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Trance Forum » » Forum  Switzerland - ZOOMFESTIVAL 2004 !!!with Full Line up 6. - 8.August 2004
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ZOOMFESTIVAL 2004 !!!with Full Line up 6. - 8.August 2004

Freakulizer / Khainz

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Posted : Jul 14, 2004 16:20
ZoOmfEsTiVaL 2004 :

MAIN FLOOR (Friday 6. Aug. 2003)
Live Act
Melicia (Phonokol Records, Israel)
Thujon (Agitato Rec., Phantasm Rec., CH)
Ganga Giri (Termite Tunes, Australia)
Atropin (Happy People Music, CH

Sati & Fabius (Shiva, CH)
Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Feedback Rec. / Japan)
Stella Nutella (Turbo Trance, Sweden)
Tajmahal (Chaos unltd, Ultimae Rec., F)
Guido (Planetarium, CH)
BuzzT (
Thunderheart (Zürich)
Daylights Wotan & Oktogon (Hexadez, CH)

PROGRESSIVE FLOOR (Friday 6. Aug. 2003)

Live Act
Frechbax (Trishula, VKB, D)

Gavin (Digital Structures, New York)
Ralle (Sehnsedahastes, D)
Texola (Sphinx, CH)
Creator (Interzone Records, CH)
Laikan (Technopiraten, Voodoo-Squad, CH)
Monsun (Stonehead, CH)

MAIN FLOOR (Saturday 7. Aug. 2003)

Live Act

Eskimo (Phantasm Records, UK)
Mekkanikka (Spirit Zone Recordings, San Francisco)
Planet B.E.N. (, D)
Future Prophecy (YoYo Records / BNE, Israel)
Chromatone (Mechanik Records, Vaporvent, San Francisco)

Ondrej (CosmicCircle Desertsun, CH)
Dimitri Nakov (Spun Records, Ibiza , UK)
Junya (Phantasm Records, UK)
Sabaii Sabaii (Koh Phangan, Thailand)
Psyberpunk (, Peak Rec., RttS, CH)
Stromi (Viva-O-Ma, Happy People, CH)
Teknee (Transmission, CH)

Sunny Funny & Pharao Ramsel (Shellsplinta & Crazy People, CH/D)

Outro Concert (Sunday)
The Peaking Goddes Collective featuring live tribal session (Peak Records, CH)

PROGRESSIVE FLOOR (Saturday 7. Aug. 2003)

Live Act

Beat Bizarre (Iboga Records, DK)

Emok (Iboga Records, DK)
Klamsi (Clicks’n Pops, Crazy People, D)
Tones of Twice (Shellsplinta Records, CH)
Dani W (5vor12Crew, Crazy People, CH)
Börni (Happy People, CH)

Festival Artists
Nils & Crew (, NOS (Sweden), Maxi (Hamburg), Sehnsedahastes (D), Decoone (D), Flurocosmos, Dekomania, Happy People & Friends
Illuminators (Eddi Egal & Crew, Berlin)
Benediction, Chinchilla Move, Turnfire Tom (HPP)

Inpacts BuzzT & Geko

The ZOOM-Festival will happen in Winterthur, about 15 min. to drive from Zürich City (Exit "Winterthur Töss").

More Informations coming soon...


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2004 19:50
Some interesting things
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2004 13:29
that doesnt look so bad. the good thing is that they finally made out of a gathering a real festival with 2 floors. we'll see, maybe i'll be there...

peace           just gimme more of the same. its just a test!

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Posted : Jul 15, 2004 19:27
winterthur??? goddamn 15 minutes away from me, how great is that!           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!
Yab Yum

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Posted : Jul 16, 2004 03:36
i am happy that a location was found.
i am very excited to play on sunday, as we are developing the new version of our live act.
four laptops, live instruments, squidgy synths, five musicians & lots of chaos... yeah.

see you there
love & light
          New Ajja album coming soon on Peak Records! /

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Posted : Jul 17, 2004 00:39
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 18, 2004 17:05
Smell like a killer festival this one only great artists congratulations to party organizers and bigggggg huuuugggg to Simon Thujon


Dj Ruod-Rik [Platinum Records]           V/A Exotica OUT NOWW
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 26, 2004 04:36
Damn, what an awesome line-up! Chromatone is the shizznizzy and is sure to rock your socks off! This is one party not to miss!

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