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D-tek new album Broken Disk


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Posted : Nov 2, 2006 19:56
great album i have heard few trx from it
best of luck david

keep it up           release n'attack compiled by zion out now orb records

here try this"*´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·` * ..·´¨` .¸¸.·´¨`»

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Posted : Nov 2, 2006 20:10
All the best David,
Looking forward to hear it soon 

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Posted : Nov 6, 2006 07:06
thanks for all the great words to everybody
heres the track list..

1- Intro
2- Reflections
3- World of illusions
4- Always choose redial
5- Broken Disk
6- Axtek
7- The Cave
8- Apple talk (live mix)
9- All systems go
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 7, 2006 08:33
I've listened to the album's preview and I liked it, so be it...

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Posted : Nov 8, 2006 00:07
hey daviddddd....
congradulation....for your new coming album,
Shove/Teen Sluts

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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 06:09
hey David... i just have to remark..... the album is a BOMB! .... good sounds... good ideas... good feelings....
the best to you always ...

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 08:25
Track by Track:

Naked, atonal synth drones settle into the audiosphere with the grace and ease of a futuristic transport vessel. Slipping the mind out of its everyday state and into an ethereal zone, the intro to "Broken Disk" readies and foreshadows well an upcoming, untold hour-long psy-trance saga!

The closing track in D-Tek's latest generation of musical creations is, if anything, gritty... and with bass as funky and pulsing as this, it just doesn't go wrong. The leads are detailed, abstract, and meticulously done, each sound placement obviously carefully considered. By the end, all the elements are slamming and warping enough to keep your body wiggles going beyond your mind's expectations!

World of Ilusions
Introducing itself with a heavily filtered bassline and insectile chirpings traveling to and fro, "World of Ilitions" is at first a sort of larval metamorphosis translated to sound... and what bursts forth is a cacophany of sickly malevolent psytrance guaranteed to put even the most stoic into motion. Masterfully placed synths along with a great, scale-jumping filtered bass create an environment fit for any outdoor dancefloor!

Always Choose Redial
Banal reality turned surreal and pulsating, staccato bass lay the foundations for this track. "Redial" seems to rise up from below like a slow-motion uppercut, picking up enough audio velocity along the way to keep the astronauts satisfied with the view! A dynamic and original breakbeat keeps things fresh and splits this track into distinct, segmented "feels", each one with their own vibrant musical energy.

Broken Disk
This is the track the album is named after, and the tone of this track defines the whole album. This track is a piece of full-on psy-trance stomping madness! All the great elements are here... pitch-jumping bass, filtered psychedelic melodies which seem to travel about the track, and sweeping, echoed pads which seem to blossom from and return to nothingness. "Broken Disk" is masterfully engineered to be an assured hit, no matter how it's cut!

At times minimal and others disco-psy, Axtek is a unique amalgamation of beat timing experimentations, jumpy, bumpy bassbeats on the threes and fours and squelchy acid squirts. The melodies are funky and happy, and the ebb and flow of noises and sounds build up tension, mitigated by synth-sweeping breakdowns at the end of the measures. Pure head-nodding four-on-the-floor goodness!

The Cave
Coming at you hard, pounding and relentless, don't let the first few moments fool you... the chilled, quasi-Gothic synthwork at the beginning is but an illusion for the monstrous bulldozer of a bassline that shows its true colors before long. Electropiano chords, echoing melodies, dribblings which hop about the background, synthesized trance brass and hard housey horns make this a great high-energy track fitting for indoor cave scenes or out.

Apple Talk (Live Mix)
D-Tek's live remix of "Apple Talk" presents itself on a slightly more elevated plane than its predecessors on this album, and the sound range from ultra techy to darkly inimical. Serrated, corrosive synth edges punctuate the audio atmosphere and build up tension before an impressive breakdown... D-Tek really mixes up his sounds here, and the resulting rearragenement returns chaos to the dancefloor... hope you stopped to catch your breath!

All Systems Go
D-Tek's "All Systems Go" kicks off this next set of tracks with a bang... at once high-energy, trancey, yet sinister and dissonant; a sort of "James Bond on acid" feel. For the old-schoolers, there are plenty of lasers and phasers, low-fi squelching voices and retro-delic synth stabs ready to bounce around your noggin. The bassline is as mountianous as an amusement park ride, all driven in sync to a relentless drum beat and intricate percussion fills.

"Codes" is a track with a decidedly darker turn. The punchy, growling bass provides an undertow for panned metallic crashes lending feelings of spaciousness and speed. D-Tek throws some very original sounds into this mix, and his audio permutations are saturated with filters and effects. Nothing but red-eyed audio enjoyment here... D-Tek will leave you with your head above the clouds!

Exclusive worldwide distribution through BOA Distribution | | |

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 06:19
Blasting !

Un Abrazo cabron

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 13:48
Sounds Good David

can't wait to get a copy

wishing you all the best with that new record !!!!

thanx for all the infos and descriptions

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Posted : Jan 7, 2007 08:24
Yhanks for all the comments people i really appreciate it

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Posted : Jan 22, 2007 00:29
super good loock , joi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

te quiero y te deceo lo mejor , seguro es un exito.


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