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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Debate going on about Dark vs Full-on (Opinions plz)
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Debate going on about Dark vs Full-on (Opinions plz)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 6, 2004 23:30
man, threads like this really give me the impression that psy scenes around the world are very divided. here in the northeast US, there are so few of us that dark, full-on, prog, whatever, we all party together with not a lot of complaints
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 00:57
if it's high bmp it's full on.. as easy as that..

if it's not cheesy it's progressive..

if it's from twisted or dragonfly it's psytrance..

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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 01:01
yu know this whole sub genry thingy is retarded..

back in the days it was goa..

then we started calling it psytrance.. cos it was psychedelic trance..

then along came minimal trance, then progressive trance, then tech trance..

now if you ask me all those are just "progressive trance" ..some of it can be psytrance.. that is if you find it psychedelic..

once upon a time there was happy hardcore.. then people started calling it nitzhonot (whatever), and then full on..

then people started talking about night and morning music.. which i have absolutely no idea of.. and now there a genre called "dark" ? no way! maybe it's just "dark full on"? or "dark progressive" ? i don't know, i don't care.. infact i go back to watching star wars now..           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 02:09
Thanx guys for spending sometime reading the related topic... Actually i was getting confused in the original conversation in the greek section. is it jelousy, is it oposite sides or is it just me have wrong thouhts.
Well it seems that I agree with almost all the above posts which this makes me correct for all those that I have said...

There are no devil signs and shit, ppl can act the way they like on stage, ppl can listen to whatever they feel like, and yes each and everyone of us has its own tastes and preferences...

I dont wanna give 'titles' to everything that i listen, but either we like it or not we give names to what comes to our ear...

This is called evolution mates... Listening to more and more styles every day, someone has to give certain names... like the old days, there were only black and white movies of charlie chaplin... Now days, i dont realy know how to describe most of the movies... Action, thriller, social, documentary, drama...

For me, everything is acceptable... Everything that captures my curiosity is very much welcome and I will not put boundaries to my feeding machine, concerning music...

Psycotic Micro in this case were a duo that offered a very powerfull show, everybody was jumpin up and down (like the pics are showing) and tracks were absolutly killers!!!! Although all these, ppl came to critisize and call psychotc micros acting devilish and that it does not fit to the psy culture... Funny!!!
Like i said in my previous post, we have experienced some new blasters from the chemical crew mafia and i can assure u that if u have the chance to listen to this act u will know what Im talking about...

Their set had nothing to do with 'devils' and shit... Hand signs and all the things that have been said from several ppl regarding evil signs and all are bullshit
for me...

I wanted to make this topic here in the 'TRANCE' section in order for more ppl ro see what is going on around the wolrd and in this case in our places and post a feedback and an opinion...

It seems that the majority of u in here have the same believes according to the specific subject which in returns this makes me feel that the ppl in the greek section are just talking and fighting but at the same time they are having several issues affecting their thoughts... such as (jelousy...?)

Anyways, Im realy glad that all the above ppl spend sometime to read and reply and I hope we keep enjoying what is coming out from the studios what ever genre might that be...

Peace 2 all &


P.S It wouldnt harm anyone to post your thoughts on the original discussion in the greek section, on the other hand ppl will see what the majority believes...
Noize Conspiracy Records

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 03:02

I responded in the other thread.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 08:05
Yep i totally agree let there be dark and then let there be light! We all enjoy the night and then we all enjoy the morning it's all a trip night and day - dark and light. These discussions are useless in a way because we all have to appreciate the time and love the artist take to do the music! I think that this is the path we need to accept each other more!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 10:01
I dont understand why can someone have problems with mickey making those hand signs? why do you have to count it as devil's sign?
its just his way of making a psychedelic sign. thats it.
they are one of the best producers in the scene and why do you all have to start this dark vs morning game. everyone has their individual choice. no music is good or bad. its what you like and dont like.
as ganjagil said, i do enjoy both the styles.
so just keep rockin
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 11:13

On 2004-10-07 10:01, acidmantra wrote:

hey now hes makin devil signs .....


