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aiZia WorkStation---->New Digital ART:)


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Posted : Sep 13, 2007 23:47
I finally posted up some of the work I have been doing since the past 1 year or so.

I have been working with lots of mixed media and fractal patterns created with Photoshop.
I am also working on a few flyers and logo's.

I do hope you enjoy it!
Critique and comments are welcome!

The webspace:

You can also see my work on :

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 00:10
fuuk this shit is too killa man...

specially fractal communication....Mia Inamorto's Aiz 2 is fukin brilliant...
this is some good shit!!!!some twisted brains there must say....haha super super.

booom.           Audio Psychosis/Paradoxical
(H.S.S,Quantum Frog Records.)

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  92
Posted : Sep 14, 2007 00:12
aaah thank you
do spread the message.. they hold a great significance!!!

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  36
Posted : Sep 14, 2007 00:59
killla stufff man !! u so talented..good artist..tripppyyy work..!! all da best love !!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 12:24
Niceeeee, i loved the matrix, I always liked your art

hugs and lemme know what you upto ?            “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung
dhamma walker

Started Topics :  51
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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 14:40
very nice work ... very interesting art ... how does one get hold of one ?
          Love n Light

Foot Stompin Records

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  58
Posted : Sep 14, 2007 16:14
Awsome !!!!!!!!!!!! [:)]
I loved you always i love what you do too..proud of u my sweet lil sista..!! Actually recalling you're granny (who's also been at the pinacle of Art through her marvellous paintings) at this moment as i looked through you're work've just taken the families Art legacy to a new dimension a.k.a. Digi Art and broke all records of creative immagination..may you be the best in the business always....!!

You're such a 'GGT' - God Gifted Talented person. [;)]
--==Bad Sector==--

Started Topics :  69
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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 16:43
very talented person
does fantastic artwork ... also designed and built our NWR logo

goodluck and best wishes to you            Nocturnal Wizardz Recs
Bhooteshwara Records
Cubasing is like Freebasing, just with audio.
Both cost more than you can afford, and leaves you sitting in a dark room with no life,craving for more.
pixie satinka
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  15
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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 19:16
genius i lve u ...ur the much respect
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 14, 2007 22:39
Very fractal. Keeping eyes pealed!           U.V Art & Design / Festival
Supporting: EchoVortex Rec, Parvati Rec, Hypnotica REC

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  92
Posted : Sep 15, 2007 00:16
wow !!! thanks for all the amazing comments... hehe my ego mite burst gimme sum critique to bring me back to earth!!you guys are so nice
Cortex I freakin' love your work as well...!!! we gotta work on some together!! Bella
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  195
Posted : Sep 15, 2007 00:17
very nice work n ... keep it up           If Pac-Man affected us as kids,we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music ..
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  33
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Posted : Sep 17, 2007 14:41

On 2007-09-15 00:16, KaBoOkY wrote: gimme sum critique to bring me back to earth!!you guys are so nice

Some critique, ok.

First, the fractal patterns are too dominating and seem auto generated. It becomes a bit boring in the long run, sure colours and structures are all nice, but we saw that already many times - and better.

I think, you are more interesting when you mix up photos with some other stuff. You can be more creative that way, and thereby create a much more original expression.

As an indian, you have unique eyes on how you look at the party culture there.

To really peak my interest, take a camera to a party and take pictures of all the people out of place, worn out and who fall out of what is considered the norm there. Document the truely darker side of the parties for instance, that for me, would be very interesting.

Try to break out of photoshop, and whatever applications you are using, and try something new - Let the inspiration be your guide, and not the settings in an application.

3D would be one place you could go, which could be rewarding. However, whattabout doing something which is not digital also ? Then perhaps, later, merge it with something digital.

Doing some sort of crossover between styles could turn out rewarding in the end.

Keep up the good work, I like many of the photographs, the fractals dont do it for me though.

Best Wishes

- Krell           Label DJ>

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  92
Posted : Sep 17, 2007 19:32
Ah thnx for the suggestions... !!!Really it's good to hear honest opinions...
well I like fractal... and i love doing it.. u don't have to like them ... I don't use auto generated images...I make them from scratch ...
Ofcourse becoming that good will take a few more years... This is my digital art port. so i have not put up any of my paintings and traditional work ... I have a lot of it... I have mixed many mediums together in many ...
I really don't like working with 3d max and other such softwares... its really not my thing... I am gettin into moving picture visual art though .. will show u all that when I make it public:)
Any how I will work on your suggestions ...lets see what we create...
see you denmark lovee


Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 00:36
Really killer trippy stuff...U got to do special customised one for me
What cant u do well Naintara?
See u soon.
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