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Trance Forum  Forum  Greece - Concerning the Moonsun event last Sunday with Koxbox and Absolum and not only.

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Concerning the Moonsun event last Sunday with Koxbox and Absolum and not only.


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Posted : Feb 20, 2007 21:58
I didnt want to participate in this conversation but some things have to be said in public and the topic where i wanted to reply got deleted and i think that i got to say some things to some people in this forum because enough is enough and some users are getting way out of line,actually many users are crossing the limits lately.

A) SOUND PROBLEM : I can understand that the soundsystem problem almost ruined this party but you all got to understand that this was not something done intentionally,i mean just a stupid guy would want to destroy his own party right?YES Moonsun knew already that this place had soundsystem problems (since he had similar problems in his previous party there with Ticon and Tegma in which i was also present) and YES he should be more carefull with that sound issue BUT he did a soundcheck like he said before the party and everything seemed fine AND also he tried desperately to fix the problem when it occured by paying extra money and inviting an expert to fix it.Bad luck if you ask me and a little more attention that Moonsun should have given but didnt in a serious party factor like the soundsystem.He now knows what is wrong so he can fix it next time he decides to host a party there,if he makes a party there and again the same problem arises then feel free to come in this forum and call him a thief or a fraud or whatever you like but for now you dont have this right.

B) ARTIST DIDNT APPEAR : YES Moonsun also did a mistake by not announcing in public the fact that Absolum wouldnt attend this event especially when he knew this (and he called me also to let me know about it) couple of days before the event BUT he did announce it in the entrance of the party with a big poster and he also replaced Absolum with Nomad so a big mistake turned into a small one if you ask me,next time it would be wiser to announce this change of the line up as soon as the organiser gets to know it.After all this has happened to everyone including me,if you organise parties all the time these things just happen and its not nice to call someone a thief because an artist didnt appear in 1 of his 20 events.I mean i can ever remember someone calling me a thief because Dimitri Nakov didnt appear in the past in one of my events when i had already organised more than i dont know 50 maybe even more events where all the artists appeared normally,this was just lame if you ask me,shit happens and you should be more easygoing with the organisers because organising a big trance event is not an easy task,once in a while problems will come up and an artist can miss his flight or get sick or whatever,just learn to be more tolerant.

C) CAPACITY : Moonsun did another mistake which he tried to explain but i must admit that his explanation was not satisfactory for me at least.He said that this club has a 2000 people capacity.Well obviously the club isnt even near this capacity but lets say that Nick believed the owners who said that to him and he put it on the flyer.Two problems ofcourse rise up,first of all how come Nick couldnt see with his own eyes that the place cant fit this ammount of people and second how couldnt he know that the clubs capacity is much smaller from the time that he organised his first event there with Ticon and Tegma.Sorry but this is a big foul Nick since you know that the place cannot fit 2000 or even 1500 or even 1200 if you ask me.Anyway i guess this thing wont happen again in the future,i mean there is no point in trying to make the club look bigger than it is since its already a big place.

D)CLOAKROOM AND WC : My friend Triplex mentioned something about the absense of toilets and a cloakroom.While a cloakroom is welcome to be present in every club i got to admit that many clubs in Athens dont feature one,like i said it would be nice to have one in every club but its not 100% necessery so some places (especially the small ones) dont have a cloakroom BUT having toilets is 100% necessery and obligatory by the law and i dont know if this club has not any toilets but if it doesnt have any then this is a huge problem and something has to be done about it,me i would personally never organise an event in a place without a toilet.

E) RELATIONS BETWEEN ORGANISERS : Unlike many people might believe the organisers and promoters in Athens are not in any kind of war between them,at least the major organisers as far as i am concerned.Very very few people know it but especially in the last months the big organisers in Athens are in contact and are trying to find solutions concerning the dates and the parties that are going to take place in the future,many meetings are taking place on a weekly basis and we all speak on the phone almost on a daily basis.I will give you an example so that you understand what i am talking about.Last Sunday Moonsun had a party with Koxbox and i was involved in another party with Atmos,many people believed (like a user named Vally if i remember correctly) that i did a party on the same day with Moonsun just to take people from his event and fight him or whatever,what people didnt knew was that just couple of weeks ago me and Moonsun and Iraklis Mindphaser and some other people met and talked about avoiding such situations with parties falling on the same day and we reached some conclusions and made some plans,so while Moonsun had his event planned for Sunday i was going to have an event at the city of Patra for the carnival and i had booked already some artists (including Atmos) and had payed for some flight tickets,something though happened with the club there who asked more money than originally aggreed and i decided to cancel the party there and AFTER i spoke with Moonsun i told him that i would like to move the party here so that i wont loose all the advance money i had payed and there was no problem from his side so all was ok.Also we are trying to be in good contact with people that were not at that meeting couple of weeks ago like Psyacoustics people for example who called me and asked me if anything is planned for a specific date in March and i told them no and i also spoke about it with some other organisers and everything is fine from our side and this date belongs to Psyacoustics even though i have never ever met any of the guys behind this team.Nobody is asking permission to organise whatever from anyone but we are all in some kind of contact and we are trying to keep everyone happy,i dont know if and how long this good situation is going to last but i can assure you that some people are trying for the best.So please next time before you start attacking organisers that you think that are trying to hurt your friend organisers make sure to know what you are talking about.

