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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - yagur 3.10.07
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yagur 3.10.07


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Posted : Oct 4, 2007 15:37
after yesterday just ont request:bring back the trance to yagur!u saw that great event remove that fruitcake strange music from the club and bring back the trance in the winter to yagur.that amazing event yestarday showed u what u have to do there.liquid soul was get the trance to the main hall in yagur..remove that horrible music from the club and get things going!u saw the difference yestarday.

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Posted : Oct 4, 2007 16:40
well, i must agree with Offer: the music was gr8 by all d.j.'s, the vibes were insane, the crowd (mixed, but who cares?) was electrified and so many beautyful ppl, smiling and digging from the heart...
10x 4 a real hot night and hope 4 more 2 come           life is short, don't miss it!

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Posted : Oct 4, 2007 19:05
best club party i ever been at
best crowd i ever seen at club

thank you liquid soul for those terrific euphoria moments
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 4, 2007 19:23
well it was nice party after all..
big mazal tov and kisses to max and liroy!!

i'm not so big fan of clubs & indoor parties, espshelly ultrasound ("mitziti kvar")..

but this one was a big supraize becouse the big amount of ppl, about 1600-1800 ppl..
mix crowd but with a lof of northren babes..

about the music:

@ Mute - gr8 gr8 set brother.. full of energy and flow..
@ Liquid Soul - woow, realy kicking set!! way to go!!
@ Deedrah - well dado you are champion!!!!
@ slider - heard only the first part of his set, and it was pumping

the loction aldo it was indoor, it was good loocking.. but still little bummer it wasn't an outdoor rave, that would be much more fun!

way to go maxim, liroy, erez & Shauli
keep up!
           Never give up on your love ..
nature raves forever!!!

always fly@lapland.airlines
when gazolin is so high, choose the natural way to fly.. LapLand's gooses ruells air..
Invisible reality

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Posted : Oct 5, 2007 00:44
Had much fun ! Thanx to Maxi and all crew ! Liquid soul rocked the place!           Invisible Reality (IONO music)
Tomy Boy

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Posted : Oct 5, 2007 12:54
wow what a party
amazing vibes amazing music
liquid soul set was the best set of progres i heard in my life
Dado set bring the atmosphere in the club to another dimension
slider & perplex set also was nice 1
in the morning at the after in the red room 2 guys kill the dance floor
the most killer thing in the party was the girls i nevar see huge amount of girls in trance party

Happy B-day guys and good luck


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Posted : Oct 5, 2007 15:36
hey max and happy b - day
the party was great
i like the music
it was in yagur but i never feel the energy in this place like in this party. the place was full of traffic. the ppl smiling all what u need for a wonderful night
thanks for the good time
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - yagur 3.10.07
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