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[CANCEL] PSY VIBES presents LOGIC BOMB live,TRANAN live,Mr PECULIAR live + set ,at 8/3/08

Psy Vibes
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 26, 2008 21:44
PSY VIBES presents LOGIC BOMB live,TRANAN live,Mr PECULIAR live + dj set ,SONER,V-RAPTOR,SONIX at 8/3/2008 in NERAIDA,Thessaloniki






SONER (Psy Vibes) dj set

V-RAPTOR (Psy Vibes) dj set

SONIX (HSS Records) dj set


Legendary Swedish trance unit, Logic Bomb, have put the finishing touches on their newest sonic...
...offering 'Sonic Algebra'. Bleeding edge digital technology married with the finest analog circuitry of the past led to an album that is both classic and contemporary!
In the mid 90s Sweden was introduced to a new type of dance music brought back from the golden beaches of Goa, India by an adventurous group of friends. Parties were held deep in the mystic forests during summer and attracted a fresh new crowd, enthusiastic for these innovative sounds. Among this crowd were two freshly graduated computer engineers who were struck with a profound fascination for this new music.
This enchantment led to the inception of the now infamous musical unit 'Logic Bomb', formed by Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft, in 1998. They released their now highly sought after debut album 'Headware', produced together with fellow Swede, Jonas Bergvall, on Spiral Trax in the year of 2000. Following up on the phenomenal success of 'Headware', their second album 'Unlimited' was released on leading English label TIP World in 2002. Now after years of silence, things are cooking once again in the bomb-lab.

Music has always been a great passion in Jonas life and as a young boy he played the piano. In his teens the music interest went from hard rock to punk and hip hop, but he never really found what he was looking for.
In 1993, Jonas Pettersson met Dennis Tapper and together they discovered the psy-trance scene. Dennis is the one responsible for Jonas nickname, that later became the name of his solo project, Tranan. Tranan means “the crane”, a skinny bird with very tall legs that has a somewhat resemblance to Jonas appearance.
Jonas got hooked instantly and a couple of years later he and Dennis started the Hux Flux project. They felt that the music they wanted to hear didn¢t exist so they might as well make it themselves. The first Hux Flux album “Cryptic Crunch” was released in 1997 and was followed by many gigs around the world on the side of a fulltime day job.
In 1998 Jonas left Hux Flux and started Logic bomb with Johan Krafft, and later Jonaz Bergvall. He was also working on his solo project Tranan on the side and had his first release, the single “Moody”, on Flow Records in 1999. In 2000 Jonas quit his day job and put all his attention into the Logic Bomb project.
Soon after that, Logic Bomb released their first album Headware on Spiral Trax and in 2002 their second album Unlimited was released on TIP World Records.
The albums were very successful and followed by heavy touring that took Jonas to all continents except Antarctica , with highlights like Solstice Music Festival in Japan 2002, Boom Festival 2000 and Samothraki 2002 and 2003.
In the category “Not so very good gigs”, Solstice Music Festival 2001 can be mentioned. In front of 8000 excited Japanese fans, the whole system went dead. In addition to touring as Logic Bomb, Jonas made a name for himself while DJ:ing as Tranan.


Dustin Saalfield , aka Mr Peculiar. Based in Melbourne, Australia,
Dustin has been creating electronic music for over 15 years, playing live and travelling all over Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe, and releasing tracks on a multitude of compilations.
From as early as 1989 Dustin had been involved in various projects,
producing hip hop, drum and bass and chilled out breakbeat music,
before evolving into psychedelic trance. His first release as Mr Peculiar came in early 2001, on the Koyote Records compilation "Elephantitis". His debut album "Elements" was released by Tribeadelic in 2002, Since then he has had tracks featured on compilations from Spirit Zone, Tribeadelic, Beats and Pieces, Spectral, Procyon, Fragile Planet, Sphere, Oxygen, Green Ant Mindfunk and will also be featuring a track on the new T.I.P records compilation.
Also, in collaboration with the Melbourne-based computer animation wizard "The Shapeshifter" he created a fully syncronised DVD entitled "Syncrosect", welding music and animation seamlessly together. Last year his 3rd album "Mind-dala" received rave reveiws and he followed up the release with tours of Australia Japan and Europe and is now writing a new album to be released at the end of this year. More recently he has combined forces with "Auricle" aka Minja Thomas In a new project entitled "Hyperception" and they are also currently writing an album and performing worldwide.

SONER (Psy Vibes) dj set

V-RAPTOR (Psy Vibes) dj set

SONIX (HSS Records) dj set

Location: NERAIDA, airport area, Thessaloniki
Doors Open at 00:00
Entrance Fee : 30 Euro

** Pre-sale tickets : 25 Euro **
--> You Can Find Tickets At Thessaloniki : Metropolis (Tsimiski 33)- Contact phone: 2310 250072 -
--> Athens : Metropolis (Panepistimiou 64) - Contact phone: 210 3830408 -

Deco by Psychomind & Psy Vibes
35Kw blasting sound system
Laser Show
Robotic Lights
Friendly Security
No illegal Substances
Age over 18

More Infos:


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Posted : Jan 26, 2008 22:22
greattttt choise,they have their personal logic sound!!good luck cu there!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 26, 2008 23:38
nothing else...
good luck to psyvibes team

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 01:29


for sure a big move from psyvibes team and a big bravo

i dont have anything to say for this names....just a perfect

and the logic b......just simply the best for all i thing!!

the last time to hear the logic bomb is a 1 night in 98!!
for me and i bellive for all old trancers must be a reminder night!!!!!!!

all the best wishes for this xxxlent party.......

---------------------------L. P. U.-----------------------
Dj Dino aka Mindwash-SoundKraft rec. au
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 14:33
mr.peculiar makes you fly.....i play with him in Australia before 2 months and the Live and the set of him was great.........i hope i can be up there guys...
-------------------->>>>>>           the mindwash is coming...

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 14:56
good luck
Logic Bomb - Jonas Pettersson & Johan Krafft
Tranan - Jonas Pettersson & Dennis Tapper
Just for history
Hope to see 3 of them at the party
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 17:30

Tranan....oh guys you're making me visit thessaloniki again....           Bring yourselves into the light
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 17:53
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!
2008 smells good..           "It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception".

Albert Einstein, speaking about his theory of relativity.

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Posted : Jan 27, 2008 22:13

Scandinavian Express
goes to greece...

Great psychedelic morning vibes from Mr Peculiar.

Will be a perfect night.
Cant wait.

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 07:33
makes me wanna move to the north...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 13:00
Great line up Sofia... Logic Bomb & Tranan will smash the dancefloor!!! My best wishes for this event .. & my good luck to mr soner!!!            Iono music

VA / Genetic Drift compiled by dj Nexon ... OUT NOW !!!

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 13:07
i m gonna be there!i looove logic bomb...way to go Sofaki!all my wishes for all u guys of the team work
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 16:09
great event with great names

good luck

hope to see u there           ~.~ Psy party means Aliens World ~,~
"-Ever had that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?
-Mmmm, all the time.
-It's called mescaline... It
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 17:00
nice one psyvibes ..
wish u all the best and good luck..
full on line up ..
i m sure that all the artist will rock da place there..           *

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 19:39
another special event up there!

mr peculiar just australian rules

as for logic comments!

i wish the best!!
Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - [CANCEL] PSY VIBES presents LOGIC BOMB live,TRANAN live,Mr PECULIAR live + set ,at 8/3/08

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