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Xatrik Interview

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 31, 2005 15:25
Here goes one more interview. You know the drill: you can get the entire thing @


Whew, watch out for this man. Coming from the always-rising south-african trance scene, Xatrik absolutely smashed our heads off with his debut solo album Project A. Since then, he's jammed up an amazing amount of tracks, been releasing on several international compilations and is now working on his second album. You better watch out for this man, he's coming at ya faster than you can say I have a speech impediment and, before you know it, you'll be jumping around like mad. Oh yeah, you won't even know what hit you - just get ready for his new tunes!

Psylosophy: Ok so let's start like we always do: could you please introduce yourself?
Xatrik: Hi there, my name is Greg Hamber, a.k.a. Xatrik. I am 27 years old and I come from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Psylosophy: How would you describe your music, your style?
Xatrik: I see my style as a Mix of Funk Groove and the Technotic... I like very psychedelic sounds and use a lot of effects and dark textures, while still keeping the music playful.

Psylosophy: Some people say South-African producers use a techno base with psychedelic effects layered over it, which makes it sound so poweful. Is that true?
Xatrik: Yes, to a large degree with the Cape Town producers. I think this is because we all grew up listening to Techno and some of us Hard House... But inevitably moved with what we wanted from the music, which is that dance energy that you get with psychedelic effects.

Psylosophy: How is the Psychedelic scene over there?
Xatrik: Hmmm, let me think... It's very good! We have Timecode and Nexus Media and lots of great parties. We also live in a beautiful country.

Psylosophy: Any plans as to release a second solo album?
Xatrik: I have realeased my first album called Project A on Digital Psionics last year (July) and am going to release my second album with the same label later this year.

Psylosophy: Can we get some details on that?
Xatrik: Yes. My second album is as yet untitled but I'm thinking of calling it Life Insurance for Over 50's. I am going to try and concentrate on making the music less weird and obscure and more energetic.

Psylosophy: Oh, I see, so we're having a change of style with the new album...
Xatrik: With my first album I just wrote the music that I liked and wasn't thinking at all about dance floors and what people want. But now, after playing some more parties I want to make something that is more accesible to the greater masses but still retain my originality. Most of the gigs I have had came from releasing the 1st album so I would like to keep my Xatrik style in there somehow but my approach to making toonz has changed and I am now more keen to experiment with new ideas and incorporate what I have learnt to make something... dare I say Next Level.

Psylosophy: Can you give us an insight on your studio?
Xatrik: I've got a Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer, Virus A, Yamaha RS7000 Beatbox, a friend's Nord 3, a Laptop with shitty soundcard and a set of Event 20/20 mid-range speakers

Psylosophy: Best party you ever played at...?
Xatrik: Shew wee! Hard one... I guess it would have to be a small gig I did in Brighton last year when I was living there. I knew all the people and they really got deep into the music. I had so much fun... half the time I was in the crowd jamming with them.

Psylosophy: What about the worst one?
Xatrik: Ah, never really had a worst one... I have pressed eject on the CD that was playin a few times and also knocked over some equipment, but I guess it's just amazingly awesome to jam trance to a group of amped people! Even if you make a mistake...
Psylosophy: Haha, I agree!

Psylosophy: You've produced a few tracks with Slug. Is he a really good friend or do you just find your sound to be extremely compatible?
Xatrik: Yeah, we lived together for a few years so we're great friends. We are very compatible when it comes to writing music. We also have a similar sense of humour! Hopefully next year we can write a Xatrik and the Slug album. We are both super keen just busy with other projects at the moment
Psylosophy: Good to know, all the best to that project!

Psylosophy: Do you have any sideprojects?
Xatrik: Yes, a few. One Progressive side project (e are calling ourselves o.N.s) and I have started making some jazzy style breakbeats, like Mr Weeza and Chemical bruv with a guy I live with. I've also started another project with the guys from Alien Safari, who are legendary party throwers in South Africa.
Psylosophy: Wow, that's really something.
Xatrik: Hehe, thanks bro.
Psylosophy: I really like to see producers following different directions as well.
Xatrik: I have deceided that this year I want to be as productive as possible. I don't know why, maybe it's because I sit around and smoke too much...
Psylosophy: Hahaha, maybe it is my friend...           Ed (Delusional)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 1, 2005 04:39
nice one : )
Trance Forum  Forum  DJs & Artists - Xatrik Interview
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