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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Woodroom Records: Our first swiss Artist's Compilation
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Woodroom Records: Our first swiss Artist's Compilation

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 24, 2004 20:28
i'm surprised no one has reviewed this comp yet as i think its really good

Woodroom Records Our first swiss Artist's Compilation (end of 2003?)

all about old school spirit style melody with driving new bumpy swiss beats mixed in. toss in some fullon, some funk...and viola. new style production and old melodic psychedelic spirit.

1. Suncollector: Concentration.
light psychedelic intro> gradual groove grows into...whoa: 16ths driving bass with a building trippyness punctuated by syncopated bumpy bass breakdown> then into a progressive bass line and chord structure that hypnotically grabs my ears the whole track. great sound. really brings it around to 'did i break your concentration?' -super sample> great progressive minor sounding buildup before the last break. my favorite track on this comp. groovy psychedilica at its best. way to go Suncollector: bring us more of this!

2. Beyond Third Spring: Fungicide.
mellow psy intro. then big bouncey beats with a classic martian/water synth lead starting the melody. builds into ripping squishy/zippy synth sounds. very psychedelic and layered.

3. D.E.X.: Da Dream.
old school melodic epic goa style beauty. really takes me back

4. Earthom: Where's the Anykey?
...starts with trippy vocals and Simpsons' samples>really dark bouncing bass that becomes relentless in 2 minutes>triplet bass beat chunky break down and some noodly psy stuff on top with homer babbling> oh surprise: killer funky bass line rippin it up!! OH MY GOD...sorry, i forgot where i was-if i could only get a track with just that lick the whole way through...sigh. then again maybe its better when its rarer. there's like a classic rock song relish b4 going back to that big beat swiss minimal sound again>driving to the end where you get the funk, the chunk, all the psy stuff on top and the classic rock references. fabulous.

5. Tara-in-Project: Happy'n This Life.
love the sample-very uplifting which is nice over the dark fullon sinister bass sound. light twinkly synth and melody over this are great contrast. relentless

6. Psy & Bass: Pulver.
when the lead melody comes in after 3 minutes, you know that this driving track is gonna turn into a real rocker. loud melodic in the old style way. another great example of the new sound and the old goa soul. got the swiss minimal pump. great uplifting keyboard groove in the last 1.5 minutes too.

7. Dancing Devil: watersoul
real psychedelic winner here...trippywatery synth builds up super slow then goes up, up and away. after the first break you get twinkling video game synths tripping up into the sky. then for the big break the melody comes back in octaves full up and out like a jet plane into NO2 stratosphere... geeeeeeez super elf ninja space posse crazyness!!!! i love it. lets us rest for some funky bass time. we get real light before the whole thing with the video game riff returns. wheew, i'm worn out and i'm sittin on my ass in front of a computer...

8. B.L.P.: Quirl.
filled up sonic spectrum : driving beat. bumping bass guitar. wonky spiraling synths, and old skool goa melody on top. throw in some guitar style ripping and some nice spacey lead guitar solo noodle to end it over the bass.

9. Xzentrix: Optical.
more videogame sound. wizzy goa synth buildup. trip the light fantastic. very complex psychedlic almost funny melody with breaks and horns> kinda reminds me of early finnish sound even.

well there's no hiding it, i really enjoy this album.
woodroom is on a great new tip: fat bumpy beats and goa melodies. some humor, some fullon, some psychedlica.
thanks woodroom           gotta have the wiggy AND the wonky

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Posted : Feb 24, 2004 20:47
need to get that one..           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!

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Posted : Mar 18, 2004 19:57
really nice cd. a cd were i finally can feel the epic feelings of goa again. woooo i was waiting for this....its freezing my skin....just psydelicious.
also a thing i like here is that there is only one value which matters, which is the musical one, quality gets into background. good thing, since its mostly the other way 'round these days.
wicked one, thanks woodies ! switzerland got something to show to the world with this one.

fav's: 2. drives me nutz. goa is alive n kicking.
          Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 18, 2004 20:37
Indeedy, I love this album aswell.. Way to go. I like especially the Dancing Devil one. It's so trippy, despite of the unharmonic melody...hehe....           >>>HoLy NuDiTy<<<
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Woodroom Records: Our first swiss Artist's Compilation
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