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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 18:22

On 2004-10-06 19:25, psyk wrote:

please stop makin issues of such trivial things........


live and let live
spread the peace and the brotherhood
remember everyones different and thats where the fun lies!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 18:30

On 2004-10-06 19:50, psyk wrote:

btw psychotic micro are one of the best fullon producers in our scene......

IMO Dark is not associated with the DEVIL...........
its just that the music is more twisted and plays more on ones helps u transcend barriers and enjoy better at least for me..........
may because of the scary atmosphere that it generates is the reason why people call it the DEVILs music

and i dont understand the fuss about mickey & kobi making signs which people think are a part of the rock scene........
as long as the music makes u move all is long as the music doesnt breach the barrier of being psychedelic who gives a shit...........

enjoy the music and dont get peeved by the other crap!!!!

bom!!!!!           At the end there is a DOOR & waiting for you on the other side of that door is either HEAVEN or HELL

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 20:18
hello to everyone

this post is intended to show the night trance world as it is, i will not define it comparing it to other styles, i will not define it comparing it to the pre-established concept of what the "psychedelic scene" is, i will just define what night trance looks for, the characteristics of the universe it explores, the line that has been chosen to follow, develop and multiply.

i have personally explore darkness since i was a little kid listening to marilyn manson, nine inch nails and all that stuff, i have been a depressive goth with my nails painted black and i have also danced under the sun listening to gms, talamasca and sesto sento. but the dark side is where i always go back, so therefore darkness and its world have been a constant in my life and now i give you my conclusions about it in a hopefull attempt to sort out the infinite loop of debate called light vs dark.

there is a confusion in this discussion, a pattern of disorder in all the threads and discussions that are related with the light vs dark issue. most of them have to do with the fact that each side discusses its point going in circles, they all lock in their position until no one is hearing each other no more ("KEEP IT EVIL", "PSYTRANCE SHOULD BE EUPHORIC AND HAPPY"). and then you have the deepest confusion, which is when each side uses the "psychedelic scene" to go after the other, "full on is not psychedelic", "evil and satan have nothing to with psychedelic".

i will make 2 flat statements before starting

1)psychedelic trance is based on the idea of destroying our ego to achieve collective consciousness and unite with ourselves, nature, cosmos, humanity, everything that exists throughout celebration, which includes music as a vital part.

2)all sub styles of psychedelic trance belong to psychedelic trance, in fact psychedelic feeds from these differences and this is what makes it so interesting. its one of the few scenes which actually preaches differences as something positive ("why be normal if you can be yourself?"), everyone is allowed to dance, dress and be the way they choose.

ok now on to night trance

darkness is not about good or about evil, it has nothing to do with god or satan. night is not the reply to full on, dark is not the dialectic opposite for light. darkness is a third way, a twisted one, sometimes is scary, sometimes is not clear, but its there, the cosmos in its full strengh, the darkness surrounding the sun. night trance has nothing to do with sadness, depression or anguish, it has nothing to do with happynnes and perfection, its just a third way, trascending good and bad. it is a crazy dance, with strange creatures, strange enviroments, its a dark forest with gobling juggling and aliens flying above, its the feeling you get when you go walking in the dark, and everything can be possible, either good or bad, it does not matter, the idea of a thousands of possiblities is what matters, your mind attempting to sort it out and failing.

darkess is that line, its not death, but its nof life. it has the strengh to destroy your ego, it goes deep and hits hard, its not pleasent, but that is the whole point, the idea is not be confortable, the idea is to destroy every point holding you to your mind and your ego. fear is a very important obstacle to overcome, and night trance deals with this issue all the time, they show you death, they show you pain, but not because they want to dwell in it forever, not because they want everyone to die and be unhappy, on the contrary they attack one of the most complicated parts we have to deal as spiritual beings, the fear of death and suffering. night draws its energy out of the abyss, out of death and fear, that is what it makes it so powerfull, the basslines, the heavy acid sounds, its a constant line and the ones who are not afraid to follow it understand what it is all about.