E) FRIENDS AND ENEMIES POSTING ALL THE TIME : This is becoming really annoying,many people in this place have multiple accounts and post good words for their friends and bad words for those that they consider as their enemies,this had stopped for a time but lately the same problem has started again,if you guys think that we dont know who is a real user and who is a fake one then you better reconsider your thoughts and stop making fun of yourselves.If you want to support someones parties then ok go on and post something good and thats enough but please dont spam this forum by making good comments for certain people and saying bad things about the others,i dont want to give examples but there are certain users who find everything perfect in someone's parties and everything awful in someone else's parties,this has to stop,if you like a party make a nice comment,go there and have fun,if you dont like another party,dont go there and dont comment about it especially if you didnt go there at all.Dont want to say more about this,i just hope it stops soon otherwise i can see many people getting kicked out of this place.Oh by the way for some wiseguys around this forum,if you think that the internet provides you with an anonymity then you better wake up cause things are not like that at all,ask some older users in this forum to say some funny and some not so funny stories to you.Say what you want to say but try to be polite and respect the others.

F) THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM : Just in case you didnt noticed this is not a greek forum but the greek section of an international forum which means (like its already stated in the guidelines) that you are obliged to use just the english language so that everyone understands what you are trying to say,if you cant say what you want in english then dont say nothing and also please leave the macho man words (pseutomagies) aside,if you want to fight then find each other and fight but please spare us from your insults and provocations in public,you are just jeopardizing yourself.

Thats all for now i guess.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 00:22

You are Da man           [b]osobuko/b]

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 00:59
detox some of us who has a psychedelic way of life can't see that situation in athens...we want good events...not only to wait the summer to be in a fest and have fun...that's the reason we criticise the parties...some of the organisers don't understand that or they don't want to understand...i have said many times bravo for good events-look my post for your perfect last party in luv with astrix and mwnn-what bad could i say with that huge and crystal sound?good memories from the past only make that special party...make parties like that and i will say thanks and bravo to moonsun and psytribe too if they do that...i want to spend my money from the merokamato and have fun...that's all...but the bad moments at the parties that they make are many till now...makari na bgw pseyths kai na kanoyn partares alla den to blepw...u know detox very well that nick post all the day in isratrance...why did not post to tell us about christof...there were people that came for absolum from a big distance and ksenerwsane...they could not leave if they went outside the club,everyone of us would go inside and we know that all of us...eleos re magkes...psytrance wants the best quality sound,do u play with our heads???

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 01:50
Dear Misfits what you have to understand is that everyone wants good and big events in Athens but thats just not easy to achieve for many and various reasons.

Its not easy for everyone to close a big club,not easy for everyone to book big artists and not easy for everyone to organise big events since they demand a lot of money,time and effort.And when someone manages all of the above then various problems arise and even worst the authorities get pissed off and you know what happens next.

So because its not easy for big parties to happen all the time people including myself try from time to time to organise smaller events which although they are easier to organise they still come up with various problems,artists loosing their flights,soundsystems not working properly,broken air condition systems,not easy to work with club owners and many other problems.

The people organising parties in Athens at the moment are people with many parties in their backround,some more some less and some smaller and some bigger,so the people know who is a fraud and who is not,Moonsun has organised many events in recent past so coming up today and calling him a fraud is a big mistake,i mean the guy has organised a lot of events and i guess you have been to some of these events in the past so if you didnt like those events then i guess you shouldnt go to that party on Sunday,if you did go and again you didnt have a good time then you have no right to blame Moonsun but you should blame yourself for going somewhere where you knew that it wouldnt be nice,now if you didnt go at all and still you blame him about things you just heard from others then again you are acting immorally if you ask me especially when you heat up this discussion all the time,ok you got the right to complain but ok you dont have to repeat yourself all the time.

