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Crazy Ducks - Duck Season (Shiva Space Japan - Feb. 2007)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 6, 2007 02:06
Crazy Ducks – Duck Season (Shiva Space Japan, Feb. 2007)

1. Zoomzoom Baba - 07:04
2. Pytria Underwater - 07:36
3. Duck Season - 07:57
4. Go Quacky - 07:36
5. Fungus Cactus - 07:23
6. Kookie Pook - 07:34
7. Do you duck it - 08:31
8. Sygmatik - Leadless Dance (Crazy Ducks rmx) - 06:47
9. Chu pe-r00 - 08:54

Crazy Ducks are Yaron Osinsky and Moran Ben Meir. The album was mastered at Yaron Osinsky Studio in Haifa. All tracks are written and produced by Yaron Osinsky and Moran Ben Meir. The CD artwork is done by Adrian Willmansson and Yaron Osinsky.

Before listening to this CD, I was expecting to listen to something crazy, at least that seemed to be the aim of those who produced it. Indeed, Duck Season is a crazy album, full of strange sounds, surprising breaks, videogame atmosphere, and unexpected resolutions of the directions the sound takes.

What I liked most is the way of communication that this guys tried to create between the listener and the sound itself. I mean, I don´t speak the duck language spoken in every track of this album, but I could feel that a language was been constructed at every moment. The album is full of “solos” where sounds are taken to extreme experimentation. We can see how far each of the sounds can go and how many different combinations are possible. Sometimes this ends up making some parts of the tracks difficult to listen to, but it is really enjoyable to feel that there is a lot of work done in trying to investigate new things. This is a great achievement of the album.

(T3) Is a good example of the language used in this album. The track is ever changing, never gets boring or repetitive and has duck lyrics which IMO succeed in trying to catch the listener’s attention and, most important of all, express this duck feeling.

There is a good combination of duck sounds with a videogame background. I think this makes the music funnier, like easy going. I had the feeling that these guys really had fun while they were creating this. At moments there are a lot resemblances with the music that we listened too while we played videogames in the late 80’s. For example, (T4), (T7) & (T9).

I also liked a lot the baselines, pretty accelerated in some tracks and quite dark in some moments. There is a good combination of different feelings in every track. This restrains the album from being boring or repetitive and shows how creative the producers were. Going through the whole album, we find different stages; pure psychedelic combined with bagpipes (T1) or digital laughter followed by heavy sounds, with kicks that go up and the ducks always talking and talking. NOTE: the duck dialogue is non-stop.

There are, however, some moments I didn’t like much, moments in which some tracks seem to go nowhere. Like (T6), which anyway gets better at the end when there is some kind of light in all the duck mess of sounds that make this track. At this stage, this track goes really high. Cool.

Recomendation: this album is full of new stuff. Things that can be really useful in any dancefloor for creating crazy moments and breaks. IMO any raver likes to listen to innovative sounds at a party, it helps to create a good atmosphere, like if something new and good was going on. Another achievement that I found here is that although the tracks sound like too crazy at first and without a guiding line, most of them are really danceable.


(T2) Starts with a good base line, and then builds on very neatly. Each break allows a new sound to enter the construction. It has the combination of being a classical trance track with the ducky style of this album. There is a lot of energy in this music, high pitches all the time that inspire good psychedelic dancing. I think this is an example of a track that loses its way at the end, but still, it’s good.

(T5) Great track, very good for dancing in crazy moments. Combines a “darky” feeling with the ducks and is of course very danceable. I don't think that bringing these three things together in one track is an easy thing; this a very good track. It also has a trippy sound, which is good. It starts at the beginning of the track and is left behind by some duck lyrics, and when the whole sound construction seems to have no direction, the baseline and the guiding sound return and the music starts to go forward once more. The whole track has a feeling of speed that makes it very nice.
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs

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Posted : May 6, 2007 15:29
This Album has a jazzy funky groovy style especially for the morning times.1 of the most unique music I've heard for a long time and I saw it working perfectly on dance floors everywhere.
Big boom and good luck with further releases.
Keep on!!!

Digressio Traviato

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Posted : May 6, 2007 17:32
well well......
crazy ass album guys tuch of "psyblus".......hhh
the sound's and the tuns they made are just phenomenal
their music are twisted and funny at once
i deffenatly think that their music are the best way to open a beautiful morning
they fucking pump your brains out.

CRAZY DUCKS - moran & yaron

quak on u bros take care



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Posted : May 6, 2007 20:14

great music,

Go DuCkS!!!
Tsabeat/Sattel Battle

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Posted : May 6, 2007 20:16
good good album

favorites duck season and do u duck it

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 6, 2007 20:35 much time taking to write a review for this album?......i mean its released 3/4 months ago!

tnx to people! be honest i have assorted feelings about this album....i cant listen to this too much....
for me its good on the dance floors!

anyway.....if i like it or not ....its not matter

this album is probably the most unique album of this year......funky, funny, a lot of unique sounds!


neural rectifier syndrome
Neural Rectifier Syndrome/S.P.C.

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Posted : May 7, 2007 12:35
Your track on myspace is totally out there. Definately some of the most unusual I have heard for a long time. Keep up the good work guys. all the best!
Cannibal Syndrome Records
Cannibal Syndrome Records

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Posted : May 7, 2007 12:42
I heard Crazy Ducks live set in brisbane. And i really liked it.
I havent got the album yet. But if it holds the same quality as the live set. Iam sure that the album will rock most of the pants down. All the best to Crazy ducks !

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2007 11:32
definately unique sounds with crazy-funny gaming atmosphere but not a album which i would want to hear over & over.
certainly killer music for dancefloors.
gr8 music for professional use..
+ vibes..
quack quack.
>< we follow and preach ><
Moonsun Records

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Posted : May 10, 2007 13:58
killer 1 all the best crazy ducks
Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 14, 2007 12:04
Nice album!!!
Congratulations to Crazy Ducks!!!

Bom Bom 
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Posted : May 14, 2007 12:29
this is real excellent music!!
Moran u crazzzzyyy f***er .. ehee.... good luck to the 2 of u !


Discovalley Records
Discovalley Records

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Posted : May 14, 2007 13:36
Congratulations to Crazy Ducks for the album!

Nice one!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 15, 2007 00:53
This is my favorite album so far this year,

Track 9 is an absolute masterpiece! Amazing!! Maybe the best psytrance song ever made.
le barde

Started Topics :  32
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Posted : May 21, 2007 00:23
like very much your stuffs.. didn't get my hands on that one yet.. but certainly heard in a party already, having a good time
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