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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Ajja - Psychogenica ( Syncronise Records ) Nov. 2007

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Ajja - Psychogenica ( Syncronise Records ) Nov. 2007


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Posted : Dec 4, 2007 02:54
Artist : Ajja
Title : Psychogenica
Label : Syncronise Records
Format : CD
Distributor : Arabesque

1.Trip Munch
2.Romance in Ab
3.Juicy Shrooms
6.Lingus Khan
7.We are all aliens
11.Peripherl Visions

Ajja is the multi talented one half of the famous Yab-Yum project from Switzerland. This is his much acclaimed solo effort.
Lets check it out.

Trip munch

Starts off with nice atmospehric pads and fx with filtered beats. soon nice groovy kick and bass kick in followed by some teasing trippy fx. Some very nice percussion here as well. At about 1 : 05 another synth is introduced nd continus on for bit. More layered sounds follow. This sounds very much Goa. Very psychedelic indeed. The track is in full flow at this point of time. A short breakdown with vocal samples is introduuced
at 2:47 followed by very trippy phased synth and some nice percussion. More phased synths follow with the bassline changing to more groovy at round 4.00. A nice buildup at abt 5:10 followed by some very tweaky synths and the track finishes off in a similar fashion.
Wow, I havent heard this kinda sound in ages. Very Goa and yes psychedelic! Nice opener.

Romance in Ab

Track starts off with some nice work on delays and filtered beats. tight kick and bass accompanied by nice pads and fx. Very nice percussion in the form of tabla
beats and very psychedelic synths and sounds used here. At 1: 27 another synth is introduced. the track flows beautifully at this point and more layered sounds and leads follow. At 2.46 bassline changes with more trippy fx and tabla percussion. soon rolling kick and bass settlle in with some nice layered sounds. More sounds keep adding at around 5:10. the sounds are very psychedelic, uplifting yet powerful. this one is quite very much liek hte first trck but got its own distint feel to it. this is just pure goa trance.

Juicy Shrooms

Very groovy bassline to start off the track. Very nice percussion as well accompnied by interesting sounds and fx. At 1:30 another syth is introduced followed by more sounds intelligently arranged. At around 2:30 computer type sounds are accompanied in the background with a sample that goes "" good i found these mushrooms i`m fucking starving "" . At around 4:00 more trippy and layered sounds folllow and the track progresses beautifully. at 4:54 there is a very intelligent use of vocals/sample and then the track just goes in full throttle with more bending fx and synths. Wow, this is cd is turning out to be quite a beauty


Nice bent pads and f to start off the track. Continues with a strong kick and bass and nice percussion as well again laced with drums and tablas. At 2:08 more synths and sounds are introduced and the bassline begins
to change at around 2:45 with the synths just teasing and playing with ur mind. A short Filtered/phased breakdown in the middle and up comes again the track with more layered sounds and the track progresses n the same way towrds the end. This cd seems to be the revival of pure psychedelic goa trance. this one is another beauty.


Dripping water fx with some iry pads to start the track. Soon kick and bass settle in with towrds a short breakdown with panned beats. Soon comes in more trippy fx and very nice percussion. The sounds are even more layered
this track. Th very Goa-ish style leads come back again fllowed by more tweaking sounds. Every single sound seems to comprehend each other well in this track. Short breakdown towrds 3:45 minutes with tribal like percussion. And in comes in another powerful lead and the track flows smoothly by now. More pure psychedelic sounds follow on towrds the end of the track.
Man, im loving every bit of this cd. This is my fav from the cd so far.

Lingus Khan

Filtered beats to start of the track. soon kick and bass settles in. Very trippy fx accompany in the background. Wat s very interesting is that we are just two minutes into the track and it is already so deep! More layered sounds and fx follow. The bassline once again is more groovy this time. But the sounds are just pure psychedelic stuff in this. Very nice automated fx as well. Bassline changes a bit at 4:10 and then on the sounds are even more layerd and mind bending. Towards the end the leads r very powerful and enticing. Another amazing track. Im only half wy thru this cd and its already been a fantastic journey!

We are all aliens

""Wat wld u think if i told u that you made everyone come from outer space? Weird though it sounds;its true , we are all aliens."" starts off the track with airy pads and corused beats. Kick and bass settles in wit very powerful and teasing sounds. Lots of nice atmos in ths track. soon the bassline becomes more hard and driving with some nice percussion and interesting fx and synths. A short pitchbend buildup at around 3:45 followed by glitchy fx. In comes the track again with more leads and fx. Sounds quite like Penta this part. The leads become more uplifting at around 6: 15. Nice story this and the fastest one from the cd so far.


Track starts with airy pads and filtered beats. Strong kick and bass settle in with intelligent use of samples in the background. Bassline begins to change slowly from the next bar. More K.d.d style leads follow. Pwerful and driving sounds here and very psychedelic indeed. Bassline pitch keeps changing every bar and its intelligently done too. The sounds in this track sound more like K.D.D as i mentioned earlier. At 5: 00 there a powerful lead is introduced accompanied by more computer like sounds in the background. sounds become more layered towrds the end and ends very nicely. Another trippy track!