Concerning Christof and not appearing in this event and the people not knowing about it i already said that this was a mistake by Moonsun and i hope that the same thing wont happen in the future,you are right and he is wrong but ok you dont have to push this situation to its limits,these things happen and will always happen once in a while,i mean give the guy a break he doesnt deserve such a bad attitude from your side.

To sum it up if you dont like a specific organiser just ignore him,dont go to his parties and dont speak about him,just ignore him,no need to come up online all the time and accusing the same person for the same things,there is nothing worst than ignoring someone and if he is a really bad organiser and more and more people keep ignoring him then sooner or later he will just dissappear.

Isratrance is a tiny community and if you think that by bashing people in this place you are hurting their public image then guess what you are absolutely wrong since most of the people that go to parties today dont even know what Isratrance is.

So please hold your horses from now and on           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 05:14

On 2007-02-21 01:50, DETOX wrote:

Its not easy for everyone to close a big club,not easy for everyone to book big artists and not easy for everyone to organise big events since they demand a lot of money,time and effort.And when someone manages all of the above then various problems arise and even worst the authorities get pissed off and you know what happens next.

when you decide to make sth, you have to make it good.

for example with an opposite case: we think we cannot organize an international artist event in perfection for many reasons, so we haven t done this till now as other men haven t too.

things are simple..
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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 09:56
For me this was 1 of the best parties i ever went 2
last year i went to ann and payed the same fee with 1 cancelation of an Artists and the fee never changed,
same with ure party mike Dado i y club
u never changed the fee when Dado never came.
i asked many people and steal taking even in monastiraki and the people say what a party
realy good 1. so i think what misfits is saying he is like thwas made in the entrencee only guy with harry, that i heard complining..........
in fact i talk with realy lots of people after the party and only in isratrance 2 - 3 people complianed, the fact was tiolets the clubs has,on cloak room its doesnt have, the change of the line up was in front of the entrance when u went in, any way in isratrance there lie 200 users fro greece all togther, and the cancelation happened 2 days before, 1 day before isratrance was 1 day ofline from promblems, so nick could have post it like 8 hours before the party,and u all know it was ofline.and why isra ,if he never put his parties like zanakis did ,which he rearly put on isra, people found out only by mouth,so u call some 1 a thief when most knew the change ,but 1 internet post makes him a thief. then misfits says that he did it on perpose and we talk only abou isratrance,when most people find out by flyers, and nicks party, nick talk every 1 he say in U recken when he was there with Nomad and gave the work out to Iraklis Mindphaser and Also u Detox and 2 all the other Orginizers, the only thing he didnt do was isratrance ,but many had found out about the change ,half the people in the party all ready new it from mouth to mounth,and i can proove it, then about the capacity, the club owner said with the patary the club fits 1000people , u can imagine if teh club had 800 people now and mabe another 200 fit ,then the patry which is big can fit about 600 more, and to fix it
also around the club has 2 more floors, so the owner gave the generaly size of all the club where people can sit, 3 sound cheaks happened in the club, 1 from frankie and 1 from Nomad, and 1 from the enginers and all was fine i was there, and the problem started later after 1, and nick was running up and down,to fix it by calling all eginiers in Athens,now the only thing we talk about is nick not puting on isratrance about the change when all ready most in the U recken knew it ,many by phone which nick called all his old freinds ,Nikos Liquid love told all his friends about the change
Psyacoustics knew, u New Detox Iraklis knew,
more than 500 people new and isratrance was dead from friday night till sunday afternoon,
so tell me whne all orginizers which now all the people in athens cose they do parties, and most are friends and the word is out , didnt see it on 1 forum for 1 day, and most knew from nick and from others, what are we saying know. iask on perpose called many people still am doind that and put my friends, ask other orginizers, about people that came,and u know what the word is in athens 1 of the best parties,only sound spoiled it a bit, and they are saying it from person to person, so please misfits take ure personal reasons and u harry cose u can see,there are so many users on isra and no 1 is answering back ,no 1 cares they had so much fun in the party and only ure freinds can say the oposite which u have talked with ,go to monastiraki and ask, i had message in private saying the best words,
phones from crete , people that came from israel for the party, all Liquid Love friends
that hadent gone to parties for more than 5 years,most the people in U recken which i know from try harder to say more ,mabe u think this will hert nick ,isratrance is somthing that 10 people care about, understand that people like what they see,and they know how this party was ,it was honest he didnt put fake Artists
or hide any thing, u think so cose u say it was not in isratrance, 1 forum,and this is from mouth to mouth my friend in athens word travels faster than plane,and in 1 day all greece knows,u dont go to parties,uu dont know this????

