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Trance Forum  Forum  DJing - Whole albums vs. single tracks
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Whole albums vs. single tracks


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Posted : Oct 25, 2012 02:20:44
Now, I'm playing on CDs for a while but I get tired of worn out discs. They get damaged so quickly, even if I wouldn't spill some beer over them (but sometimes it happens). Not to mention ash & dirt on outdoor parties. CDs are almost like one-time use and some of my originals aren't even playable anymore. It's terrible for my funds and the environment. That's it when it comes to introduction.

So I'm trying to learn some DJing software. Most of all the albums have some (sometimes most) tracks that I will never use or listen to. It's a waste of space, both on the disc and on the playlist. Recently I've started to wonder if not to keep tracks only. What's your habit and thoughts on the subject? How do you manage your playlists?

Except for the few rare albums that are recorded without interruptions with almost every track being a masterpiece, I can go without full albums. It would solve the problem of many albums that have both chillout and trance tracks, where I can never decide in which folder to put them.

Peace o<)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 7, 2012 22:04
I used to be crazy into the collectors mindset - must have EVERYTHING the artist has released, no exceptions.

What a waste of space and time trying to organize that shit.

A couple months ago I took my 8000+ track library and slimmed it down to under 1000 tracks and I'm so much happier with my collection now.

I organize with Rapid Evolution 3 and it is....amazing. Can't live without it.            If you want to make an apple pie from must first invent the universe
Trala Lama

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Posted : Feb 11, 2013 18:48
I just finished digitalizing all my chillout cd's and have about 4000 tracks on my harddrive. I'm thinking about reducing it to about 2000 tracks in order to be able to select them quicker while playing.

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Posted : Jul 15, 2013 02:27
which one is better: Rapid Evolution or rekordbox?
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 19, 2013 01:24

I should probably cull my digital collection too. Have about 10,000 tracks of all styles, plus more on cds.

My only issue is, sometimes, the tracks you don't really like now you come to really like later on. If I cull them then they're gone and that opportunity is gone too.

That said, there's probably plenty I could get rid of and never need or want to hear them again.

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." - Anais Nin

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Posted : Nov 19, 2013 04:51
not sure why you need so music to take to an event, if your scheduled to play 2 hours then take 4 hours of music. just use a 64 gig thumb drive for your dj events if your not using vinyl or cd's. The new cd decks have usb ports on them and all promoters should now offer a computer at events for them software people.
Trance Forum  Forum  DJing - Whole albums vs. single tracks
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