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303 Art Festival

303 Art Festival
303 Art Festival

Posted :  15 Aug, 2010
29/12/2010-02/01/2011 303 Art Festival presents:

303 Art Festival
Bahia - Brazil


*** LIVES ***

28 (Vagalume/Alchemy,Brasil*Mexico)
2012 (Respect,Brasil)
Abstract Sunrise (Plusquam/Uxmal,Brasil)
Ajja (Peak/Syncronize,Switzerland)
Allaby (Nano,Uk)
Altruism (Vagalume,Brasil)
Analog Drink (Vagalume/Iono,Brasil)
Aphid Moon (Aphid Records,UK)
Avalon (Nano,UK)
Barak (Hadra,Mexico)
Bash (Dead Tree,Brasil)
Brasa (Vooar,Brasil)
Burn in Noise (Alchemy,Brasil)
Circuit Breakers (Nano,UK*BR)
Daydin (Spintwist,Germany)
Demonizz (Dead Tree,Brasil)
Dickster (Nano,UK)
Dimitri Nakov (Solstice/Neurobiotic,UK)
D.N.I (Ultravision,Portugal)
Ecliptic (Nano/Undergroove,Mexico)
Etnica (Solstice/Etnica net,Spain)
Filteria (Suntrip,Sweden)
Haldolium (Plusquam,Germany)
Hamelin (Spintwist/SOE,Mexico)
Headroom (Nano,South Africa)
Hyperflex (Planet Ben,Brasil)
Interactive Noise (Spintwist,Mexico)
Ital (Antu,Chile)
Jibber Jabber (Insomnia,Greece)
Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic,UK)
Labirinto (Vagalume,Brasil)
Liquid Soul (Iboga,Switzerland)
Logica (Vagalume,Brasil)
Magma Ohm (Shaman films,Brasil)
Materia (24/7,Austria)
Mental Broadcast (24/7,Brasil)
Nevermind (Vagalume,Brasil)
Ocelot (Zaikadelic/Avatar,Portugal)
Onionbrain (Mind Twikers,Brasil)
Perfect Stranger (Iboga,Israel)
Pleiadians (Etnicanet,Spain)
Proagressivo (Brasil)
Psychowave (Trance Juice,Brasil)
Rinkadink (Alchemy,South Africa)
Ritree (IONO,Israel)
Ritmo (IONO,Israel)
Screenagers (Neurobiotic,UK*Italy)
Shove (Alchemy,Mexico)
Sonic Species (Alchemy,UK)
Strange Doctors (Brasil)
Swarup’s Brain (Vagalume,Brasil)
Sychotria (Bhooteshwara,Brasil)
Terahert (IONO,Mexico)
The First Stone (Vagalume,Brasil)
Total Eclipse (Mandala,France)
Whiplash (Alchemy,South Africa)
Xpiral (Vagalume,Brasil)
Zen Mechanics (Neurobiotic/Iboga,Netherlands)
Zik (Insomnia,Greece)

*** Dj Sets ***

Dimitri Nakov (Emfire/Tronic,UK)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic,Italy)
Shane Gobi (Alchemy,South Africa)
Fabio (Plusquam,Germany)
Vazik (Sounds of Earth,Mexico)
Martin (Mikrokosmos,Switzerland)
Liquid Ross (Liquid, UK)
Swarup (Vagalume,Brasil)
Shove (Alchemy/SOE,Mexico)
Pedrao (Vagalume,Brasil)
Rica (XXXperience,Brasil)
Feio (Groove,Brasil)
Ekanta (Vagalume,Brasil)
Kali (SOE,Brasil)
Thatha (Vagalume,Brasil)
Chicodelico (3d vision,Brasil)
Dende (Catalyst,Mexico)
Xama (Vagalume,Brasil)
Disc Junkey (Grasshopper,Japan)
CyBird (Free freak,Switzerland)
Hadji (Oslo)
Dre (Unsigned,Brasil)
Caramaschi (Fiction,Brasil)
Janczur (Noise Poison,Brasil)
Paula (Noise Poison,Brasil)
Max Grillo (Vagalume,Brasil)
Malana (Plusquam,Brasil)
Azys (Vagalume/Brasil)
Digoa (Digital Hive,Brasil)
Gui (Hadra,Brasil)
Marta DLM (Alchemy,Brasil)
Jp (TIP/Medusa,Brasil)
Fabio Leal (Zenon,Brasil)
Sutemi (Unsigned,Brasil)
Pateta (Vagalume,Brasil)
Vinnix (Antu,Brasil)
Sarto (Vagalume,Brasil)
Rosa Ventura (Harmonia,Brasil)
Xcamas (Soonomoon,Brasil)
Matt (Rudraksh,Brasil)
Boteon (Antimateria,Brasil)
Pin (Planet Ben,Brasil)

and many more!!!

More Info:

303 Art Festival is the newest brazilian festival !!!
5 days of celebration in one of the most beautifull beaches in Brasil located between Trancoso and Caraiva.
The union between Universo Paralello Crew and EcoArt is working to recover the quality of magical ideias of our world,to remember the good old times with harmony, peace and consciousness. It\\\'s a calling to all the people that really knows what we are talking .
303 invite to the real lovers of this amazing psychedelic trip to celebrate with us the arrival of this new era.
Be welcome to 303 Art Festival.

