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Astral Phoenix - 5th October - The Rex

Astral Mike
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 4, 2002 17:00
1997 - ** ASTRAL PHOENIX ** - 2002

*** The 5th Anniversary Gathering ***
[ In Association with BNE & HOMmega ]

10pm - Saturday 5th October 2002 – 6am
(No Admission After 2am .:. After party Til 4pm)

@The Stratford Rex, 361-375 High Street, E15, London

Main Dance Auditorium With Massive Balcony Seating
“Full Power Nu-Wave Psychedelic Trance”

BNE .:. New Album Coming Soon .:. First UK Appearance in 18 Months!!!

HOMmega .:. Exclusive UK Debut Album Launch of “Eye To Eye”!!

HOMmega .:. Debut UK Performance .:. 3rd Album “God Is Love” out Now!

HOMmega .:. BNE .:. Yoyo Records

HOMmega .:. Astral Phoenix Resident (‘97-‘02)

TWO Extra Rooms Hosted by 180 degrees (Brighton) featuring the Best In
“Blissed-Out Ambient, Global Underground, Funky Dub & Electronica”

Mashed Mellow Grooves .:. Transient


Interchill Records

Transient Records

Liquid Sound Design


180 Degrees .:. Corrosive Breaks

Legion Of Dub .:. Brighton

180 Degrees .:. The Awakening


2,500 Capacity .:. 4 Rooms With Massive Balcony Chill Space .:. Awesome 50k Crystal Clear Sound .:. Full Stimuli SFX Lighting .:. Mindblowing Lazer Light Show .:. Ultra Sensory Décor & Inflatables .:. Performers on Stage .:. Spirtual Chai & Vegi Food .:. Funky Market Stalls .:. Massage & Face Painting .:. Cyber Freaks .:. Raving Loons .:. Hippy Chicks .:. Goa Heads .:. Beatniks .:. Wizards, Elfs & Pixies!

After Party Til 4pm @ Eq Warehouse!


Advance Tickets : £12+bf (b4 01-10-02), £15 After

Credit & Debit Card Agent (Mail Order Avaliable) from .:. +44 (0) 207 267 8320

–Ticket Agents –

Chocis Chewns (Soho) .:. 0207 434 3097
CyberDog (Camden Market) .:. 0207 482 2842
CyberDog (Covent Garden) .:. 0207 836 7855
Di Fuzen (Portobello Road) .:. 07973 906 972
Klick Klick (Brighton) .:. 01273 571 605
Illegal Records (Brighton) .:. 01273 623 454
Psy Dream Temple (Camden Market) .:. 0207 267 8528
More On the Door


Please check our NEW web site for full info :

E-Mail :

Party Hotline : +44 (0)7958 455 546

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Astral Mike
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 3, 2002 02:14
Only 2 Days to go!

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect !
Arie Molecular

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Posted : Oct 3, 2002 11:20
The email is not working           Don't Let Yourself Get Attached To Anything
You Are Not Willing To Walk Out On 30 Seconds Flat
If You FEEL THE HEAT Around The Corner....


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Posted : Oct 4, 2002 21:09

and it s already tomorrow,...

get ready,...
im just a litle bit disapointed bcause it s not in a open space...oh well

hey its my 1st trance party in a club!

sorry the about the errors

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Posted : Oct 4, 2002 22:22

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 5, 2002 02:52
lets get ready to ruuuuummmmmbbbbbllllllle!!!!!!!!
Error Corrective

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Posted : Oct 5, 2002 16:56
yeah - they actually use that venue for boxing and kickboxing comps in the week.

seconds out.....
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 6, 2002 21:53
hehe well this party was something pretty extreme.... the place was plenty full by 11:30, and rammed by midnight!

started really paying attention to music properly when isratrance pal Yuli = BLT came on.... aka mr awesome production skills. His sound was amazingly clean and also darkly groovy... we were all totally with him. Highlight for me was 'Bizarre'....

then i think a spell of eyal yankovich... i want his record box. A collection of unbelievable full power (unreleased HomMega would make sense) israeli material .... Pretty much how you would imagine (in a good way).

Infected Mushroom was _not_ what I was expecting. Beforehand there were some cynics who were like: 'yeah well they have been rubbish since the Gathering'....'they don't really write psychedelic trance anymore'. I mean e.g. that horrific Birthday CD with Barry Sakharof. Well I was blown away by their set.... their music seems to have changed again hoorah! This was most certainly full on psychedelic trance, but with that Infected Mushroom flair. No pianos or orchestras in sight. I think they did also play some tunes from BP Empire... but anyway I was a happy bunny.

After a brief spell of I think Eyal Yankovich again... or maybe it was Bladerunner (is that right Mike? Maybe you were only on right at the start before I really got in).

Then finally Astrix live... pretty much as you would expect from the best bits of Alien Project, 'scientific reality'-style material. Very high quality clever full-on.

