that follows, they pull out every trick they can think of. you have the lead gaining intensity , the ambient pads leading the anticipation, muted kicks coming and going. the break goes on for the whole 4th minute only to explode! this is some serious mayhem these guys have thought of, they are relentless with their ideas and use loads of new sounds. the feel of the track only gets more massive and harsher with every passing moment. the break in the 5th minute is pretty slick, though i felt it a bit unneccessary. but the track comes back with as much if not more power. the track is finished off in a pretty regular fashion with the kick bass coming into prominence and slowly the elements fading out with the sample, 'infection' leaving the listener in a daze. this is a massive track and lives up to the expectations of a title track. it is definitely not for the feinthearted and i think anyone would love to drop this track during the peak hours of the night. steller track, strong contender to contagious delusion on the twisted scale . 9/10.

8. demential conspiracy [148 bpm]: the track starts off with an interesting sample of a guy talking about his name being project 0.5 something, pretty cool, and there are some eery leads beginning the story. sounds a little like shift, and soon the muted kicks and the pads welcome build up to the kick bass. the kick bass is pretty much the standard delysid kickbass, and the work on the leads is similar to their previous arrangements. around 1.45 they use a really nice long drawn out lead. the buildup that follows is cool as the bassline doesnt show that much of a change, its just that the highs drop, giving it a more driven feel. a really nice melody is introduced soon after, and to me it sounds alot like shift, probably his track kapitol off his last album. regardless the delysid boys leave their trademarks all over the story by having some very flipped out fx providing a constant barrage of sound. the buildup towards the end of the 4th minute is nice, sort of groovy, like the bassline changes they show, the samples of the guy talking glitch in and out, and the delysid boys dont leave the listener bored and provide some constant bleeps and bloops. soon this takes the form of a groovy little monster slowly but surely building up, some really nice ideas here. soon the mindgames are dropped and by 5.30 the track has a roll in buildup, losing all sense of fun, the track goes straight to the next level. the melody is serious and menacing and there is a constant barrage of fx that will leave your mind sliced up. then out of nowhere they bring this nifty little break, 'what the hell....'. ahahahah really killer idea, and the track doesnt waste any time in getting back bigger and meaner :D. the melodies are more aggressive with the leads used having an edgy feel to them, and soon by the middle of the 6th minute the track begins to lose its hold on itself and smoothly slows down to an end, all the while a sample is repeated on and on, referring to the 'darkness..'. well this track did not really start off too promisingly, not really giving anything new which hasnt already been presented in this album, but as the story progresses there are some very nice ideas and tricks these guys pull off. the groove attack in the begininng only to be followed by some serious mayhem . very nice. 8.5/10.

9. lucid madness [148 bpm]: the track starts off with the usual kick, and a rather sad and haunting melody. loads of samples around, though i couldn't quite understand what they say. builds up wonderfully to get the kick bass going. they leave no room to breathe here, as the intro melody sticks on pushing the story onwards. really like the way these guys play around with the melody to give it more depth and some more character. though they dont stick to it too long and soon pull of some of the most aggressive changes one can think of. the track stomps on at 148 bpm, with some real drive. the melodies are sinister and there are some more new sounds. sort of sound a little like azax syndrom at this point, but once again they still keep to their trademark sound. the track only progresses to take on a more edgy feel to it, really nerve rattling stuff. i like the lead they introduce around 2.52, a very harsh metallic lead that destroys you soon after, as the power keeps coming. these guys keep the madness going, and the bassline is jumpy as hell. really steller stuff. by the 4th minute the track takes a breather, and an azax syndrom like melody takes away any semblance of reality. the samples are pulled off really well, and on the whole add a very disorienting feel. after a whole minute without chaos, the track simply erupts and the madness goes on. this track is a non stop roller coaster ride into some very dark scary places, and the melodies really speak for themselves. this track doesnt really let up till the absolute end, continuing to taunt listeners with a deep distorted lead that would make even the most tired stomper come back to life. this is another awesome track. more than being twisted, this one is all about power, pure and simple. 9/10. 
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  247
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Posted : Oct 6, 2007 02:51
10. exaile - use your mind (delysid rmx)[145 bpm]: well here we have the 2nd remix of the album, this time remixing former chemical crew regulars, exaile. i havent really heard the original of the track so i wont really be able to make any comparisons. anyways lets get to the good stuff. the track starts with an innocent little tune, somewhat reminscent of the silent virus melody from earlier in this album. accompanying this tune, are some deep ambient pads, and soon enough the mayhem creeps its way to the surface and things get moving slowly but surely. by 0.53 the track is moving with a pretty standard kick bass. the percussion work definitely sounds like delysid, and the melodies come across as a nice combination of both exaile and delysid's styles. there are standard delysid leads that provide some good fx to the melody, and by 1.45 you have use of guitar riffs and a catchy melody, which gains more momentum as the track progresses. the melody i feel is more representative of exaile's sound, but delysid add on their special touch to the make it sound like a pretty haunting melody, definitely some nice stuff. the break around 2.40 is wonderful, lots of exaile madness with some furious fx all over the place. wonderful stuff this, long drawn out melodies with some crazy fx, that leave you wondering how this track is just at 145 bpm. by 3.35 or so, there is sublime little melody played out on guitar, its a little tweaked and at times drawn out by the stabbing delysid leads, but the overall effect is staggering. some cool tricks with the groove attack, but the best part of this track has to be the break in the middle of the 4th minute. they get in some classic guitar work. definitely what exaile are known for. just sublime, powerful electric guitar riffs. the track then has some really cool breaks. the buildup is loads of fun, and the track just takes you by surprise! delysid come in adding their own little melody which goes wonderfully with the guitar sample coming and going. the track goes on bringing on a more dynamic melody which is more exaile, only to finish things off with the delysid boys going berserk with some of their trademark stabs. all in all, this is an awesome track, and a great combination of the 2 styles each project brings. wow, this one will definitely be one of the most played tracks from this album . 9.5/10.

