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Xerxes - The Mirror formula (, 2005) mp3

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2006 11:09
Artist: Xerxes
Tiltle: The Mirror Formula
Catalog: Hellven release #02
Format: mp3 Only


3.Can you see This?
6.Christmas Layers

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. Apparently this is not the case with music. This is something as rare as a full album in high quality, including coverart for both front and back in case you'd like to burn yourself a hard copy. The best thing about it - it's absolutely free, available from the labels webpage.

Xerxes is Klaus Lunde, a norwegian who's apparently been making music for quite some time. For me he's an undescribed letter and I had no idea what to excpect from this thing. But hey, what have I got to loose?

Let's have a look at the tracks...

01: Prologue
The first track of this freebie starts off as your average beatless ambient piece. It floats nicely and the warm harmonies are smooth and comforting. After about a minute it gets sort of dubby, and from then on the tracks just continues buidling. The vibe is a mystical one, new elements are added and it's pretty varied throughout. It actually get's pretty damn groovy after a while, and for a chiller it's impossible to dislike this. Very promising start!

02: Pirayana
Pirayana moves more into the loungy, laidback and casual realms of chill. It all circels around a series of repeated themes, the most distinct one sounds like its made by a flute(or a synth sounding like a flute). The overall feel of the track is pretty organic, with the presence of the allready mentioned flute and a guitar. It's got a ton of bass, and again - this is groovy as hell! The first few times I heard it I thought it was too"cafè-friendly", but after repeated listenings it has ceirtanly grown on me. Nice!

03: Can you see this?
In this track we explore more ambient soundscapes. A multilayered wall of floating sounds guides you on the way together with some extremely laidback breakbeats. Overall this thing is extremely hypnotizng, very soothing. Beautiful!

04: Prague
More upbeat here, but offcourse not really upbeat as we're still firmly based in the chilled department. I've been to Prauge a few times my self, and I don't really get the reference of the title. Guess it has to do with some feeling the producer has.... Annyways, the track has a more "urban" sound, it's rougher, the beat is heavier than on the other tracks and I can see how a city of some magnitude could have inspired this. Not my favourite here, but a nice enough piece of music!

05: Angelina
Once again we now move into more ambient territory. The track floats seemlessly around creating a nice, buzzing atmosphere. This is pretty melodic stuff, and I sense some melancholy in the mix here. It's the sort if track I'm able to fall asleep to(not of boredom, though...) and it's a rather plesant experience.

06:Christmas Layers
The final track of the album is titled "chritmas layers", and is a very nice piece of electronic music. It's melodic, happy and it's got this beautiful naive charm to it. It's perhaps the most "pop'ish" track on the album, but in my opinion this isn't a bad thing. Still, I'suspect that this track will sound a bit to "straight" for some of the diehard psy-purists around. As most of this album, I found this rather enjoyable......Goodie!

Final remarks:
So...After six tracks we come to an end with this little thing. Going in with no expectations I have to say this was a positive suprise. Don't expect a mindboggeling chill-experience and don't expect to find the next all-time classic. That being said - this is pretty nice stuff, and a nice collection of solid chill-tracks. This could easily have been a proper release, and is definently worth a download and a listen... From what I hear his first actual album is due to hit the shops sometime in 2006, so keep an eye open - If the style is developed further that might be very, very nice!

Tomas(Psychedelic Mustache)

Get it for free here:

more reviews etc: 
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 20, 2006 15:41
Amazing album. Sweet review Tomas.

A very soothing and varieted album. Got dub, downbeat and ambient squeezed in to one release. One of the better chill releases imo. Perfect for chill DJ's looking for new and different material. Norway got a new chill genius

Two up for this emotional and beautiful album.

Ps. The released album got a bonus track (track 7) .. the free mp3 album is not mixed/mastered and minus the 12 minute bonus track.
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Xerxes - The Mirror formula (, 2005) mp3
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