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*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 04:10
The 3rd album of the X-Wave project...
this time with a collaboration between Dj Miko, Melicia and young new Dj's like Roi Sela and Sandman.
Miko, that was one of the Trance genre creators, is making the old Goa style music that is rarely made these days and most of the new generation only heard about.

Beer Already cooling in the Ice box.
Got my cigarettes
Called the girlfriend
so no interruptions

Ok, Here we go....


Track starts out with some dude speaking in some undecipherable language
An intro for abt half a minute and Boom we get rolling. Kind of typical stuff you might expect so nothing extraordinary.
But I like how X wave use such common FX to create happy danceable melodies without it getting cheezy. It still sounds nice and even. 5th minute break down..the typical Israeli build up and you wont be disappointed. Takes off BIG TIME..acidic sounds and snares here and there.Drops a nice melody a minute later and this keeps on till the end. Not a shaby beginner at all.

2. X- BOx

Some nice percussion at the beginning. Sharp bass and kick and a definite head nodder. Drop by the Kitchen to get a beer and just in time coz it breaks down. Take a seat coz im interested in what this build ups goin to be like. Astrix ?? Nope, just something that sounds like an Astrix sfx. Doesnt quite blast you away with the comeback, but nice and groovy sounding stuff. Never ends up 'reallly' knockin ur socks back with some powerful stuff, but by the end your into the feet tappin bizness.


This track is definitely dance floor material. Funky beat and rythm gets u up and moving already. Around mid 4th minute you see the melodic direction X wave are taking. Goaish but also pretty full on. The formula is the same, Sharp beat + Funky Rythm + Sweet melodies.
About the 6th minute im Up and rising fast. Beer's on the table but Im all around the room. YYIYIYI!!!


Whats with the name ?? !!!!
A noisy first minute with some scratchy sounds along with the tried and tested beat.
'My gang will get you', and than a suprisingly nice beat+pause+beat+pause build up with some tweakish sounding background.
Prety much stays the same and Im back in my chair long before it can end.

5. LIZ.

LOONG INTRO..almost a minute, and i dont find any difference in the beginning from those above. Peppy and nice but not different. A lil dissapointing this track till the end of the 7th minute. Adds some nice melody, but am i glad because of that, or because its nearing the end??


A thicker bass+beat so im happy already. Yes, Im really feeling this track. Groovy as hell, and pure melody. Still think the melodies are getting repetitive , but HEY, SHIT how did i get on the wall ???


Lets see, How do i feel abt this track. WE back ( agaaainn) to that beat, so Im a lil pissed. Already the second beer so im not lacking movement . Time to check the dog litter and voila its the 4th minute, "Than we have a deal" an a short pause, MEELLLOODDYY, and BOOM off we go. Ok, will admit the pick up was worth the wait.. A lil out of breathe after this one.


Ok, so by now Ive figured that the beat+bass combo is here to stay. The track has its good moments and some repetitive one's, but I wudnt mind hearing it on a drive to work or on a beach in Goa. Actually, anythig sounds great on a beach in goa, so ....


YAY!! So the bass is thicker and a lil deeper sound has emerged. This is a goood track, possibly my favourite one. MUST HAVE A GOOD SYSTEM to really capture the track. The BPM has dropped ,( for better or worse) and the melodies sound so right especially with the drawn out atmosphere. Get a lil melancholy in the end when they play with it, but all in all I like this one.


GREAT driving music. To work, fro work, Upstate, Downtown, WHATEVER!! Very Vehicle Compatible.
Home listening...Hmm.. Some tracks are really worth the effort, some arent. Get repetitive and booring in the middle. Must hand it to the artists for such great melodies and sfx. Altho sometimes you wudnt mind walking your dog while its playin, no track lets you down totally.
In a Party..Yeah, Totally.. Kind of a gataka style, which will get everyone moving, and even the haters shall be doing the 'stomp' sometime or the other.
TEMPO is never down and a sense of dance is never lacking.


7.5 / 10
          ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 10:25
I love this release, and great review.

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 12:52
Sandman is not a new project.

He is actually one of oldest.
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 29, 2005 18:11
Yep! Know your history Karma Cola, he's one of the oldest (well not that old, as he started very young) and one of the most interesting ones.

Check here:

His debut album is just being re-released on Avatar in their Pro-File series, and I really suggest checking it out!

As for the subject itself, I only listened to Granada remix, which is nice, but mainly for the nostalgic vibez, and the track with Sandman, which is also has a nice feel of old times. I guess the CD is supposed to do that. The cover is just a total flashback of mid to late 90s covers for sure.
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*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 30, 2005 00:49
Ok, Ok.. I copied that from

The Introduction that is, and of course i know who sandman is!!
but thanx anyways...           ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 30, 2005 01:50
What track is the one with Sandman?
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 30, 2005 02:08

On 2005-03-30 01:50, scraper wrote:
What track is the one with Sandman?

Track number 6 - People Can Dance. This is my favorite tune from this album !
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