Very intelligent use of beats and percussion. Powerful kick and bass accomapnied by some real psychedelic sounds and leads and samples in the background. the track progresses with more layered leads and fx. Couple of glitchy fx at few bars. The mood of the track becomes more serious in this one as the sounds are more deep and intricate and yea as psychedelic as it can get!!! The track moves on with some nice percussion and more tweaked leads. another very good track this! A bit different from the others.


Very nice fx to start off the track followed by strong kick and bass and excellent percussion. A bitcrushed breakdown at 1:26. From then on another tweking synth comes and the track moves on very nicely. Once again, more fx and leads follow and are quite powerful and mind bending indeed!! In comes more synths and fx tht will just tweak ur mind and bend ur body!

Peripheral Visions

Very nice fx and excellent usage of samples in the background with the kick and bass coming into place very nicely. Nice leads accompany kick nd bass till about 1.47. then comes in this female vocals. Just simply amazing the feel here is! Beautifully crfted and arranged. Wonder whose voice tht is. but for sure this is just too beautiful! Ive personally never heard such good use of vocals in a long time. soon track progresses nicely with more leads tweaking ur mind. Phased tribal percussion at around 3.45 and in comes back again those vocals with a pitchbent buildup. Again very intelligent use of samples for a little while accompanied by trippy fx and leads. Track mves on more with the vocals,fx, leads and ends similarly.
the last one on the cd and my fav as well! Just pure bliss.

Well there it is. Now wat can i say abt this release? Simply stunning!!!! This is the return of Goa trance. Pure, powerful , beautiful and psychedelic.

Imagine ur at the twilight of a party. And hear this; u would be transported to another dimension itself. Such is the quality of the music and the production. ANd it just shows u dont need to have 150 plus bpms to hve powerful music as most of the tracks
in this is between 144-146 bpm.

The goa sound is slowly returning. With Ocelots 9 lives and now this showcasing that pure psychedelic music is not dead, things do look great in the future.
And the original album artwork is just truly stunning by Filip Leu and not to forget the shorter version of the canvas painting inside. Good mastering too.

At times u might feel tht the sounds r pretty much the same in all the tracks. But just listen to it and u will find forurself tht each track is a beautiful story itself.
I find it really difficult to pick the best album of the year. I previously chose K.D.Ds Inner Space. But i think this one too is a masterpiece.
Maybe, this to me, cld be the album of the year.

Thankyou for this one Ajja and to syncronise records for such a superb debut.

Favorites : ALL!



IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 4, 2007 07:59
Thx for the nice review bro,indeed its a masterpiece,fell in love with this album the first time i listened to it..From track 1 you know the man is talking business !

Cheers           Its Like a Drop That Falls Into the Ocean,or Perhaps the Ocean is Falling Into a Drop.
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  144
Posts :  3171
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 09:36
Loooove this sound! Ajja's a super talented dude too... his downtempo material is some of the best... this album just takes it all to the next level.

its musicians like these that keep the genre fresh

Started Topics :  82
Posts :  3087
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 17:06
i liked the release very much. gogo Ajja!  
Syncronize Records
Started Topics :  2
Posts :  25
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 19:18
supernice review,

thxs a mil for kind words.

all the best,booom!!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
Posts :  104
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 19:53
same degree with ocelot's 9 Lives  |

Started Topics :  140
Posts :  1730
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 20:05
@mods. Plz check Pm!


IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  24
Posts :  1647
Posted : Dec 4, 2007 20:08
One of the latests purchases in my collection and this is realy nice and you just put it in your player and "play" it takes you to somewhere far from reality. nice review btw for this rocking album. great job Ajja           to use your head you have to go out of your mind
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  14
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Posted : Dec 5, 2007 12:26
this one is going into my player soon. excited
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  1955
Posted : Dec 5, 2007 13:09
the yummy part of of the tastiest albums of the year. A satisfying full meal set for me. Get ur forks and spoons ready. Ajja is here to stay on the dinner table for a long time.

Chefs special : juicy shrooms

Yab Yum

Started Topics :  50
Posts :  641
Posted : Dec 5, 2007 15:00
Excellent review UrbanPsySpirit!!! I couldnt agree with you more: its a wicked album!! Well done Ajja!!!
My personal favourites:

Peripheral Visions

Perfect first release for Syncronize Records! I'm really looking forward to hearing the second soon!!

          Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
Terry Pratchett

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  123
Posted : Dec 7, 2007 18:50
Some nice traks on your album bro !

well done Ajja

groovy,funky and funny

King Salmon
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
Posts :  200
Posted : Dec 9, 2007 09:37
Every track is good. The last one, the singing is not terrible, but not good.

Solar is best. More dark, rumbling bassline.           Kent
Austin, Texas, USA
Yab Yum

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  86
Posted : Dec 9, 2007 18:27
Hey UrbanPsySpirit, thanks a lot for the great review

I would also like to thank Axel, Natalie & the Syncronize family for making this album a reality, it is a pleasure and an honor to work with you!

Last thing... to all you lovely people who are enjoying psychogenica... a big f****** thank you!

Keep spreading the psy

Love & light,
          New Ajja album coming soon on Peak Records! /
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  267
Posts :  1766
Posted : Dec 9, 2007 20:54
Top notch album, very trippy!
And is that the sound of Albino 3, I'm hearing in lots of your tracks?
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