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Trance Forum  Forum  South and Latin America - Yo! Venezuelan and Colombians around?
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Yo! Venezuelan and Colombians around?

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Aug 31, 2006 21:45
High everyone!

I'll be arriving at night in Caracas next 7th of September. Have to find a place to sleep there, preferably close to the airport because in the next day I fly to Bogota and to Santa Marta, in the Caribbean.

Much appreciation if you could help:

1- I need to find a place to sleep for a night in Caracas, next Thursday - can't find any hostels online.

2- Any recommendation on the region around Santa Marta? Night life? Trance scene?

Thanks a lot!!!

hasta lasagna
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 2, 2006 12:15
I recomend u to stay in la guaira instead of go to caracas... cause the city is 30 min away from the airport and some time it could take even more because of the traffic.. i will send u some options since i cant host u cause im not in venzla now 

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Posted : Sep 3, 2006 05:03
Hey brother, I'll be in Santa Marta too! Hope to see you there. Maybe the Colombians can find a nice party for us, otherwise we could just spend six hours losing it on a cliff in a lightning storm.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 5, 2006 16:25
Yeah..u better stay on the airport in La Guaira m8, it will save u the hassle of a long trip by car (if you come by daytime that can take up to hours 'cause of the usual daily traffic jams), it saves you from getting robbed, which is a very common thing to do with anything looking like a tourist or foreigner in Caracas. Try find a hotel on or near the airport if you can 'cause it might cost a bit more, but it will safe you from a lotta trouble, and hotels downtown ain't cheap either, and hostels don't really exist since Caracas has no tourism coming in at all. Wishing u goodluck though and if you want more info, then PM me or add me in MSN for a chat...u will find my contacts in my profile. Cuidate y suert chamo !           Mind Funk Records
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Posted : Sep 5, 2006 20:58
i have more than 5 years living in venezuela and i do look like foreigner, but have never been robbed. houhouhou

its a matter of energy that one emanates, and energy that one attracts

and OU YEAH!!!! SANTA MARTA IS A PARADISE!!!! DONT MISS TAYRONA!!! there mate u can find a lot trance fans as in this places there were held 4 times a 2-week psytrance festivals
its name is EUPHORIA 2012 and here is the link
still i dont know if there u can find usefull info for you but at least u can see good colections of party ftos in Colombia.

good luck on your trip

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Sep 7, 2006 05:11
thank you so much for your reply - great expectations!
love and peace!           cna't find it
Overhuman Project

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Posted : Sep 22, 2006 06:49
i have just seen this forum sorry abotu the late lt me introudce my self juan aka opverhuman project unforntly im theonly producer of psy in my country colombia , about santa marta psy trance parties thres justa litle scene onthe capital bogotaand just until the end of the year the coast of colombia incluiding santa marta becoiomes the capital of this litle scene but meanwhile just bogota has the small and big parties if u do wanna contact me please dont hesitate to do it maybe i could be ofhelpop my msnger is           30th of August first delivery money back.
Trance Forum  Forum  South and Latin America - Yo! Venezuelan and Colombians around?
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