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 10:34
Just because I use also often the phrase :"psychedelic way of life" wanted to make clear that I have nothing to do with misfits and I'm totaly opposite his opinion.

Detox and Shiva, you covered all of us I guess...

CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 11:26
look shit happens all the time
next time moonsun b more careful towards the sound.
misfits 7 there is no need to behave like that.
if u don't want to participate JUST DON'T GO!
things are so simple but still there are ppl that don't get it
stay cool
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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 12:14
Everybody make mistakes and they should think about there own before they accuse others.(No Offence for the topic).Unfortunately Sunrisezone is not in business so every other parties except of those are something like parties and not parties.

"Electro Joseph Says"

See You in the next Xtra Vibes Event - New Place - New Artists.
Dark Elf

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 13:10

On 2007-02-21 09:56, SHIVAGIRLLOVE wrote:


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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 13:30

On 2007-02-21 09:56, SHIVAGIRLLOVE wrote:
same with ure party mike Dado i y club
u never changed the fee when Dado never came.

Actually it was Dimitri Nakov who never managed to make it and not Dado.The party was Joti with Dimitri Nakov if i remember correctly and Dimitri was supposed to come directly from Brazil but he missed his first flight (for which we had payed ofcourse and a big ammount of money that was) and he contact us and he told us that he will try to take another flight from Brazil through Ibiza (or Amsterdam i dont remember to be honest) which meant he would arrive in Athens something like 3-4 in the morning so he could play his dj set in the last hours of the party,this also never happened and thats why no Dimitri that day.Shit happens like i said already,i mean i have done way more than 100 artists bookings for events just in Athens (mostly mine but also some events organised by other people) and only 3 of them never appeared,one was Dimitri Nakov for the reasons i already explained,the other was Menog before 4 years due to a misunderstanding with a partner of mine at that time and last was Prosper who had a problem with his visa which was not our fault ofcourse but the greek embassy strictness in Serbia,3 bad bookings out of at least 100 means a 3% failure,i guess you cant accuse someone for being a fraud or a thief with that percentage of failure.Same applies with Moonsun and his bookings if you ask me thats why i insist that its not nice and fair to call him various names in public just because for once someone didnt appear in his parties,especially since this someone got replaced by another artist.


On 2007-02-21 12:14, electrojoseph82 wrote:
Unfortunately Sunrisezone is not in business so every other parties except of those are something like parties and not parties.

Well Electrojoseph although this is your opinion and it is respected i got to say to you that this sounds like a very arrogant and unfair statement towards many people including me who have organised very big parties in both size and vibes during the last 10 years at least in Athens.This statement is unfair towards a lot of people whose names i dont want to mention in public,people that created and developed the psy trance scene in our city along with Sunrise Zone,some more and some less but they all did offered something indeed.Hope you understand what i am trying to say.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 15:16
DETOX i agree with you in almost everything...but
you are talking about war between organizers and you say that theres is no war.
sorry man but theres is no war the last 3 years because theres is no organizers for a real big events.
i m talking about 2000-2004 with 2 and sometimes 3 big events in athens and we all know what was happend in plato,idrima.
my point is that those days it was a big war between the organizers,now everything its ok because none of moonsun,or psyacoustis,or paranormal attack,or kgb,try to make money(its not bad)

kisses from here...

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Posted : Feb 21, 2007 22:58
why so hate guys about this ivent?
Moonsun Records

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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 14:20
Since mike said it very well this time,
and since people never understand and just take sides, with out compairing music,and only power,to show who is who ,and no sence it what party life was,i dont care if some people critisize me at all, and i enjoy to see they respect other like mike and iraklis who help the sceene and do parties, this makes me happy cose any way id didnt plan to make many more parties,i had posted that also in person last time, since now many orginizers were left,and i see many rising, i hope all goes well ,and many parties will happen,as for me what i offered in 4 years is ok for me,i still have many dj sets to play ,and parties to go to,so
in conclution,thanks for the support i had 4 years,hope u all get what u ask for. the sceene must not stop.Bom Shankar
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 14:34
bla bla
pfffffffffffff           [b]osobuko/b]
Trance Forum  Forum  Greece - Concerning the Moonsun event last Sunday with Koxbox and Absolum and not only.

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