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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014
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Posted : Feb 14, 2015 00:04:19
Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #01] Intro Sequence

Doors cracking, opening up our perceptive channels with spooky melodies and exposing cymatic frequencies, clusters of something, dark side. This album sequence is a presentation to the phenomena of sound. Cymatics from the greek 'kyma' or "wave" , subset of Modal Phenomena - or the study of visible sound - Zik takes us on a journey into the visible and invisible psychedelic world alike of Lycantropic music....

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #02] Sinusoid

the drive to expand the capacity of music through a wisely conducted , sinusoid like sound experiments is surely on its way and Zik is right on that quest.
Some of greekedelics' most wanted. We immerse into the experience as a sinusoid function of this soundwaves.... like a geometric, dimensional projection the psychedelic frequency takes us on a mind expanding journey through the impeccable world of Zik's latest theorem

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #03] Cosine Wave

riding the cosine wave, we immerse in what is to be described as an inward, reverse journey into that muZikal theorem. It stretches our minds in various angles,explores the darkest corners in a calm manner that surely brings vibrant transition into the further geometries of sound and controlled modal phenomonal experiments

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #04] Euclid Elements

Euclid elements....collecting and combining knowledge from various influences, elements of the science of sound, or the sound of science....either way, it is a sound expression that is unfolding its merits and expandinng the listeners' psyche onto another plane of awareness, bringing us into another level of the void. Quite an uplifting, very powerful bassline here. Elemental!

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #05] Modular Arithmetic

here we witness a kind of transitional sequence into subset of modal phenomena - modular arithmetic that is accompanied by a guide, who is quite familiar to most of psychonauts and explorers worldwide. Any self-respecting explorer that had passed through that cultural stage realized, as the Great Terence McKenna has put it in his eclectic talks, that indeed culture is the operating system of any society. That certain societies are running ''slightly more advanced operating systems' than others, that the psychonaut's duty is to remain true to the path - be it arithmecic or geometric ...either way is the shamanic.

''Time to call a tech, and who are the techs?
The Shamans are the techs!''

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #06] 06 Fundamental Freq

from elemental waves&particles to fundamental frequencies - the wise study of frequencies continues with the 6th track of this phenomenal installment. I am totally impressed by this one, its mastery, its capacity, its effects, structure, its bass line, its harmony, its resonance.... we are slowly but surely immersing out of the void and getting into the 2nd half of the album and its truly a REMARKABLE journey. TUne in,turn on, drop out- quoting the world's renowned and perhaps notoriously *orchestrated* Harvard's professor...Timothy Leary. Just immersing into that frequency of intensity in the mids and highs, but the low frequency effects are creating such a extraordinary narrative....been using just simple headphones and nothing special for listening purposes...

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #07] Tones

Unimaginable,inconceivable, magnificent inception of rhythmic tones...which lasts for about 2 minutes.

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #08] Platonic Solid

impeccable,phenomenal , solid Zik signature style on this modal experiment.Its got really psychedelic effects, in terms of composition and arrangement, its got a clean bass line,all so narratively and elegantly put together. what more could a profuse listener be dreaming of....phenomenal shapes of solid sounds are forming,morphing and tranceforming into platonic structures that even Plato himself would not have imagine, transmitting subliminal messages ...''gold dust slipping through your fingers'' ......... and passing through our ears

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #09] Tube Torus

The next collection of modal phenomena leads us into the Torus Tube - energetic fields unleashed by the cymatic frequencies...... its really something to ponder about, an enchanting break-through...

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #10] Coherence

We've almost imperceptibly entered the 2nd half of this work of art and immersed out of the void. I describe it as art-but it is also partly scienctifically influenced in fact.. In this probably incoherent review i hope that you, the reader and hopefully the listener, would get a coherent glimpse of the ideas and forms of expression that have been masterfully channelled through this process - 7 minutes of coherence here for deeply meditative states for the mind, body and soul....i would conclude by writing it's really harmonic , smooth, coherent piece of muzik for the late hour of the night....

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #11] Resonation

Creation of resonation. Waves of resonance flowing and forming this Subset of Modal phenomena. cymographic structures are shaped ... Well, an impressive work of art which indeed resonates scientific knowledge - perhaps there too possibly exists a symbiosis of both..unexplored & crystalline in effects and arrangement. There's Joe Regan resonance, lecturing us through Zik's wonderful imagination. This is a track layered with resonance; with abstract muZik resonance presets that unfold a beautiful, swirling crystalline effects, pads , blasted in amorphous, out of form and shape resonant sonic matter.

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #12] Tuned Circuits

tuned in, turned on.. we have started picking up and receiving some of the last signals of this channel called modal phenomena. What a ride - circuits of sound , running like parallel, like a multiverse of sound, whereby we are guided in this one by another spiritual guru, no other than Alan Watts.His ideas on the dance of life are carefully tuned in , turning on to our brain/consciousness circuitry and dropping psychedelic forms of ideas...

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #13] Flower Of Life

Zik delicately recreates the pattern of life, one of creation through this spectacular way of sound, modal phenomena - such a moving, alive, dynamic piece already in the very beginning. In the 1st minute it's going higher in pitch like an amalgam of sounds,yet symphonic....chaotic, yet ordered....It is a sonic story about sacred geometry and the flower of life , a series of emotions,thoughts& mostly music!!!! It is a ride in the sonic realms, the musical dimensions of consciousness.''This is the fower of life, and it is also the creation pattern of everything in existence'' the profuse listener 'sees' the music, by a mode of synaesthesia and realizes how well in tact all the different elements are composed together. ''everything in the universe is geometric-whether it's pepole,trees,cats,planets,solar systems-stars-you name it-anything in the universe can be measured on a geometric scale.................''

Lycantrop Records - [ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014 #14] Outro Sequence

Sequence of schumann's frequency - a sonic story of earth's consciousness. well, psychedelic folks,to sum it all up - the resonant frequency of our planet, named after its well known discoverer - Winfried Otto Schumann - this last outro sequence is a signal call to re-awake its state of being and existence not symbolically as celestial object,located in a solar system , around the Moon and the rest of the planets, but as realization , as living entities that is certainly for healing purposes.healing frequencies naturally designed to help ourselves and our planet.....

To conclude, this is an album that follows a well defined concept and meets the need for (R)evolution of our beloved psychedelic music. I cannot possibly pick up a favourite, but leave my advise to the profuse listeners and young, unexperienced space cadets alike - which is simply to let go of any past,present or possibly future prejudices at all and give a flight to your imagination through this psychedelic composition. One cannot help but admire the perfection of mastering by Zik's long time music partner in sound as in Jibber Jabber project - no other than 'La' Sonik Scizzor, whose technical skills have also added their resonance up to the final quality result of this psychedelic production. Thank you to the Lycantrop family for continuing the shamanic path.

available to get both physical and D1g1t4l..:::..          " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "
Lycantrop Records
Lycantrop Records

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Wow - thank you, Nidopsog / Gospodin - for taking the time to share your impressions!           OUT: SiShiva EP - XMiles, LickNDrop DBL CD VA LickNDrop, Phagos Sonus(RUS)- THEATRE OF THE DUST, Mind Oscillation (GR)-SCIENCEDELIC, Cosmic Lizard EP "REPTILIAN PATTERNS, Zik - Modal Phenomena, v/A Synchronicities
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - ZIK - MODAL PHENOMENA - LYCCD009 - DEC 2014
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