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Cosmic Station

Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Jun 3, 2003 21:19
Hello aliens!!
Finaly the time has come..
You can now chek out our new stuff available for free in the net!
Cosmic Station has been developed new stuff, new styles and new frontiers..
We have uploaded some gigs that we thought that you have to listen and be informed about this portuguese psychedelik ravolution..
Cosmic Station will continiu to grow their musical style as well ther experience with the constant technologycal development. They are working in nwe projects that soon will be known as well as RMX of some international artist .
We chose a bit of everything and it wasn't enough..
We'de like to show you all our projects but this is a bit difficult (only if you see us playng)
we expand our limits so you will find morning tunes as well Full on psychedelik or even night good traxx and good fuel for the brain.
I will do a short description about what you will find but its your opinion that WE WANT TO LISTEN!

At the usual spot ( )
you will find our most melodic and slow tunes, a concequence of our mind journeys throw the Cosmic Infinit World of unusual drops of enlighted counciusness (my soul almost run away of my body when i listen it). They are JOKER and LOST IN THE FOREST. But you will see as well the power of psychedelic Cosmic Full On with the DRUGONLATIK gig that blow any trancefloor (we have already tested this bomb).
But is a bit limited in the space available, so we have managed another site for you to download as well another great Cosmic tunes.
You will find us at Music Toyz with our most psychedelik powerfull full on music with a unusual and original sence of POWER with the CULTURAL XPERIENCE and SYSTEM OVERLOAD amazing traxx.
We have a small surprise too with the PSYCHEDELIK XAMAN new Cosmic Tune, that is provably a new style of triping throw the mistycal musical reality... I hope you like it!!!
Right Now we want to listen your opinions about it. All kind of constructive opinion are wellcome!!!
I hope you like it! You are one of the strongest reasons for it!

Cosmic Station traxx are available at:

I think thats all for now..
I hope that you can be usefull with your sugestions!!!

Cosmic Station

P.S- take some time to Refresh our new tunes....
Please wait untill it turns funcional
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : May 12, 2004 12:03
Hi everyone
Its now available on the net 3 tracks from Cosmic Station. We would like to know what did you feel about the tracks.

Cosmic Station download :

We hope you like them. Please tell us your opinion about them

Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  364
Posted : Mar 25, 2005 02:36
just know i meet the project of you and leandro i'm very impressed!!! the way u and him work !!!1 nice spirit in your minds the realy and beloved goa spirit!!! keep going my friends!!!
your sound is very very good!!!
keep me on the good vibes allways
mostly full on morning , my favorite kind of style

i wish too u COSMIC STATION all the very best!!!
portugal and the world will see COSMIC STATION rocking all over!!!

fingas maluko

" KeEp CoNnEcTeD "
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Aug 13, 2005 02:10
thank you amigo
this thread is kinda old and i think all this links are out of date.
if u want to be updated check our home made site. we keep it always updated.
thanks 4 suporting

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  60
Posts :  3709
Posted : Aug 13, 2005 19:41
Hey Guys!

just want to send my regards and tell you that you make some real nice music!

Its commercial but you sure make it packed with surprises and beatiful melodies...
i really like your strong energy music with those extacy leads...

keep tweaking....

Solar System

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  206
Posted : Aug 14, 2005 01:56
good luck my freind!
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Aug 14, 2005 19:45
Thanks a lot 4 the suport New era! New stuff coming very soon..
Lior my friend thanks 4 the good words

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  8
Posted : Nov 1, 2005 18:08
Cosmic Station - Ohm Vision
killer song... I'm listening Xpend you right now...

Any release soon?
Liquid Space

Started Topics :  102
Posts :  175
Posted : Nov 2, 2005 02:15
-------------THIS MAN ROCKZ-----------------           Psytrance Music and Sounddesign
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Apr 18, 2006 15:58
10x my friends!
new releases comimng soon:

- Cosmic Station VS Ovnimoon - Quemical Generation / V.A. Re-birth USTA Rec

- Sol - Tribute ( Cosmic Station rmx) / Millenium

- Cosmic Station - Newzing / V.A. Out of the blues Kagdilla Rec

- Cosmic Station - Acid & Sugar / Trinity series Divine Balance

- Cosmic Station Vs Miditec - Sirius Black / Avigmatic Rec

Ouut now:

- Cosmic Station - Phatt Cutz (NOK rmx) / V.A. Goa Tribes Millenium Rec.
(there was a mistake in the printing of the cd so our track is under DNA name and vice versa)

Already out:

- Cosmic Station - Ohm Vision / V.A. Loud Frequency Drugless Rec

- Cosmic Station - Xpand you / V.A. Loud Frequency2 USTA Rec

- Cosmic Station Vs Miditec - Crystal Vision / Miditec album USTA Rec _ V.A. Goa 13 YSE

all info in constant update @

Bunker Jack
Bunker Jack

Started Topics :  28
Posts :  495
Posted : Apr 18, 2006 18:54

good luck fingas!
i know your project will rock big big time...

see you soon my friend...
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Apr 23, 2006 23:56
thanks kiko
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  93
Posts :  1155
Posted : Apr 24, 2006 17:35
Hi Fingas good luck with the project
Black Machine

Started Topics :  56
Posts :  366
Posted : Apr 25, 2006 22:58
Hey fingax
i wish u all the best with you music. great stuff.
take care and keep it up my friend.
Cosmic Station

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  1235
Posted : Apr 28, 2006 18:02
Thanks for the kind words guys!
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