look at the pictures of psychotic micro playing in cyprus, look at their eyes, their bodies, strengh, no fear, twisted dance, shouting to the cosmos, doing the devil sign in an attempt to express an energy which cannot be reduced to gestures, words, only sounds and feelings. again, night trance is not for feeling relaxed, its not pleasent, its for those who have decided to live life its full strenght, taking the good and the bad as equal, pulling out energy from everything that happens, as a warrior, as a goblin, as creature, forgetting we are human, forgetting our ideas and personal feelings, becoming cosmos, the warped universe that surrounds us.

psychedelic trance explores the unknown, it goes to space, it goes to the back of our minds, and night trance in this time is the one who leads the way in to these strange worlds which we dont know, we dont imagine, aliens, black holes, e.s.p, magic, pyramids, all of these are not good or bad, just strange, unpredictable, like when you were a small kid and you were afraid of the dark, you could imagine everything there, monsters, freddy krueger, god, satan, its all the same, what is important is that feeling of uncertainty which sets your "other side" working, irrational, fractal, cosmic, that is darkness, not knowing what will happen, finding peace in uncertainty.

zen buddist have satori, hindu relgions illumination, we occidental-freaks have psychedelic trance and now night trance, get those fucking egos destroyed and dance .

ok there it is, for me that is darkness, and it will continue to explore it every day, trying to be less human everyday, trying to turn into an alien everyday, fuck sadness, fuck happiness, i just want twisted shit going on .

bom shankars for everyone           Psychedelic Trance from Argentina

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 20:56
Hehe, could n't have put it better           Turn On, Tune In, Trance Out!!!
Drat Mafia

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 22:41
well for me this music has a place but i'd rather not be a part of it...which is fine, i will lurk in the chill and talk to smiley people. for me a dance floor is all about mixing with happy smiling people rather than the aggression which is shown in those photos (or as somebody put it "taking their devils out...scarey stuff, not for my eyes thanks...). it's not what partying means to me... i prefer it sunny anyways

however people like different things, which is cool but yes...if u take this "dark" trance and compare it to morning progressive then yes...the scene is very split.


Started Topics :  117
Posts :  2738
Posted : Oct 8, 2004 01:16
Nice said by filter...

I like the way u think man... It shows that u do your 'homework' what ever that is !!!

Keep the search man, it wont harm u or anyone elses...

Noize Conspiracy Records

Started Topics :  94
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Posted : Oct 8, 2004 08:12
and i like i boisterous, ruckus, high energy etc...
i can't STAND a sleepy dance floor...blissed out is one thing but SLEEPING on the dancefloor is not allowed i swear;)
nothing like a good bit of OOMPH to get ya off yer duff and movin eh?!
what are ye?! Ninnies? are ye afraid of a little MUSIC?
it won't HURT ya i promise-
this here is music for DANCING- for your body to LEAVE YOU for once...
the mind should be going "wow"
for sure- that "formula" trance won't work here- you'll need new sounds and new hooks and new riffs and new tricks.
the spirit should be awakened for sure.
the BODY should be MOVING as in SERIOUSLY moving- i want to see AEROBIC EXERCISE!!!!
i think this dark vs' light debate is BOGUS, BALONEY< BULLSHIT< AND UTTER HOOEY (horsepuckey)
the REAL question for ME is
is it LOW energy or is it HIGH energy?
is is mellow or crazy-
dynamics are nice.
i can't really listen to music like i just described during the normal daytime/workweek etc as it makes it hard to concentrate...i just wanna dance...
i usually listen to chill out, classical, or nothing...
but when i want a dance i really get bored with the same old sounds, buildups, melodies, hooks, samples, etc... thats why like crazier more artistic music these days- why bother with polished turds?
anyway- peace
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