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Why Need To Buy High Quality Wood Floor

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Posted : Sep 21, 2016 06:08:11

Although the majority of people on the ground when they are very focused on the decoration quality wood flooring, but there are few consumers seek cheaper to buy some poor quality wood floor, then buy low-quality wood flooring What harm?

According to World Health Organization's announcement shows that formaldehyde indoor decoration pollution generated identified as carcinogens, and low-grade laminate flooring because of its production lines, processes, materials compliance not only to increase its strength through the use of cheap low-quality adhesive, thus more likely to contain excessive formaldehyde substances, formaldehyde sustained release 3-15 years. And once the poor quality wood flooring formaldehyde, serious harm to people health.

1, do not wear resistance

When using low-quality wood flooring a year or two of its corners there will be wear and tear phenomenon, some wood flooring surface smooth and delicate enough to wear.

2, produce color easy to fade

Color paper inferior floor with UV truly difficult, so the wood floor after prolonged exposure to sunlight or faded easily produce color, which is difficult to be found in a short time.

3, moldy, bagging, warped

In the process of renovation, if not done the basic work, the wood floor substrate side not anti-wet process, then it is prone to mildew, bagging, warped problem. No professional installation is also prone to floor gap is too large, the height difference, beautiful enough and so on, while increasing the loss of the floor.

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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Why Need To Buy High Quality Wood Floor
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