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Trance Forum » » Forum  Mexico - Dec. 2nd 2006, Deliria & Xabat present: Forest Frequency II

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Dec. 2nd 2006, Deliria & Xabat present: Forest Frequency II

deliria mara

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Posted : Oct 6, 2006 18:18
Forest Frequency II

Tales from the Forest

December 2nd, 2006 (saturday)

In the name of good vibe, art and groove…
We would like to thank you for the excellent energy and support you have given us in Forest Frequency I… That energy has motivate us and inspire us because it was proved that the magic is still alive in our scene and that good vibes and good music are the escencial ingredients for a memorable party. We have been planning the second part with lots of love and excitement, and to thank you, we put together one of the finest and grooviest line ups in years.
We have something truly special planed along with lots of surprises for you to enjoy. We will stick to our proposal of getting conciousness with very positives intentions. We truly believe that only together with good energy we will be able to impulse our beloved trance scene.
Xabat & Deliria.


S e n s i e n t
Zenon Records / Australia

S o n k i t e
Digital Structures / Suecia

T i c o n
Digital Structures / Suecia

M i n i l o g u e
Traum / Baroque Records - Suecia

More info coming soon...

More info coming soon...

More info coming soon...


Produced by SatiVibe.
SatiVibe is a space that allow us to bring you different perspectives and atmospheres. The intention is that this space grow and develop and get the same importance as the main stage. There will be great artists that will present us their rhythmic ideas.
At the same time this space is also created to promote the variety and diversity of music, visual art, social and ecological conciousness , that’s why there will be workshops and info stands about important social and ecological topics. Let’s ACT!

dj's, vj and more info will be post very soon...

Audio by QFactor – powered by D&B Audio Technik

Ecological Squad.

Once again we will be recieving aplications to join the ecological squad, all you need to do is send your eco proposal to, telling us an original idea that can help us to keep the party free of garbage. You will get a T-Shirt and your entrance if your proposal is original and accepted.

We will be updating the info soon...Please check our web site for info and details, and please feel free to email us for any inquire, it will our pleasure to listen to you and help in your doubts!

Love and Light,

Deliria & Xabat.

(keeping it cool and groovy)


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Posted : Oct 6, 2006 20:17
thanks Deliria and xabat again for an amazing line up this party would be fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted : Oct 6, 2006 20:50
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2006 00:22


Sensient in mexico!!!! woooooooooooooooooow
im gonna be there right next to the right speaker

Nice really nice!!!!!           If u are Something, Dont ask for nothing
If u are Nothing, Dont ask for something

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Posted : Oct 7, 2006 02:46
Its getting usual that Xabat & Deliria offer us an excelent Line Up, something really nice, i just cant wait to this party, Son Kite, Ticon, Sensient and Minilogue, what else u can ask?

Hope to see u guys there.


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Posted : Oct 7, 2006 03:46
Very nice party; groooooooooooooooovy!!!!!!!
see you there           the music is the soundtrack of your life
°.• Ekym •.°

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 00:00
yeha !!! thanks deliria & xabat !!

this is a new age partys in mexico !!!

minilouge aka. Son kite in mexico it´s wonderful !!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 16:05
ajala ajala saken el party           -PaRtYcLeS aLL oVeR tHE WoOdS
Syd Barrett

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 18:06
A huevooooo!!

I'll be there for sure chaps...

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 20:23
Great proggy mexican parties are taking a name now, dont they?

Good luck on this one Deliria´s team, u guys work pretty hard and always in a honest way, Thanks for that!

See u guys at this deli-fest, i cant wait to listen to this wonderful tunage!!
deliria mara

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 20:55
Hi everyone...
Thank you for your great feedback! We are working hard and want this to be our best production to date...

We also want you guys to know that this will be the official World Release party of Sensiet's highly anticipated new album "AntiFluoro" wich will be released early December on his australian label Zenon Records.

Needless to say, we are very proud to be hosts to one of the most original minimal / progressive acts today and we are sure the Mexican Banda will love this journey into the deeper side of trance...

Here's a review:
Zenon Records presents the much awaited third album from Australian act Sensient. Following on from his last album “Pressure Optimal” Sensient brings you more of his deep, intelligent, minimal-progressive creations. The trademark dark-tech vibe is still evident, but a more quirky vibe is also in effect. The emphasis is on original sounds, syncopated rhythms and deep soundscapes. Updated production techniques have been utilised, and this combined with his determination to push musical boundaries ensures that this release is a unique experience in the psytrance scene.

Latest info about the party:

Be Groovy!!

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Posts :  12
Posted : Oct 9, 2006 22:49
yeah!!! nice line up, son kite & Ticon!
n sensient... progressive witch eggs!!
very groovie!!!

thanks deliria!!

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Posted : Oct 10, 2006 04:31
the Deliria partys are the best of the best in Mexico...
and this time smells like "the party " yeeeeei ...
all the best for u my friends and see u soonish!

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Posted : Oct 11, 2006 20:53
Good one!!! diferent artist make the scene better.           UGLY BEFORE!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 12, 2006 00:17

Wooow sensient releasing new album and in mexico
Pressure optimal is one the best albums in trance that i ever heard big fan here!!!

Can wait to the party!!!!!!           If u are Something, Dont ask for nothing
If u are Nothing, Dont ask for something
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