final comments: this is a pretty sweet album, and well lived up to what i expected from it. from a home listener's point of view the only complain i might have that is that at first listen most of the tracks sound too similar... only after giving paying some really close attention to their music can one appreciate how at times they lean towards a more melodic feel, while at others they pursue a more darker tone to their music. as for listening to the whole thing at one go, i cant handle so much chaos at once hehe. having said that, i think the best way to enjoy this album would be to listen in small helpings, because the tracks are at times are just too much. which is what this project is always about, putting out some 'acid music' heh . as a dj tool, this baby is a must have. with tracks going from 145 to 148 bpm, what you have your hands is a weapon of mass destruction. i really enjoyed this album, especially the tracks at lower bpms (145-146 bpm). the album art is alright, but still not as good as what noize conspiracy had for their endangered species compilation. to sum things up, this album is for anyone who loves powerful high paced music, full of melodies, topped off with a whole but load of mayhem . big up to noize conspiracy for putting out another great cd, and to delysid for not disappointing.

overall rating: 9/10.
stand outs: 10!!, 8!,7!!,5,1!,3

p.s. just thought id mention that ill be posting my reviews here as well as at


Started Topics :  8
Posts :  109
Posted : Oct 6, 2007 22:30
I had my first trip on a set by Delysid this summer, and he dropped most of these bombshells, so I'm rather biased. But damn was that a sickeningly beautiful experience. Most intense hours of my life. This album rocks, though like I said, I may be a bit biased.
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 05:36
It feels like I'll have to check this one...
Respect!           .
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CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  97
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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 13:16
I had the pleasure listen to it today at 06.00 am and I didn't knew what to expect
its elite
Mpravo delysid for the music
Mpravo mike and NC crew for the choise
CRX,HSS           Helicon Sounds Music
Scrambled Headz
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  47
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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 15:28
the Delysid boyz cookd the album perfectly and also Nc did an excellent job in trusting them with a Debut Album !!

I heard the album when it first came out and also been to a dj set by Andrew just bfr the release and i was shure that the album would be a great hit for everyone !!
Im also shure that it rockd every dancefloor its been to this summer !!

Amazing production !!

10/10 !!

Hope summer 08 we'll meet at the boom dancefloor Dely mofos !!
          : Panaiz *25 Motorbrain :

Started Topics :  117
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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 09:23
Mofos are very talented guys working hard with their music... Been listening their music from start and I must say that they have made a huge improvement...

Album is a tool for the ppl digin this style of music and mike decided to release it making a great job.!

They played most of the trax in full moon fest, and the crowd really was enjoying what was coming out of these guys performance... Well done and keep it up

See u again soon somewhere u malakesssssssssss

P.S squirm, i really appreciate the time u spend to write the reviews u've been writting so long, but man, u have to start making them more friendly to the eye U cant imagine how hard and annoying is to read all this, the way is been written...

Noize Conspiracy Records

Started Topics :  7
Posts :  37
Posted : Oct 8, 2007 21:23
this album is a killer
good luck for the mofos
realy liked our rmx there

Brain Hunters
Brain Hunters

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Oct 9, 2007 15:34

100/100 jijiji

9,7,8,1,2,10,4 killer tunesssssssss

Dance Among The Spirits 
Paula (FOP)
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Oct 9, 2007 23:40
We played together at Universo Paralello and their music was killer... hope this album goes the same direction...

So nice to meet u guys... good luck with ur music!! 
Cortex - Tempo Shrine

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  213
Posted : Oct 9, 2007 23:42
good luck there with the album
Noize Infection will be very nice to listen keep rock
next 20/oct - drops reflections party austria
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  94
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Posted : Oct 10, 2007 02:29
very strong debut album
also production has improved a lot ...
Keep up with the good work Brofos ...


Started Topics :  19
Posts :  146
Posted : Oct 15, 2007 16:19
gooooood luck with this one - congratz!!!

looking forward to get my copy soonish

all the best

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Oct 18, 2007 13:33
The mofos have been at it again and cooked together a mind twisting brew of stompers.
Some true gems in there!!!
I bet that this album will hit hard on dance floors all over the world and throw people into a Delysid fueled frenzy.
Way to go and the best of luck to ya!!!!           ----------------------------------------
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