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Asura - Lost Eden review

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 16, 2003 20:04
What can I say, i've put it first time at work...i was totally amazed!!! excellent and absolutly wonderful!!!! jawdroppingly amazing! so many emotions, trips but still Asura....I put it beside my Sphongle 1 and Entheogenic...
and they did the vocals too....crazy...

10 / 10!!!           Procyon Records
frenzyinducing psychedelic electronica
Beyond -

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Posted : Apr 22, 2003 23:42
Whao! Thanx for these amazing feedbacks, everybody!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2003 21:08
Nice work bro. I had to put an "h" in my nick in respect to you

Peace.           Opus Iridium
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2003 21:13

does the "h" stand for "homo"?


just kidding..


feel free to put that offtopic stamp next to this message..

this just seemed like a really good idea           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven

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Posted : Apr 24, 2003 05:35
Ahahaha!!! Are you the fourth unknown member of the band, Asuhra? Thanks for your respect ( ) an keep on wearing such funny nicknames!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2003 22:05
No Traveller,I used to be Asura(Dj) before I knew Asura(producer) existed I'm not a real chill listener so I didn't knew Asura but as soon as I realized I put an "H" in my nick... hehe,it would be realy funny people looking at a flyer and see Asura doing a full-on set.

          Opus Iridium
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2003 22:06

And Traveller, keep the Jokes to yourself ok.          Opus Iridium
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2003 18:52
Hello all readers !!

Yesterday, Friday 13th (mouhahahaha) I moved my ass to a general music store where I had ordered
"Lost Eden" . The long awaited E-mail came in the morning and I ran to the shop... (lol no no I drove)

So this review comes a bit late maybe, but hehehe the same old story about money.. (which his not
edible let's remind us !) Beginning as a graphic-designer is not so easy (feel free to visit my website !
I have some blanks in my schedule haha, and i'm cheeeap !)

Well let's stop bullshiting and deal with the album Lost Eden, and while being in the graphic topic let's
just appreciate the minimalist and full of signs Cover, nice job IMO.


01-- Prologue : The Journey begins majestically with the meeting of the flute with a very heavy wave.
An extranormal voice announces the take off........

02-- Lost Eden : Very floating opening bringing the superb turkish chant and some "enigma"-tik rythmics.
Then a blank launches a trippy "synthétiseur" styled (for the one who knows those comps.) sound. This
track is so great. I dream about listening to it in front of the desert with speakers large as buildings
(remember this Tv-ad for the Legends of Rock ?). The album opens in a great way..

03-- From the Abyss : We have an EthnOpening filled with somehow aquatic atmosphere. Tiny sounds
come and tease this whole. When begins the phat bassline, it is tamed, or better coaxed by some choirs.
We dive in a woolly ambiance. Later a wave come and remind us that we are in the Trance Sphere. Really
Pleasant song.

04-- Raindust : Here are Housy chants married with a good oldschool breakbeat. I like it, it's very groOvy.
The Asuras had fun with their keyboards, I believe... The track grows more and more in a fascinating way
until turkish voices come to exotise, maybe 'spice' the whole. The Union of rythmics and melodies is runned
in a superb way. A great track !!

05-- Land & Freedom : From a cold and windy atmosphere emerges a scheming flute line. A short sentence
launches a BigBeat combined with some piano. My first listening of the track trough samples on the label
website on my poor pc-speakers had totally corrupted my opinion. My words about the piano are yet to forget.
It's soft combination, somehow it's discretion facing the rythmics is truely remarquable. And the so difficult
exercice (imo) of injecting piano in electronic music is well mastered by the Asuras... Great one !

06-- Fahrenheit : An accoustic guitar spanish influenced is slowly supplanted by a Trance melody very sharped
which throws a loud 4:4 Kick which will remind some things to the Code Eternity lovers.. The whole lives its life,
tells its story, its highlights, its worries before dying peacefully. it's good.... laying down oh yes it's good..

07-- Requiem from Nowhere : Here Charles Farewell works alone, and proposes us a scheming ambiance,
favourable to the Imagination's takes off... But the result goes beyond one can hope...what a kick sound !!!!!
We dive in an hybrid TripHop/Pure PsyChill.. Very Peacefull, still textured but far from an accumulation that
can sometimes become hazardous. The stuff is runned in an admirable way. The Phat BigBeat that bursts in
fifth minute only strengthens my point of view. This track is so great and the work on HiHats and Co is brilliant.
Whoo !

08-- Incoming : The shortest track of the album (exit Prologue). The combo Flute-rollingwave-ethnotempo is
just remarquable and when begins the 'vocal' sample, we are already quite far in the Journey. The second
part is very intense and textured.... recommended for 'high' spirits !

09-- The Battle of Devas : It opens with the same choirs sample than "Stereotonine" by BioTonic (track that
i like very much tooooo !!) We feel quickly carried to an outer place, in the air. The Genesis is very soft,
progressive and when we expect an explosion, we dive back to the Earth, like attracted by the invocating chant...
Fascination free itself when begins the didgeridoo which lead us trough a nice crescendo to the Phat 4:4 Kick.
The continuation is a bit like the end of the preceding track. The Battle reaches a climax in a Psychedelic
Storm... The conclusion dives more and more ambient and seems to try several directions before linking
with the birth of the last track...

10-- Le Vol d'Icare : We keep journeying in an ambiance illustrated by choirs until an a-typic Beat is revealed,
somehow Elektro influenced. I like it ! The whole is very trancey, complex and textured. Voices are my highlights,
I just love them !! The track is a great conclusion for the album, full of emotions.. And when it dies.. We feel
out of time, I mean one don't realise how much time has been spent in this beautifull Journey... There are only a
few artists imo who can develop such a feeling to the listener.. (and i am not crawling !! hehe)

Well that'is it ! The whole album is just great with several influences and the Asuras have experienced
difficult combinations with a lot of emotions and skills. It's really a good work and one can understand
the ambitions of the label.
I am so pleased (and eased ! ) to have this one in my cases.
Bravo to the Asuras, let's hope that one day U'll be able to reach again the Lost Eden...

Thanks for reading !
"Get your dose of BoOgie !"

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Posted : May 9, 2006 01:02
The most genius album EVER!
I heard it more than a 10 000 times (yes, realy 10 000).

And Requiem From Nowhere is the most genius track in ambient history.... this sentention between music from another galaxy & chants from Gods + ... oh i can give it explanation... this isn't possible... (more than 25-30 000(!!!) times i heard it...)

I cant imagine something better then Asura's music...

Code Eternity is on 2nd place in my list (5 000+)... this is ... wow, dudes, can't explain with words.
In Like A Summer Day... when kick come on 3th minute (aroun 3th..) ... then i thinking that i fly...and trinity, simply blue (melody on 6.40+....unhumanity..)

Asura are GODS !!!

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