Anyway, atmosphere was _great_. Everyone was having an awesome time: us punters, organisers, and artists. Of course there really were too many people, but you could find room to jump around at the back on the raised bit by the bar... and later on it thinned out a bit on the main floor. I think the party felt very 'professional' e.g. the lighting was very slick and effective, but not overdone...sound system was great etc.

Had a great time digging with Asi and special guest star Ananda who came over from France for the occasion:)

Then some of us went on to chichime, but that's for another thread.....

in conclusion:

Wow! THANKS!!!

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tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 6, 2002 22:03
oh yes, this was smthing indeed
i had an absolutely ace time.. i also thought yuli was the best stuff (his sound.. aaahh) but enjoyed pretty much everything...

btw blade-runner did not actually dj - he'd been expending all his energies on running the night itself, so decided to give it a miss...

[ This Message was edited by: tom anteater on 2002-10-06 22:04 ]          >>love will tear us apart...<<
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 6, 2002 22:24
Very Good Production by Astral Phoenix !!!!!!!.

as jon said we got inside about 11:30 and the place was already pack, but the vibe that was on the dance floor was absolutly Amazing.
Yuli set started about 24:30 (if im not mistaking)
and it was rockkiing with clear sounds and very good mixing and lots of new (and good) Tunes.
when he play Nonsense (no nonsense mix) i danced like crazy hehe.....

after that Eyal gave really really good tunes i was really impressed, cus most of the tracks i never heard before all his set was totally Unreleased, (and i like it )

then....Infected Mushroom started thier live act, and like jon said it was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy different then The Usual stuff, they gave absolutly Psychedelic trance, this was the first time i was totally blown away from them after a long time, totally amazing soundwork on Stage, i was dancing like crazy at this part.

i cant really tell who was playing before astrix but i think it was Eyal, then about 4:30 astrix playied a very pumping psychedelic stuff, i thought that Astrix will be to cheezy for me, but no i really liked his set, (lots of new and great tunes, i will buy his album for sure after this party), when he playied scientific Reality, people were jumping in the Air

in my opinion this was Great Great Party
just W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

special thanks to Ananda (our-Franch Moderator), that came from paris to the party, was really great seeing you Simon, Jon, Tom, and all the others.....


          (-:"The Psychoactive Is So Powerfull
Since The Discovery Of L.S.D"

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Posted : Oct 7, 2002 16:11
dear forumers
well.. well .... well I think my english mates have said and expressed EVERYTHING
The music was really great and crystal clear as we all love . I was extremely impressed by infected Mushroom live act ... their performance really kicks . BRAVO and TOTAL RESPECT TO THEM .
BLT.... lots of energy during the live act .. very good music production also ..
Astrix wicked music as usual ... can't wait for the album
Dj Eyal played crazy psy tunes .... very very very powerfull music ....
The room was packed and the crowd was very good and nice BUT we fell very hot there was not much room for dancing and slight aeration .
The disapointment is that closed at 0600 with a crowd still powerfull .... lucky we went to an after party
My first astral phoenix party was a great experience . I would give a 17/20 for the whole party ... the drinks were by the way a little bit expensive and the entry at the door also.
A big bravo to astral phoenix ... crew

Warm hello to doctor Jon , Tom and mr Asi that kept dancing all nite long ..
see you soon my friends

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Posted : Oct 8, 2002 07:24
you lucky bastards!!!

sounds good, i mean BLT, IM, Astrix .. i've seen these people play before, but all in one night!? ... wow! very nice mix of styles.

glad you had fun.

big ups to da london crew! werd!           this sentence might be false.

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Posted : Oct 8, 2002 09:35
Nice to see you guys.. Asi, Ananda, John, Anteater..! well done for making it on to Chichimi (did I give you a lift?.. wow I was messy..!)
..As for the party... regardless of the music.. it was just Toooooooo packed...!!!!! ............ and as most of us are out for a dance......... !! :-(           ---------------------------------------------

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Posted : Oct 8, 2002 16:02
Well nothing to add to the comments made before, i agree with everything said specially for the heat which was really too much but what can you do when the place is packed ...
Music and sound were perfect , i second jon for Eyal , what powerful suff did he put , i like to know if his play list he gives on isratrance is the same as the stuff he played on saturday..
The only complain i'll have is that the drinks were extortionate ( £ 1,90 for a bottle of water !) but to be fair you could fill it up in the toilet which is nice..
and secondly the price at the door i think was a bit much (£ 18 ) specially when no more tickets were on sale in the few shops i've tried...2 days before..
I know the bands/djs were good and probably charge a lot to come to play but being all Israelis i'm sure a package was made... so maybe Mike can explain why the price was so high ?? ..
Apart from that bravo to all who made it hapened...
          10 years and still digging...

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  25
Posted : Oct 8, 2002 19:18

congratulations ASTRAL PHOENIX , excelent party,...but it was really hot in there.

there's nothing like a trance party in a open space
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