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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom (Utopia Records)

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Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom (Utopia Records)

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 2, 2005 19:00
Hi All !

After a short brake Utopia family back to business with Ronen Sahar's (Chemical Drive) debut album - Sonic Boom. The contain 9 tracks :

1 - U-topia 140 BPM
When I first hear this album I had no expectations because I don't really know Ronen's music...BUT...since the first 10 seconds I fall inlove with his amazing groovy style ! after long introduction of 56 seconds full of playings and effects came in the first kick...fat and stretched exctly how I like it. Very good opening for this album.

2 - G shock 143 BPM
This one is a bit diffrent than the first one. It start with mystreious playing and than start male vocal but after 1 minute all you hear the bass line, now the bass line is a bit fast in compare to the first tune...not many melodies and playings but in the last brake (05:20) start beatifull melodi and than all the legs moves with the tempo.

3 - Sonic Boom (with Pop Stream) (Album version) 142 BPM
Excllent version for the release track 'Sonic Boom' - happy melodi in the begining and when the kick start everyone have smike on their face...awesome start for this track ! I feel some jungle atmosphere with all this animals vocals...very groovy tune with chilling playings...full of positive energies go out here. One of the best tracks in the album for me.

4 - System 1000 145 BPM
Now we must back to work...strange bass line with a lot of effects. I think it's a very good track to prepare the crowd for the upcoming madness

5 - Orbital Frame 145 BPM
All the factors you look, you can find here - vocals, emotions, melodies, crazy effects, groovy bass line...special tune with many supries inside...excllent work by Ronen !

6 - Space Fantazy 143 BPM
I just love Ronen's workd down then 145 BPM. You can hear that he know his work and do it on the best way he can. My favorite part in the track is on 03:32 when the bass line change.

7 - Atomic Drive (with Atomic Pulse) 144 BPM
On this track you can feel Tamir's (Atomic Pulse) touch but Ronen's melodies are also takes important part here. Every thing here is unexpected - a lot of games and nice effects. The last brake just burn the dance floor with the female vocal and the excllent kick. This is my favorite tune from this album.

8 - Brain Freeze 145 BPM
I have no words to describe to strange and special tune. The brake's here are very good and all the tune there are unclear effects that freeze your brain !

9 - Total Acid (with Ananda Shake) 140 BPM
WOW ! the melodi on the first minute is one of the most beatifull melodies I ever heard, but on 01:20 the scratch show the change in the track...I really liked the start with the 'end' melodi that give special atmosphere and vibe.

All in all, it is a very nice album of new artist (for me). Intersting and refreshing..perfect for the summer season
Keep your eye on this guy, I'm sure that more suprises are on the way.
Freedom Fighters

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Posted : Jun 4, 2005 02:20
thanx for the review guy but the cd is not released yet... hold on your horses... so more ppl can say if they agree with u or not and also give their opinion..

little info on ronen:


Chemical Drive is the solo project of Ronen Sahar, 25 years old, living in Tell Aviv.
Ronen started producing music in 1999. His tracks have been released in several diferent labels like, Spliff Music, Transient Records, Spectrum Music, No Label Records, Alchemy Records and of course Utopia Records..
Chemical Drive sound is caracteristic by its driving psychedelic grooves and atmospheric ambiences that he delivers in his live, he also has a side project with Pop Stream (Spun Records) called Chemical Stream wich also has tracks signed in Spectrum and Alchemy Records. Ronen also compiled a cd for Spliff Music in 2004 wich reached to the highest places in the charts from all over the world.
In 2005 Ronen will release his debut album on Utopia Records, "Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom" wich is a prouf of Ronen's talent and also the reason of why is he travelling all over the world to perform Chemical Drive Live, so far he's been in countries like, Mexico, Brazil, Swiss, Hungary, Japan just name a few...allways in big festivals where his live was one of the most apreciated by everyone who was there...
Stay tunned Chemical Drive album will surelly surprise you...

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  417
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Posted : Jun 4, 2005 17:26

On 2005-06-04 02:20, wrote:
thanx for the review guy but the cd is not released yet... hold on your horses... so more ppl can say if they agree with u or not and also give their opinion..

You right...too early for this review.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 5, 2005 14:45
well i just loved chemical drive - g shock.....very intelligent psychedelik muzic..its one of my tops for this month
cant wait for the release of the album..gonna be a morning monster...
good luck n god bless.

the hopper.
Or (Art Tuch)

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Posted : Jun 22, 2005 17:54
very nice album....
my favorite is total acid,
realy great track and you can hear ananda shake touches all over this one....its what i like.........and chemical drive you do here a very nice work man!
keep it!good luck!
Osher (Ananda Shake)
Ananda Shake

Started Topics :  22
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Posted : Jun 22, 2005 18:51
good album for sure good luck to roneni ha drek perfect job my fev track there is totaly TOTAL ACID !
          New Album Coming Soon Ananda Shake - Inside The Sound.

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Posted : Jun 22, 2005 19:31
I wonder where everybody is getting their copies. Is there a pre-sale somewhere?
          Everyone in the world is doing something without me
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 23, 2005 00:30
you can get it at


Trance Shop
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 23, 2005 21:54
I Like Ur Reveiw Guy..I Like Ur Type...My Opinion : Good Bass Line & Happy Melodies light sounds. Keep it up Ronen .. my 3(!),4,6,7,9(!!!) Ananda Shake RulZ
And Special Tnx to Utopia Rec For This CD..
Im Utopia Rec Fan I Like Utopia Stuff
Keep Work Utopiaa
Lior (AnandaShake)
Ananda Shake

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Posted : Jun 23, 2005 23:06
roneeeeeeeensssss my brother.....

kiler album, kiler sound, kiler production what can i say no words.....
we was realy anjoyed to work with you & it was allso fun hehe....
anyway i wish you realy the best with this smashing album & good luck with the bookings hehe
Chemical Drive

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Posted : Jul 8, 2005 11:16
hey ppl:
first i want to tank u all around the glob.
my payment of this album is your reviews.
get ready-sonic boom tour is starting.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 9, 2005 04:36
nice album specialy the number 3 with pop stream realy good music

all the best
Solar System

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Posted : Jul 9, 2005 07:52
nice album!!!!
ronen good luck my bro!
nice work,keep on bro.
el presagio

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Posted : Jul 11, 2005 20:46
when i saw this album i had to listen first before buying it because so many producers from the new wave of israel artists rlsd awsome tracks in compilations but when the debut cames out i realy get a litle bit dissapointed, but this one changed my opinion emediatly , awsome flow from the first track to the last one, not perfect in terms of techique but the taste of the artists is perfect for me , this will be played in many dancefloors this summer as a matter of fact one of the tracks in this album called space fantasy where one of my favorite tracks for almost one year, i heard many forignrs djs playing it in parties here in portugal... but i couldt find out wich artist tht track belong, to be honest i tought it was atomic pulse with same ather artist... anyway it was a big suprise for me to catch tht track in the debut album.

keep the good work ronen i hope to see you playing in portugal soon.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 07:24
Thought this was really good!           Am i the only one who believes in solipsism?
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom (Utopia Records)

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