The Venue

The venue location of our event is situated on a truly blessed beach, what some may call a dream like scenario. If not one of the most enchanting beaches of the south of Bahia, between the streams of the local rivers & ocean, surrounded by native “Mata Atlântica” & coconut gooves. It`s a private property, that is very well conserved, situated on the extreme south of Bahia, in the district of Caraiva.
The farm is right between Trancoso & Caraiva, about 20 km form each town and 12 km from Itaporanga.

A intimate cove, that joins crystal blue waters that form natural swimming pools, lively green areas and a mind blowing view of the surrounding beaches. An isolated area, a car free-zone, with a camping area that nicely shaded that includes a nearby parking area.

The region where the festival is situated in is surrounded by various fresh water rivers that allows our visitors to bathe and refresh themselves with fresh water and salt water.

For foreigners the price will be unique.
R$ 290 REAIS

You just need to present your passport at the entrance of the festival.
And we will make this special price for you.


Air excursions

Flight intineraries from: São Paulo / Festival / São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro / Festival / Rio de Janeiro
Porto Alegre / Festival / Porto Alegre
Curitiba / Festival / Curitiba
Florianópolis / Festival / Florianópolis
Brasília / Festival / Brasília
Belo Horizonte / Festival / Belo Horizonte
BR Oriente
Telephone: (55)11-41297666


By car: if you are coming from the NORTH side of the state of Bahia
(Salvador, Ilhéus, Itacaré, Itabuna), follow the BR-101 till Eunápolis (Km 772). Go left at the bifurcation via BR-367 on the route to Porto Seguro.
If you are coming from the SOUTH side of the state of Bahia thru BR-101 (Km 772), follow the right side on the bifurcation of Eunápolis thryu BR-367 on route to Porto Seguro.
On Km 32, after Vera Cruz, there will be the junction (Arraial d'Ajuda - Trancoso - Praia do Espelho - Caraíva) follow on the right side continue till
Vale verde. From there on, one more bifurcation (Arraial d'Ajuda around 11 km or Porto Seguro by ferry around 14 km), follow another 20 km till the bifurcation of Caraíva & Trancoso where there is a Moto-Táxi point, follow right in the direction of Caraíva till you arrive at Itaporanga, where there shall be an information desk and a snack bar. At this desk you will be able to inform yourselves of the exact location of the event.
By bus:
From the bus terminal of Porto Seguro, go to the ferry service either by taxi, moto taxi or Bus. At the ferry docks, get a ferry to cross the Rio Buranhéim.
On the corner of Arraial d'Ajuda there is a bus or van that goes to Trancoso every half hour
TIP: There are buses that go from Porto Seguro and stop at Eunápolis where one can catch a bus of the Águia Azul company to Trancoso via Arraial d'Ajuda.

Stay tuned!!!



Chill Area VJ Deco Eco Friendly Children Zone Workshops/Market Water Access Discounted Presale 

IsraMembers Party List: Becktrank ,Mylena ,psychowave
Coming?   + 3
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  38
Posts :  537
Posted : Aug 20, 2010 05:38
vamooo que vamo!!!           ``We shall not cease from exploration - And the end of all our exploring - Will be to arrive where we started - And know the place for the first time.``


Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Sep 16, 2010 20:41

.:: VINNIX ::.

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  32
Posted : Sep 18, 2010 21:17
All the best guys!

My full support to it… Can’t wait to be there in this astounding place!

303 Rocks!!
          Dj Vinnix (Brasil).

Started Topics :  418
Posts :  3816
Posted : Sep 20, 2010 15:28
Looking great so far I must say           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  52
Posts :  217
Posted : Sep 22, 2010 14:23
counting days to back to bahia!!
all the best for the crew!

we see on the dancefloor! uhulL!


Started Topics :  4
Posts :  71
Posted : Sep 23, 2010 14:13
Full Support..all the best to Crew.wish i could be there!
303 Art Festival

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  3
Posted : Oct 1, 2010 17:26
More information was added!
Thanx for your support and hope to see you there.

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  1
Posted : Oct 3, 2010 03:32
See you in Bahia !!!

Started Topics :  25
Posts :  316
Posted : Oct 3, 2010 15:32
isnt alien mental on line up anymore?
303 Art Festival

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  3
Posted : Oct 4, 2010 20:50
We ll post the complete line up during this days... Chill out/Alternative stage will be add also.
Thanx for your interest and regards.

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  5
Posted : Oct 5, 2010 01:12
It will be a great party, in beautiful place
Iwill be there.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  34
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Posted : Oct 8, 2010 03:02
That looks like a promissing one , The line up looks great ,ill try to make it back to brasil this year ..Its seems that will be the place to be for NYE           ----------------------------------
Hand crafted Trance belts and bags SHOP

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  384
Posted : Oct 8, 2010 19:02
The urge to return to Brazil for New Years has become too strong for me to ignore.

303 it is!

All the best to the crew. Good luck! Big hugs all around, and see everyone back in Bahia!
Cannibal Barbecue
Cannibal Barbecue

Started Topics :  26
Posts :  33
Posted : Oct 14, 2010 13:24
Cant wait to be once more in Bahiaaa!!!
great line up
all the best to the crew
see you all in the dancefloor!
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